NARSOL podcasts are for you

The issues surrounding the registry are incredibly complex and differ vastly from state to state. Breaking judgments occur any day of the week and time of the day.  Your life is busy and your schedule is demanding. That is why NARSOL is now distributing our programs on as many platforms as possible. You can listen (or watch) how you want to, on your schedule. We definitely want listener participation, which is why you’ll still be able to call in and ask questions. For those people who can’t attend, we will have these alternative ways as well.

Do you:

Want to call in with a phone? This isn’t changing. You can still dial in to the conference calls as you always have.
Work 2nd shift and can’t listen? Download the show on your phone to listen on the job tomorrow.
Want to listen live on your Roku or Chromecast or computer? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and stream the content.
Want to listen from the website in your browser? Navigate over to -> Media -> Podcasts and pick the desired program.
If you are new to podcasts, they are a fantastic way to listen to programs offline and while on the go.   You can get some ideas of what a podcast is here and here.
If you’re ready to go, search for “NARSOL In Action” and “Can They Do That” in your podcast fetcher of choice. You can also find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Podcasts,  and YouTube .
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