Long time SO advocate speaks out: “Abolish the registry”

By Josh Sweigart . . . Derek Logue is a member of one of the few groups it is socially acceptable for people to openly hate. He knows online comments on this story will likely refer to him in the most vulgar terms, and no one will come to his defense.

But Logue said people like him are being unfairly discriminated against, and he thinks something should be done about it.

Logue is one of 17,236 adult registered sex offenders in Ohio, a group whose criminal histories are accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Offenders must list with the local sheriff’s office the addresses of where they live, work, volunteer and go to school — information, along with their photograph, that is put into an online database. Depending on the severity of their crimes, they have to register between once a year for 15 years or — in the most serious cases — every 90 days for life.

Many also face restrictions on living too close to a school or daycare.

‘I served my time’

While some people have called for more public notification and oversight of offenders, Logue believes the entire registry should be taken down.

“The registry destroys lives,” said Logue, who will spend the rest of his life on the registry. “It has destroyed my life.”

Logue was convicted in Alabama in 2001 of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl when he was 22, and spent three years in prison. When he was released, he moved to Cincinnati and was required by the state of Ohio to register as a “predator.”

Logue unsuccessfully challenged that designation in court, saying it is a higher label than Alabama considered his offense.

“I committed a crime. I served my time,” he said. “It’s one of those things you certainly regret and wish you could take back.”

Logue said the registry attaches an unfair label on individuals.

“If you’re a registered person people assume you’re a pedophile, that you’re a predator, that you’re just going to rape and molest at the first opportunity,” he said. “And that’s simply untrue.”

Read the remainder of the article here at the Dayton Daily News.

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      Wow that child molester sure has a nice lawn. Or that pervert does a good job. This is the most anyone can hope for on the registry. It is Unconstitutional and a blatant attack on the pursuit of happiness. Anyone who is for it needs to be on it till they understand why it is wrong.

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      Back in 2014 I e-mailed Derek. My involvment started in 2012. I was trying to gather any information I could on all this sex offender hoopla. Now it seems everyone wanted in different circles on this. I even contacted some others. Yes Derek was nice enough to tell me about NARMS at the time. Now its called NARSOL. E-mailed Brenda. Checked some of the other sites protaining to all this and it seemed nobody had what I wanted to find to understand myself and learn from this experience.

      While derek had a hard road to pull when he was in lock up. I said to myself that could of been me as I didn’t want to take a plea deal when they offered it to me. I wanted to fight it but sometimes we all have to wait. While Derek’s ordeal is a bit different to a lot of these issues it is still classified in these ordeals as a sex issue. I know its hard with presure’s building up but patience is a virture. In fact it is a spiritual fruit. Yes at times this can all be a wrestling match if one lets it but I’m glad to see that people are waking up to all this. Sure I know that the police and judges want to be superior in authority but the ends don’t justify the means in a lot of this. We should all dwell on that.
      I’m glad this article is here. Sure at the time I had my “Oh my gosh moments” we all have views any of this sex ordeal as a temptation issue with a moral principal but we all press on for true justice.

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