American hero or manipulative monster?

By Sandy . . . This is the insidiousness of being on the sex offender registry: No matter what you have done before, no matter how noble or brave or selfless, everything done after is seen through the prism of that label. Sex offender. Monster. Destroyer of children.

Who, really, is Michael Cain?

In 2003, at age 22, he was a member of the United States Army, stationed in Iraq where he was maimed by a land mine while on a volunteer mission delivering water and food to an encampment of fellow soldiers. He lost both legs. He came within a razor-thin edge of losing his life.

His surgeries – for his amputations and then twelve more to remove blast debris from deep within his muscles — treatment, and therapy were agonizing and tortuous. When visited by President Bush and asked what he, Mike, wanted the president to know, Mike told him that the men back in Iraq didn’t have enough water.

The bouts of physical pain and the more debilitating mental and emotional depression and despair almost brought him down. Once it was clear he would live, he wanted to go back to Iraq to fulfill his responsibility there. He keeps photographs of his injuries in a little scrapbook titled “My Accident in Iraq.”

He was awarded the Purple Heart. The Purple Heart Foundation said of Mike, “He lives every single day with an attitude that is unparalleled, and a heart full of nothing but kindness.”

And then in 2005, still recovering at his family home, married and with a child, he had a brief sexual relationship with a ten-year younger girl, the 14-year-old sister of one of his friends in his Wisconsin hometown. She told about it, and Michael was convicted of second-degree sexual assault of a child; because of her age, the offense is considered violent. He served twenty months and was released from prison in 2008.

For years after that, Michael’s life was not crushed by his conviction and placement on the Wisconsin sex offense registry and later the registry in Virginia.

He became active in special events and Wounded Warriors projects in ice hockey and football. Over the years he received recognition in the media for these activities and for his association with the organizations and the celebrities who were also involved with them. He was recognized and lauded by a Wisconsin state representative.

There is no evidence that Michael tried to hide his past. The USA Warriors Hockey organization said he was forthright with them about his criminal history; they did not find it reason to reject him.

When the Military Warriors Support Foundation chose Michael as the recipient of a mortgage-free home in Stuarts Draft, Virginia, however, rejection was on its way.

He was recommended to them for the special project, and their initial vetting system did not reveal his criminal history. There is no evidence he was hiding it from them, nor is it clear how it was discovered, although indications are that a news outlet unearthed and revealed the information. When they were told, the foundation took action that very day to remove him from eligibility for the home. They said that they would assist him with finding another home.

And since then, in spite of no hint of impropriety, everything he has done is portrayed as a ploy to further his intent to commit additional crimes.

His Wounded Warriors sport projects occasionally took him to high school sports activities. My gosh, he was scoping out students to molest.

His activities won him the respect of and accolades from a wide variety of celebrities and major figures. Oh well, everyone knows that “they” want to make themselves look good in public; “they” are masters of manipulation.

He was awarded the gift of a home in an average American town. Well, of course he wants it; there are kids and teenagers all over the place there.

A thoughtful person will recognize that sometimes good deeds and selfless acts are done from the heart and not for a nefarious purpose and that sometimes a gift is something to be thankful for and not a segue to criminal activity. Such a person, one associated with one of the special sports teams who has worked with Mike, said, “He did a terrible thing, and he paid a terrible price, and he continues to pay the price.”

This is what the sex offender registry does. It continues to exact a terrible price from those who have long since paid their dues and from whom no more is right or justified.

Sometime a hero really is just a hero.

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Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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    • #40880 Reply


      Can you imagine if “JESUS” was accused of talking to a young woman in a romantic manor!
      Christianity would not exsist.
      The most honorable of people are thrown
      away due to the “sex offender registry”.

      • #40914 Reply


        Mohammad married a 9 yr old girl. It didn’t hurt the Islamic religion. And, although I do not believe in religions, the stories of the ages differences in couples from those stories reflect a reality of human nature. I don’t condone the marriage of a 9 yr old to an adult but when it comes to post pubescent teenagers, the “offense” of breaking today’s laws doesn’t need to be considers a “violent” sexual offense AND…if the state’s attorney recognizes the relationship to be consensual even if illegal, there’s no need for sex offender registration and damn sure no need to refer to the post pubescent teen as a “victim”.

        And that’s my opinion. Let’s not forget that the DA’s and the courts recognize these types of relationships to be CONSENSUAL, as did the DA in my case. Ok, then if consent was given even if at a certain age we’re just *not allowed* to give consent, then there’s no victim but there is the breaking of a law that says we cannot do that.

