From Hysteria to Hope

Dean’s Lecture: From Hysteria to Hope – Bringing Reason to the Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse

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      Child sexual abuse is no good in any circumstance. While this article has its point and as I was watching this video I keep wondering who’s abusing who. Than I said to myself common sense says no one should abuse anyone sexually. even adults. It seems like today in this world we want to play rocket scientist and be the first to figure out this or that, even be the first to land on the moon if thats the challange. I don’t know were this world is going.

      Abuse comes in many different forms but we are all children. Yes we all have stages of growth and yes abuse is real. Was spare the rod and spoil the child a form of abuse, well to government I’m sure it is. Is sexual abuse among kids alarming or is sexual abuse with adults more alarming. Kind of rattles one a bit. Guess me beiing a guy and single I’m glad I didn’t have to clean any dirty diapers. Sexual abuse is in the mind of the indivual’s conscience and thats why the conscience convicts that individual. Its like being in school, sure we were all a bit unruley and we apologized or went to the principals office or something like that or else one would have an extended vacation. Government is not perfect but they do try and control measures.

      All of use have ethical morals and standards . Are not some of these internet sex stings a form of abuse just packaged another way. Sure child abuse in pre teens and other situations like is are wrong both moral and ethical but who determines child abuse and who determines adult abuse someone has to speak up but preventions is the best corrective method. I didn’t mind paddlings in school in front of the class or out in the hall. Maybe we should have a law for gun control abuse or just let teachers carry guns in school to protect from abuse of another.

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