Part II: Andy’s story

By Sandy . . . AndyO is on Oklahoma’s sexual offense registry for a non-contact offense in 2004. He completed his sentence fully in 2012.

Andy and his wife of 49 years have one grown son; they are Christians, regular church attendees, and supporters of Christian organizations designed to help the needy as well as projects sponsored by their congregation. They contribute regularly to missionaries from their church.

In 2014 they began sponsoring a child in Burkina Faso, a poor country in West Africa, through Compassion International, Inc., which is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a 501(c)(3) organization that identifies itself as an humanitarian aid organization and has as its slogan on the website, “Releasing Children From Poverty in Jesus’ Name.”

On May 7 a letter from the organization arrived at Andy and his wife’s home. It informed them that the organization had discovered that a person on the sexual offense registry was registered as living at their address and that therefore their sponsorship of the child that they have sponsored for four years was immediately terminated.

The letter uses phrases such as “protection of children” and “vulnerable,”  quotes Biblical scripture, and references Jesus’ mandate to “protect His little ones.”

It is signed, not by a person, but by “Risk Management.”

Whoever “Risk Management” is, I would like to ask some questions of him.

Before making policy to exclude all persons living at an address that shows up as a registered sexual offender’s address, has your organization made any attempt to examine the huge body of facts and evidence available regarding sexual offense registries and the massive number and wide diversity of persons required to be on them?

Do you always stereotype and make blanket judgments and assumptions about all people who fall within a group or a category?

Do you feel that you are being hypocritical in your judgments and inflexibility when you justify those attitudes by referencing Christ, who dealt most mercifully and forgivingly with all and most especially with those who were ensnared in sexual sin?

Were the verses from Psalms chosen, rather than something from the New Testament that Christ himself said, in order to imply that being on the registry equates with Andy being “wicked”?

And finally, and of the utmost importance, weighing what must be a one in a million or greater chance that the child would be harmed due to Andy’s sponsorship of her against the 100% certainty that her quality of life will be lessened now that the support is withdrawn, how can you justify making this decision for the safety of the child?

I do not ask these questions rhetorically. I really would like an answer to them.


Following is a copy of the letter that Andy and his wife received; all identifying names have been redacted.


I am writing today to notify you of Compassion’s decision to cancel your sponsorship of [REDACTED].

Compassion International, Inc., places the love, care and protection of children above allother considerations. Because children in poverty are among the most vulnerable in the world, Compassion International has established clear policies that are designed to promote the safety and protection of every child in our program.

We are motivated by our sincere faith and the Bible to live out Christ’s mandate to care for and protect His little ones. “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked” (Psalm 8223-4, NIV).

Considering all of this, Compassion has a standard that no sponsorships are permissible for any person living at an address in the US. in which a registered sex offender resides.

Through a regular screening process of publicly available data, it has come to our attention that the sponsorship of [REDACTED] violates this standard. For that reason, we have canceled this sponsorship, effective immediately. We trust that you will not take any steps to further contact [REDACTED] following receipt of this letter.

If you believe that this action was taken in error you may send an email to our Security Team at and provide any additional information you deem appropriate. However, unless an error in screening is discovered (i.e., misidentification), reinstatement of your sponsorship is not possible.

We wish you the best of God’s blessings for the future.


Risk Management

Compassion International, Inc.



12290 Voyager Pavkway. Colorado Springs. CO 60921-3666 TEL: [800] 336-7676

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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      Hello everyone, to say the least this is just crap and really sad that this organization would even send this out. Who signed the checks, the registrant or his spouse, and its really profiling at best. In the Bible it says to a certain degree that he without sin shall cast the first stone. the Bible teaches us forgiveness, love, compassion but sadly people of today’s society manipulate the Gospel to their own advantages. God is love, Dale

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      Well since nobody wants to start this article out I believe I should since I have spoken more on a christian topic and even in a ses advocate site like this I wonder what iwho is a sinner and who is not. I think we can all bit our tongues on that one.