        But our country NEEDS “monsters”. We MUST sensationalize these laws to make certain people in power over your life ‘look good’ to the public.
        We NEED fear. We NEED to treat a consensual relationship as if it were violent. Sorry but you cannot have violent consent at ANY age. So the courts are making asses of themselves as are the lawmakers.

    • #40881 Reply

      Grace Imburgia

      This is why the registration needs to abolished. He has proved he is regrettful and it shows in all the action he has done for society.

    • #40883 Reply


      My husband’s step daughter waffles between being in our lives all the time and distancing herself (and our granddaughters) stating that we only do things for her to “look good” and because we “feel guilty”. It just depends on her financial needs of at any one time. These are total cop out excuses to keep him down and constantly remind him of the one thing he did wrong in his life.

      And, sadly, it’s the same here.

    • #40884 Reply


      In France, this would not be an offense. The USA has gone more insane than ever. He very much remains a hero to me.

    • #40913 Reply


      It is very interesting how you can Kill a person and for a certain amount of years you go to prison. (depends how much money you have also) But you make one mistake and you are labeled for life, register every year for life.

    • #40906 Reply

      James Coghill

      A thoughtful person? Where are you going to find someone like that in this JADED age? And if you have to rely on a thoughtful person to save your freedom good luck to you.

      Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think. (Martin Luther King Jr.)

      The registry is the result of the quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. If we had leaders who engaged in hard, solid thinking the idea of a registry would have come and gone, realizing that there is a document written on Hemp Paper, in the National Archive that forbids it.

    • #40908 Reply

      Matthew Arnold

      To bad being on the sex registry does this to people on it I mean it only serves its purpose to destroy those people on it and creates chaos in the communities its supposed to be protecting

    • #40910 Reply

      Stay Hopeful

      This article is on point! “Humans” yes do make mistakes and “Humans” need to understand we are just that “Humans”. No matter how much love and support or change individuals on the “List” will always be prosecuted.

      I’ve been reading “The Law of One” the Ra Material and we need to focus on Love. I believe to stop the wheel of Karma is to Loved Ourselves, Forgive ourselves, Love Others and Forgive Others and be a service to other humans.

      By keeping individuals on this “List” it’s creating more harm than good as from what I read statistically it’s worthless. So why keep it around and focus on rehabilitation or empowering those that want to be the best human as possible. We are a one concessions being and we need to push that agenda.

      I came across Pizzagate and if it’s true those are the truly evil individuals they need to focus on? Just my 2 cents! Stay strong everyone and thank you for the article!

    • #40935 Reply


      We are beyond redemption in (many) peoples’ eyes. I knew of people, while going through the program, who seemed totally unfazed by the label. I don’t understand how they can be like that. It’s great for them, but for so many of us it is a constant battle within ourselves, feeling like outcasts or monsters.

      If anyone has the “secret” to being so much less affected by the label, I’d really really like to hear it.

    • #40933 Reply

      Philip L

      How do I contact Sandy? I would like to tell her my story.

      • #40940 Reply


        All initial contact should go through the contact us link on the bottom of this page. We will forward your message to Sandy.
        Please note, we do have Tales From the Registry, where people can submit their stories for posting.

    • #40958 Reply

      Teresa Salazar

      My son is not yet on the SO Registry…he will be released in six years, after serving thirteen years for a proposed “attempted” molestation. He was sentenced in Arizona to fifteen years…and given a sentence of lifetime probation. I have reviewed every single piece of the evidence. While the doctor found absolutely no physical evidence of anal penetration, the doctor put a comma after that statement and wrote: “but successful penetration” just two days after the supposed incident. The victim was calm and chatty during the exam, and her brother changed his story from never seeing anything, to maybe seeing something, to seeing my son standing behind his sister doing this. Even though my son is a six foot tall man, and weighed nearly 240 lbs…there was no physical evidence and he must register for life! The justice system is so entirely screwed up! I am sure that more than 80% of “sex offenders” are innocent!! It is due to a money making private prison industry that so many are charged guilty and put in prison…especially in Arizona. You get caught peeing on the side of the road in Arizona, or get caught fooling around with your girlfriend under age and they wait until the man reaches 18 and prosecute him for a sex offense, and you could be sentenced for 8, 10, or more years in Arizona. The private prisons CCA and GEO want these persons because it keeps their head count at 85% and they are assured of years of business. I am sure it is the same all over the USA. Sorry for the length here…just so heart broken and I know that I will NEVER judge someone with a sexual offense, because I truly believe it could be incorrect or false, due to the Court system and the unjust sentencing laws!!