      Giving support is helping others and that is what Andy and his wife were doing, whether out of love, caring that is their decision. Sure support is good but when officials start checking it seems today those on the sex offender registry or sin registry are some outcast in society today since everything has to be squeaky clean. Look at your own Government. Who is firing who for having an affair or some sex aligation or something.

      Sure there have been many pastors that have gotten caught up in this sex registry thing.
      is it a form of cheap grace or those that that feel are above others. Folks its just a sin like any other sin. Sure there is a silver lining to every dark cloud seems some haven’t found it yet on here.
      NARSOL does the best they can by providing others with a chance to speak out also a chance to gleen intake that may be used as a positive effort in combating this sex hyestria. While this origization can preach out about saving a child and other things of that nature. I wonder if they really know the meaning of giving to help others or support others.

      Maybe big brother found out who’s supporting them and contacted the orgization and a chain of events are occured but its discrimination any way you look at it. One can look at this type of scenario as a bit hypocritrical

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      Misdemeanor offender

      “He completed his sentence fully in 2112?” Is this an error?.. or have I been asleep that long?

      • #40228 Reply
        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        And I proofread about a hundred times!
        Correction now made; thanks.

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      someone needs to tell them idiots that not all SO’s have done anything to a child all they are wanting to do is look good. maybe there going through lists to hold a press conference to try to do some PR “We went through our paying sponsors and discovered there was a registered SO donating to make a child’s life better and we terminated any and all communications and canceled that person from donating that lives in some remote land that it would take 3 weeks of riding a camel to get to” please donate now

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        patricia w.

        Dear Concerned, etc.
        This is only one reason why I am no longer religious. The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven. Your point about “not all offenders” have harmed a “child” is, in my opinion a huge part of the problem. Narsol decided early on not to make distinctions in its attempt to change the laws and I have two sons on the registry for years now. One did nothing. He was falsely accused. The girl finally told the truth but it didn’t matter. When she lied, all listened. When she finally told the truth in a very strong deposition to my son’s lawyer, the states attorney could care less. My son is mentally ill. This ruined his life, as far as I’m concerned. My other son had consensual sex w/ a prostitute who lied to him (and the cops) about her age. She was weeks from being legal (16). He’s on the list forever. It’s truly truly beyond belief. And Naral doesn’t take sides either politically. But let’s see if Trump cares about this issue…Anyone who thinks the Repubs are better than the Dems about this doesn’t know their history. The ACLU is not filled with Repugnicans. The whole thing just disgusts me all the time.

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      This is a typical posture of the self appointed experts without sin. They will withhold stability in a child’s life by creating chaos without reason or good judgment to continue to punish a sex offender. The kid is collateral damage.

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      This is not about the child at all. It’s about the organization protecting their greedy selves. They are not Christians. That is just the front they use. They are judgemental hypocritcal greedy liars, who in no way practice the faith they preach. I would check into how much of this money actually goes to the child.

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        I’d be willing to bet that 80+% of the donations collected by that organization fund the organization itself and only a small portion of the proceeds actually go to the needy kids. Pretty common among these scam charities.

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          Sandy Rozek
          Sandy Rozek

          I have looked at the financial records of this organization, both their own annual reports and those of outside auditors for several different years.
          They are an established organization, having started in 1952. All audits and distribution show 80% and higher of their resources going directly to child services. Administrative costs are around 8% and fundraising expenses approximately the same for each year I looked at regardless of who generated the report. There is no suggestion that they are not a financially ethical and responsible organization.
          My concern is not their finances; it is the issues raised in what I wrote, especially in the questions that I ask.

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            misdemeanor offender

            My concern about the organization is the overall focus on ethical selectivity and disclosure. While Compassion International may have disclosed its terms and conditions, which were buried amongst several clicks to discover, performing background investigations on those that contribute funding to a non-profit may call into question a bit of overreach. If there is such an emphasis on “safety and protection” then why not refund, in full, the amount contributed? That would be the first ethical means to determine if the organization truly stands behind its commitment to total efficacy. That way this couple may continue in supporting christian-based organizations, of their choice that does not allow such draconian tactics.

            Perhaps Compassion International should reflect on the passage, “Clearly, God will extend mercy to all who sincerely repent and change—regardless of their sin (1 John 1:9).

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          patricia w.

          Unfortunately a lot of those so-call “Christians” ….the evangelists helped put this greedy lying phony in the white house and the swamp people are having a field day. The Dems are far from perfect but what we have now is something that decent Repubs recognize for what he is…a swindler, a huckster, a take-your democracy and run kind of guy. Besides the ACLU, it’s the Dems who make up the Innocence Project which has trouble getting enough funds. Differences matter. The government we have now could care less about the law and anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t been paying attention. Hopefully, we’ll survive this but I’m not counting on anything getting better for my sons, the innocent man I write to in an Oklahoma prison or MOST of those on the registry who never harmed an innocent child until these con artists lose control of our country, i.e. if enough citizens are awake to kick them out.
          There are decent Republicans like John McCain. Unfortunately, they are few and far between right now. The Swampman in chief has done much damage to both parties but mostly to the country and our legal system. Believe me, he doesn’t want to help make the sex offender laws more fair. He only wants to use them, like anything else that works, to bait his gullible followers.
          Neither political side is innocent but sometimes you have to know which side you’re on and it should be the team that cares about fairness and the law.

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        I have a suggestion. What this “charity” did was crappy. No argument.
        I’m just an ol’ Southern country boy and horse sense beats book sense any day.
        If this couple wants to sponsor a child, why don’t they give the money to the church of which they’re a member and let the church sponsor a child in its name as opposed to the registered citizen. i’m sure the church they attend knows this man’s past. I’d be willing to bet they’d be willing to work something out to where they can continue to contribute to those in need without having to directly deal with that sham of a “Christian” charity. That ending wishing God’s blessings to the registered citizen wanted to make me puke! Using God’s great name as a platitude after telling this couple their money’s dirty simply because he’s on the registry for a crime he’s long-since paid the price for. I too doubt that much more than mere pennies on the dollar actually go to help the children. Most is probably pocketed by top executives. Contributing that money to their local congregation will be the far better choice. They can do some good right in their own community. We should be helping our own hungry, sick, homeless kids before helping those overseas anyhow the way I see it. America First!

        You see, down here in the South we have a couple of sayings:

        (1) There’s more than one way to skin a cat.
        (2) There’s more than one way to pluck a buzzard.

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          Donate from a PO Box maybe? Surely a Post Office is wholesome and good.

          Or, is the mail system tainted too?

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          “If this couple wants to sponsor a child, why don’t they give the money to the church of which they’re a member and let the church sponsor a child in its name as opposed to the registered citizen.”


          Because they shouldn’t HAVE to do it that way. That would just be bowing down and saying: “I’m not worthy of donating to a charity because I’m a horrible, scummy sex offender. Let me pass the money on to my church and have them do it for me”.

          We cannot keep cowering down like this. This is what makes the powers that be STRONGER.

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      Where to begin… Sometimes I wonder if people/organisations realize that they are possibly working with donors that may have a real attraction towards children (unlike Andy), have not received counseling (unlike Andy), may even have ill intententions (unlike Andy) and is not on the registry (unlike Andy).

      I am really curious as to what ‘risk managments’ they have in place to safeguard the children they are helping. Are they teaching them the tools they would need to understand when their boundries are being violated, how to defend themselves, how to say no, how and who they can report to if it does?

      Once again it looks like they think all is just dandy and there is nothing to be concerned about as long as they weed out those on the registry.

      I can actually understand that they can not risk the possible liability, we all know how the media would respond to this if so inclined. But they really did use the word ‘wicked’ didn’t they? What tacky people.