    • #40963 Reply


      You kown Sandy and the whole crew at NARSOL have been doing a good job with this Sex offender Registry thing to help the people of the USA in this ordeal that many people go thru whether man made or human nature made.

      Sure I could get on Maestro’s case on here but I wouldn’t. You know the he old saying is you are what you eat. Now touching kids in a physical sexual sense is wrong. So a guy with a “Purple heart” status got caught up in this ordeal is pretty interesting. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a sex offender. A wonded decorated war vatern manulipated because of a touching incident. Believe it or not we are all offenders of something. Whether playing house with an underaged girl or talking to some gal via the internet and getting duped up in all this dilemna or a physical encounter of stealing a teenage kid off the street for sexual or immoral purposes.

      What is the answer. Is it some religion, No. Is it principal or how one conducts him or her self. Now everybody wants to be who they are as that goes with each person’s make up indivduality. Do people want to be manulipated or thrown or casted away with this sexual ordeal that at times doesn’t amount to anything. Where is true justice in that A lot of this sex sting via the internet is others over throwing one’s mind with their vain deceit.

      Who know’s the intent of the other. From reading some of these comments on here some of you people shouldn’t even be on here and some of those young people shouldn’t be on here. Sure I feel for each and everyone of you that got caught up in a lot of this ordeal. Its cost me money as well as you all also. Its cost me jobs that I could have gotten or other factors as public frounds on this but a lot of public are misinformed about a lot of this sex registry situation as each person’s ordeal is different.

      • #40980 Reply



        Get on my case about what?

    • #40981 Reply


      It is so sad that we need to label people as to something that they are not. I look at this man to be honorable and should get full benefits. There should be no crime that continues for life. I think that all the crimes should have a time period after incarceration to be monitored, to help get them into jobs, housing, and make sure that they are heading in the right direction. There should be businesses that have there doors open to help Felons, “Mentorships”. It is sad that instead the doors are closed. Why because they are labeled all of them as Felons, and with Sex Offender as a added penalty more doors close. Why???? the Government should take another look at how the system is failing.

    • #41000 Reply

      totally against public registry

      I agree that no punishment should go for ever. The registry is continuous punishment no matter what these worthless DAs, soccer moms, politicians, or government entities propose.
      People change, we all make mistakes, we all want better lives, we all need love and kindness in our lives.

    • #41003 Reply


      Believe it or not I am glad Sandy brought this article up. This Michael Cain lives about 12 miles from me here in the shendoah valley’ and is probably in my district’ of course my PO wouldn’t tell me such things as that would be a conflict of interest. Two wrongs never made a right. Police try to make a case stick anyway they can.

      And Maestro I am not on your case. I’m just wondering how you figured all this Sex registry out as you alrealy had the answer from the get go but you didn’t understand what you said at the time and that a year or so ago. You were fighting the system so it seemed and this guy Michael Cain actually got his leg blown off to save some and look how they manulipated him to some extent. Now remember you and Sandy got onto me about a few things in the past but I’ll say one thing. Who was protecting me or watching over me when I went down to see that so called girl and before I went ask for, No sex.

      Why did I say to those, ( in authority) you don’t know my thoughts or intent. I wonder who jogged that into my consciense. Was it my sub-concious mind or a higher power. Now if you want to talk about power we can all go back to Rome or even before that. To think someone that fights for a country that gets manipulated like this is a bit much and police are good at that. We can even all go back to the struggle for independance.

      Look I’m no Helen Redding or Gloria Steinem and I sure didn’t vote for any of them for President or campaign for them but I do believe in Government and wanted to be in Criminal Justice at one time, took courses in it in college. Sometimes I think as you do, that they are all Duddly Do rights today and this sex registry is way overboard in many ways. Like I said once on he my goal in all this is for the truth to come out in a lot of this government “pull the wool over your eyes”ordeal.