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      Wonder if they sent a letter to the kid saying “Sorry kid, because your sponsor (Who lives thousands of miles away) is on a website, no more money for you!”.

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      obvious answers

      so uhm…..To protect the children who are starving to death we will refuse to allow them financial support from some one whom lives on the other side of the planet that they will never see any way..
      Honestly I get migraines from the stupidity that has become of the country.. it is not just a small stupid ..IT is an overwhelming degree of such..
      I dont know what to say other then sadly we cant fix stupid and it seems since they started placing warning labels on everything we’ve been getting more stupid and less intellectually able..
      Political correctness has gone to far and the everyone is a victim (mostly of their own stupidity) has contributed to the death knell of the intellectual..Reminds me of the movie idiocracy..

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        Some people believe that murder is “better” than a “sex offense”. Or that starvation, lack of education, or warmth is a better outcome than accepting the money of anyone residing in the address of a sex offender.

        It continues to amaze me how so many people cast stones, as though they are the ones that should pass judgement. The New Testament text is as follows: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” I guess they don’t really believe in the judgement of “God”.

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          obvious answers

          @sw…yes.(not justifying and form of violent crime,just clarifying). Your comments bounces back to most people are a victim of their own stupidity..Someone somewhere used it’s “worse than murder” as a political correct catch phrase (pyshchological m.o.: drama queen , faking victim status for attention,money or revenge, since 98% real victims of anything go the other direction) a politician picked up and ran to the poles with it…reality? ..if it WAS worse then murder (since the crime they are comparing does take force and violent coercion) there would be less violent sex crimes and more murders since when threatened with death they would choose death if it really was a better option. But as I said stupid can’t be fixed.

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        Veronica Williams

        This is truely sad, if we cannot show human kindness without being reprimanded, what does that say about this country. My family has also been devastated by the registry and its affects on family is overwhelming. If we do not change the language it will lead to hopelessness. But God is HOPE. so we have to HOPE it gets better. We should not have to live in fear.

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      These incidents trouble me. Are these folks now doing background checks on their donors?! Is it possible there is someone sending poison pen letters who knows that you donate or participate in these programs? If they have done some sort of background check without your permission, they may have made themselves both civilly and criminally liable, and this might be something to discuss with a lawyer.

      Now, having said this, I understand and appreciate that, as Christians, we are supposed to be committed to charity, but I also believe in “God helps those who help themselves.” Your charitable donations would be better spent on an organization such as NARSOL, who will actually put it to good use fighting the laws which have places these yokes on your necks!

      I just cannot see the wisdom or Christian value in giving money to any organization which will then just kick you to the curb, or, not let you participate in services at their place of worship, allow you in their homeless shelter, shelter you from a storm, etc., etc. These oafs have had the benefit of your donations and now take the moral high ground and boot you out. You can bet that these letters are send to their major donors to show that they are actively policing their own ranks and have a zero tolerance policy.

      “illegitimati non carborundum”

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        It’s as though the very ground is tainted on which they live. Nothing will grow there now.

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      See, our money isn’t even good enough for charities. It’s dirty, nasty sex offender money.
      This is why I say that we should petition the state governments to make us tax exempt for the duration that we are required to register, be it 10 yrs or life.

      Most of you here already know that I am no longer a Christian or religious believer. And far too many times I’ve seen this very same hypocrisy come from fellow Christians when I was a believer.

      Sandy, I hope you have sent these questions in an actual letter to this organization. Don’t let this one slip by. Throw some bible verses at them as they did to AndyO.
      Also, I’d ask them how long they’ve been in business and if prior to the inception of the SOR, were they doing background checks on donors or were they just happy to have people sending money to those in need?
      As if people with sexual offenses didn’t exist prior to Megan’s Law.

      I feel think a lawsuit should be filed against them and it can be put into argument that:
      1. The registrant is thousands of miles away.
      2. He’s simply sending money to feed someone in poverty.
      3. What are these Christian organizations attempting to teach future generations about the forgiveness of God?

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      Rick in PA

      Amid all the hate poured out toward Andy in the letter is a very curious line. “We trust that you will not take any steps to further contact [REDACTED] following receipt of this letter.” Apparently, Compassion International has an internal background check division that runs checks on all child sponsors and, when a registrant is discovered, immediately cancels the sponsorship because registrants cannot be trusted to give money out of decent motives. And yet, these same registrants can be “trusted” to stop making contact with their formerly sponsored children. This lack of trust on the one hand and blind trust on the other hand puts the lie to Compassion International’s claim that they are only concerned for the welfare of the children. What they are most likely really concerned about is that it might become public that CI allows those horrible monster sex offenders to sponsor children, which would, of course, hurt their bottom line.

      The saddest part of all is that the real loser is a little girl in Burkina Faso.

      • #40260 Reply

        It’s as though the money is somehow corrupted, no matter the intent, treating it as “blood money”.

        Pure ignorance on their part.

    • #40229 Reply

      Thank you for your response🙏

    • #40243 Reply

      That is extremely sad, both for Andy and the child who was benefiting from his generosity. I don’t know if this is an organization that encourages sponsors and “their” children to communicate…I might be able to understand if they were concerned about what evil-minded people might choose to interpret as grooming behavior (I know, I know, it’s ludicrous, like somehow this kid is going to hop on a plane from Burkina Faso to be exploited…but you know how irrational and over the top people can be) but if it’s financial support only, WTH?? And even if it isn’t, all communications go through the charity, don’t they?? So now even a former offenders MONEY is evil??
      This is about the most un-Christian thing I’ve heard of in a long time.

    • #40242 Reply

      I was charged in 2005, completed all of my probation by 2009 . I started donating to these people a couple of years ago.
      Should I write them a letter, or wait and see if they drop me as well? When will the hysteria end?

      • #40248 Reply

        I think you should send them an email and inform them that you heard about what happened to Andy, then inform them that you are one of “those people” too. Do not reveal your real name if you don’t want to be dropped. I think we need to expose their ignorance to themselves first. I would be very interested in reading their reply.

        • #40500 Reply

          Fred I’m with you on that one as look at the many people caught up with this. I happen to be in touch with a preacher down in SC and sure he gave me some advice about challenging all this ordeal. When they were reading my case they just gave facts about my potty mouth.

          I was so scared that I didn’t know what to do so I took the plea deal that they sort of conned me into. The investigator winked at me and said don’t work take the plea deal and everything will be alright. Now I go around and around with my probation officer but he is only doing his job its like governmental follow the leader with no basic principals. I’m sorry to hear about Andy’s encounter but we all should stand up.

    • #40274 Reply

      Well this just sucked the compassion out of my soul.
      Totally inappropriate of this business… and yes so- called “charities” are a business…. some have obviously become too righteous and are able to pick and choose where the money comes from. When churches and charities become too good to accept people and their money – I want nothing to do with either of them.

      That letter from the charity proves that people aren’t evolving …just as idiotic as ever. Treating other humans like garbage with no forgiveness, compassion or understanding.
      The lack of the above isn’t something I thought religion was about. Pathetic.

    • #40259 Reply

      “Compassion…”, “Risk Management”; that letter and its representatives are being hypocritical and are blinded by a label. Basically they are attaching the label to everyone that resides at the address.

      Guilt by association.

      So much for Jesus’s teachings….

    • #40283 Reply
      Marilyn McCarty

      I called Compassion International a few minutes ago and asked to speak to a supervisor. I told him why I was calling. I told him that I assist a number of ex sex offenders. They have served their time. I also said that the problem is that they really have no knowledge of the whole sex offender situation. They fall into the category of most Americans. They are influenced by the media and care to learn more. The man said he really appreciated my call. I am sure my comments went no further. Others should call also and ask to speak with a supervisor. Speak politely but from your heart. I asked him to think about what Jesus would do.