    • #41162 Reply

      Wishing for a different life

      I, too, am in the same situation.
      I was a civilian firefighter on military bases for 3 1-year contracts in Iraq, followed by 5 years in Saudi Arabia. I just barely made it through my last contract before being convicted of 1 count of possession “only”. Now I am waiting to finish my probation time so I can start counting down my time on the registry, even though I have had to register since the date of my conviction. (By my state’s laws, the registry countdown does not start until after probation/parole has been completed.)
      I live in a metro-area. So I blend in to the masses. Just walking down the street, I am no different than anyone else. I sometimes I will wear past clothing from when I was overseas. I am thanked for my service. – I always let the person know I was only civilian, not military.
      But how society talks about us (people on the registry) they don’t care what positive things people have done in the past, or even since conviction. They only will base how good a person is as to the bad they have done. (I say “society”, because individual people don’t seem to react as bad as society as a whole does.)
      I have been told that being able to blend in is part of the fear. People fear that us “monsters” can blend in. Therefore, they don’t know when they, or their children, are in danger. It keeps me from wanting to venture out – to become part of any groups not associated with my legal issues, for fear they will find out down the road and reject me, just as Mr. Cain has experienced. It keeps me from thinking of trying to have a relationship. (What happens when I tell them of my conviction? What happens if the relationship doesn’t work out? Will the person use it as revenge, and spread the word?) It is safer for me just “stay hidden”, and not chance anything. This is completely different than the person I was. I used to be very out-going, and in many different groups.
      There are some positives in my life. I am making good money, even for a person without any convictions. I have just moved in to a second job that knows, and is okay, with my conviction. Still, it is always in the back of my mind. – “What if (put in any of many bad stories I have read here where things were good, then turned bad for reasons because the Register’s control / fault)”? I’m not out on the street. Although, I live in a cheap hotel room where things have happened to my car, and my room door. Management says they can’t tell anything on the cameras, or the cameras were not working at the time and police say the same. (I get the feeling the police don’t want to take their time to really look in to it, so they just take management’s word for it.)
      There are a few people I have told, after being very careful as to how they feel about other things, and only if I have known them for quite some time. They are always caught off guard. They would never have guessed I would be a felon. Once I tell them what i have to do on the registry, and how long I am on it, they can’t believe it either. – “You have to do all that just because you possessed some CP?? You didn’t even have contact with anyone!” This shows that most people don’t know how out of control the registry has become.
      Are we heros or monsters? It depends on 1) what is known about a person, and 2) if you are asking society (small or large), or individuals.

    • #41191 Reply


      Sandy this is a positive article and meaning to a lot on here. Manulipation, being a hero and than being a nobody cares case. Sure we can all like to sound off a bit about this registry. One day your a hero and the next your out in left field it seems. Seems everybody’s in fear and those in Control do the best to control. I wonder were the keystone cops are today. I believe they still call people control freaks. Who can control the human mind. Man sure didn’t make the human mind.

      Should we all be control freaks or do what is best at times. Nothing wrong with fightening in a War if thats one’s bag and they want to do it. We could talk about the draft doggers back in the 70 if thats the case. Family members can be controling at times and with this sex offender registry Police are sort of Controling factors.

      My sister told me why do kids want to kill at schools today. Well why do people want to go on sex adventures or this internet scheme ordeal. My answer to her was that we didn’t intent the human brain. We all have flaw’s just the same as the next person. Sure there is a responsiblity not to kill other people, Not to use psycholical pressure. All this manulipation and psychological pressure is those in authority trying to clean up the swamp as they say but nobody’s perfect and we all make mistakes, even those in high places.

      So who’s killing who today in this manulipation of the sex offender game. Hey I got a violated just by wanted to do telephone campaigning for Donald Trump and my PO know’s that. Do you think Donald Trump would care. Do you think a lot of government would care to manulipate others with some type of controling factor. This world is strange. I would put this shooting stuff that has gone on in schools a big prioirity than trying to dupe someone up on the sex registry by their deceptions and their praise of we got em by the balls mentality

      You do your probation and that’s it or whatever it is. This life long registry is a scar on the government. that is man-made. I wonder if people know anything about humility today.

    • #44060 Reply


      Sad article. One mistake should not wipe away all the good a person has done. I’m an ex veteran and was discharged honorably after Desert storm. I once saved a man from drowning, and him nearly drowning me. I feel like I’ve done alot of good in my life.

      But, what I learned going through this insanity is it doesnt matter how much good youve done…the government does not care how patrotic you may have been…and many people judge you by the worst they know about you. And, our worst is in full view of the world 24/7 and 365 days a year, every year….after year, after year…

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