    • #40284 Reply

      Jimmy Mellado, President of Compassion Int’l (CI)
      Rick Davis, Vice President of CI
      James Hansen, VP of Risk Mgmt at CI
      Karen Hoida, Dir of Risk Mgmt at CI

      I am sure they would love to receive letters addressing this.

      This article sent to the Westword paper of CO could probably make print and draw attention while Denver Post may also print it, but certainly sending anything to the COS Gazette most likely won’t.

      With Millard hot on the press with the Tenth Circuit Appeal, this could be a prime topic of interest.

    • #40300 Reply
      Carol S

      I see in the organization’s letter that there is an email address to write to. Has anyone done that? It is another opportunity to EDUCATE and correct people’s assumptions about the registry. This is a great example of a secondary level of damage it does. What do they tell the child? (compassion encourages written correspondence.) Ahh, yes, we, the preachers of Christianity are no longer allowing Andy’s sponsorship because our Christian values do not extend to him and his kind? How sad and hypocritical.

    • #40306 Reply

      I hope this does not happen to me. I had been sponsoring a young boy who now I am sponsoring his sister. This has been for about 15 or more years. I have even gone to visit the young man when he was 12. I had the opportunity to met with the family and I have been sending extra money each month so that they have food. This would be a crime against a family that has become apart of my family. This is not justice in any form!

    • #40335 Reply

      This whole ordeal is a bit upsetting to all I’m sure but matters like this should be left alone. Sure support is good but , sure helping others is good but I don’t believe this was the place to really post this article. People have a dim look at all this type of business and they don’t know each person’s situation so we have to move on. Don’t get me wrong NARSOL and others are doing a pretty good job at trying to help those caught up with this sex ordeal and provide Rational solutions but who can provide a rational solution to each individual .

      When media get a hold of anything juicy it seems to spread like wildfire. Most of it is scandlious. And this story about Andy and his wife’s good intentions seem to be in approiate presented in this type of context. I myself don’t even like any of this type of article but since NARSOL brought it to one’s attention its a poor excuse when others put value on who’s supportting who. Support is support but some want to downgrade others that are trying to help its sort of like the calm before the storm. People knowing other peoples bisiness is no good but today its new’s worthy it seems.

      Please retract my other comment I wanted to make as this whole matter is disturbing but we all press on.

      • #40343 Reply
        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        If your concern is that Andy would not want the story publicized, knowing my policy on personal stories that have not already appeared in the media should set your mind at ease. People will sometimes send me stories asking me if I would write about them. Sometimes I initiate the idea and ask their permission before I write a word. Either way, I ask them to send me the facts I need to write the story. I then send them a first draft and ask them to edit anything incorrect or that they don’t want in there. Then I send the final draft for their final approval before printing. If at any point they change their minds about publishing it, I don’t publish it. If they should change their minds after it is published, I would pull it down. That has thus far not occurred.

    • #40380 Reply

      I just checked on what process is in place if a sponsor wants to visit a child he is sponsoring. The issue for, I’m guessing, is that they fear allowing people on the sex offender registry to visit a child. However, there is a clear process to be a visitor that involves a background check for any sponser over the age of 18.

      It seems foolish for them to disallow someone wanting to help these children from helping a child financially and perhaps communicating in writing.

    • #40456 Reply

      I’m a bit jaded and cynical, but I will bet I know exactly why this happened. You see, for 10 years, I volunteered at my local Humane Society, putting in hundreds of hours of effort. Then the shelter came out with a policy that no one convicted of a sexual offense could be a volunteer. I know exactly where that policy came from: it came from their insurers. In the event something were to happen and the organization gets sued, the insurers and risk management can claim that they did everything possible to prevent it. (“What more could we do, your Honor?”) Yes, this starts at the insurance companies – that’s my bet. Funny, isn’t it – a business that is all about numbers, statistics, and probabilities has no interest in well-documented low recidivism rates. (Assault, domestic violence, weapons charges, etc. – all those are no problem. All is forgiven, thank ya, Jesus! But just don’t land on “the sacred Registry of people God loves us to hate”. Yes, I sincerely wish a son, brother, father, husband of each of them will land on the Registry …… then let’s hear what they have to say!)

    • #40554 Reply

      Sandy now that I have given this Article of Andy’s good thought. Him and his wife with good intent wanting to sponser this child, I really have to commend you for this article. While I know it was pretty hard to make this decision to post this article you did a good thing. Yes it is an eye opener. While this thing in flordia with the homeless that are on the registry presses on here comes a letter or e-mail from Andy about this compassionate organization onto your desk. With a name like compassionate it more or less doesn’t make since or what is scandlous today physical or mental abuse or the Erase the hate factor. Which is better abortion or lying?

      Sure Andy and his wife are right to stand up to all this or should we all use the phrase ” Don’t bite the hands that feed you, Whether its support or whatever its the good intentions of others that want to sponser others.You know in the bible it says that the law is good if used correctly. Should people take the approach of justified deception today or should we take the approach of going to court in front of the unjust? This homeless thing in florida is a bit ridiclious with these ordiances. I wonder where love thy neighbor comes in play in all this?

      The truth can either make you free or set you free but human nature has always wanted to be a bit above. What does that pledge say.. I’m tryig to remember.. oh yes, One lation under God with liberty and justice for all… I dont’ think it said anything about injustice. When they took pray out of school thatr did a lot of damage.

    • #40647 Reply

      Hey Sandy your gonna love this… I’m even said ” You go girl” with that picture of this lady at kent state careing a rifle for her collage graduatrion photo at kent state. Now if that doesn’t make a statement or catch one’s eye than we all need to stand up and really open up to these terrible laws that some are going on thu here. Making a statement for gun control and even the sex offender law and trying to get some reasoning back into society. Remember guns dont’ kill people its the people that do the physical killing. Even the war in vietnam can tell you that. So who’s killing in america with a lot of thesesex offender situations. Give ya a little guess….. would it be government or the witch burners? and I love the part about the second admendant right.
      Andy you still have your rights and a lot of others on here do also we all just need to let Narsol and other organizations do their thing, but they need inspiration by all of us to help fight this ordeal we are all in.

    • #40766 Reply
      J D

      I am so disappointed with Compassion Int. right now. It makes me want to throw up. I have been a sponsor for over 20 years. A little over three years ago my son got himself in some trouble, who doesn’t? Well anyway, the letter I recieved now three years after my son moved in with me says and I qoute “Through a regular screening process”.How regular is the process? Three years. GMC is not doing there job. Well, three years of giving down the drain. I fell used and abused. This is the first time I have heard anything about their policy of sexual offenders in twenty years. I do know this. To all those that gave and was burned. Because of the times we are in right now. Our God will repay you and me for the offerings we have given in good faith. I feel so bad for the children.

    • #41242 Reply

      I received a similar letter from Compassion Int. terminating my sponsorship. I have been a “registered citizen” for nearly 25 years now, and a sponsor for over 10 years. This is the first I heard of the “regular screening process.” As a Christian, all my sins have been forgiven…past, present and future. Unfortunately, mans laws and apparently “Compassion Int.” (oxymoron) don’t forgive and especially don’t forget. As a participant of a Christian Recovery Ministry, and as part of my own growth, I choose to make living amends, which includes financial support (up until now) for sponsorship in “Compassion”. What’s worse is explaining to the sponsored children, especially from a Christian organization, that some sins are so bad and unforgivable that financial support can’t even be given to them. Good luck with that. I suppose “registered citizens” are now the new “boogeymen” of the time. I’m shocked and saddened about this recent development. “Therefore, no condemnation now exists for those in Christ Jesus”… (Rom 8:1)

      • #41482 Reply

        I just received a letter from them today cancelling my sponsorship.
        A volcano erupted today in the country where our sponsored girl resides.
        But I’m not good enough to help them.

    • #42687 Reply

      I received the same form letter this past week. I’ve sponsored a child for 8 years. It was MY money sent from MY checking account; yet because I share an address with my husband — whose ONLY offense was nearly 25 years ago — my money is not acceptable any more.
      I find it quite ironic that an organizations whose first name is “Compassion” has no clue about the concept of GRACE.

    • #46394 Reply

      My husband and I also received the same letter from Compassion in May. I have been sponsoring a child for about 20 years and the abruptly canceled my sponsorship. My husband’s conviction happened long before we even met and itself is over 20 years old. I believe in redemption and forgiveness, and that God uses the crap in our lives and brings good out of it. This organization wants to discriminate against my entire family. My young children wrote to our sponsor child and had a relationship with her. To make matters worse, they continue to take payments from my bank account for a sponsorship that they canceled. Now I have to try to fight for my money back. They have taken $38 for June, July, August, and again in September. I have tried working with my bank, but have to instead call this dirty organization and fight with them.

    • #55667 Reply

      Just weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court justices return from summer break a continuing controversy threatens the court’s credibility.  Did they play fast and loose with the facts in several landmark sex offense cases?   A new video that just went live on the New York Times website will tell you plenty, click on the link below.  Also below are several stories with more information.  Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire

    • #62140 Reply

      My family received the letter today. I Sponsored my child through my business which has no association with my husband. I just don’t understand how spouses and children of those registered have lose rights to participate in activities. This seems very unconstitutional.

    • #67050 Reply

      My story is the same as so many that I read here. In November, I also received this letter. I was in a kind of state of shock for about a week. Married to a RO, who has long since paid for his crime and loves Jesus with all his heart. The letter felt cold and heartless.

      I chose to provide support for a sweet angel in Equador. But more importantly than the money, was the privilege I felt that I had/have to pray for this little one and his family. Initially I was angry that Compassion ripped this opportunity away from me and I was devastated that I could no longer provide financial support and send monetary holiday gifts to provide some sense of normalcy for he and and his family. I really had to pray about the feelings of sadness and the anger that followed as a result of how victimized this made ME feel as well as how it must have made this young one feel. Just simply unbelievable and incredibly disappointing.

      I am grateful that NO one can take away my right to pray for this young man in the meantime, and his family. I will lift them up to a God of love that sees and knows my heart and theirs, and exactly what the needs of this family are. And I believe He will continue to provide and care for them in spite of a sad situation.

    • #68083 Reply

      Since my last post about receiving the Compassion Sponsorship cancellation letter we have rolled into tax season. We did not sponsor our child because of the write off but because she was the last child that no one had sponsored at our church’s CI Sunday. However, we gather all our tax info as we should. I never received any tax document from them for 2019 as of yesterday. I phoned and explained the situation politely (that my husband is an SO and that I received their letter) despite getting physically ill during the phone call.

      They gave me the same email on the letter and told me to contact them via email. I emailed asking for our statement. The email was Immediately blocked and returned. I called again in tears. I Politely but upset explained the situation again telling them they blocked my email. They gave me a temporary email while I was on the phone to pull my tax records off my shut down account.

      I shared that families of SO deal with so much already and that I would like to make the suggestion that they just send a person’s tax information with the cancellation letter so that the family can close this door and emotionally move on. The phone operator immediately and callously said.l, “I can only speak to right now because you requested a tax document. I have been coached to speak to us about nothing else.”

      I have a strong Christian Faith but if I didn’t this interaction may have rocked my faith to nothing. I felt judged, shamed and condemned by this. I Personally have no criminal convictions yet was treated like a criminal. My email is blocked for nothing I did. I can shake the dust off my feet and move on but this has certainly placed discouragement, shame and unnecessary judgement where it is not deserved.

    • #68084 Reply

      I continue to pray for my child as well. May God give us both peace despite this unjust action. Praise God that He is greater than faulted human organizations.

      Like you, I felt providing for this other child was a blessing. A place of healing, encouragement and hope.

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