Father on sexual offense registry forbidden access to seriously ill son

By Ivan Moreno (AP) . . . A registered sex offender forbidden from visiting his severely ill 9-year-old son filed a lawsuit Friday against Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, arguing its visitation policy is “cruel and causes unnecessary harm to families and innocent children.”

Security guards escorted Stuart Yates from the building Tuesday, five days after his son was hospitalized with a blood infection caused by e-coli, according to the lawsuit filed in Milwaukee County. Yates’ son has had several serious medical conditions since birth, requiring surgical transplants of his pancreas, liver and bowels, the lawsuit said.

It wasn’t immediately clear how long the hospital’s policy of barring registered sex offenders from visiting patients has been in place, but Yates said his son was born there and there have been no problems in the past.

Yates, 49, was convicted of second-degree sexual assault of a child in 1998 and was sentenced to six months’ time served under a deal with prosecutors. Yates said he didn’t know the age of the victim in the case and that the incident happened at a house party where there were strippers.

“They’re using my past record, 20 years ago, against me,” he said. “I served my time for it. I’ve been transparent about it.”

Hospital spokesman Andy Brodzeller said he’s unable to comment on individual cases because of potential privacy violations. Speaking generally, he said “the hospital does have visitation policies in order to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors and staff and those practices do allow us to take steps that would limit an individual’s access to our hospital.”

Yates said his son was having surgery Friday.

“He called me this morning and he was crying on the phone,” Yates said, “telling me how much he needed me and how scared he was and where am I at? ‘Dad where are you? How come you won’t come? I miss you, I need you.’”

Read the full story at the Seattle Times

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    • #36738 Reply

      Okay, this has gone too far. How heartless to both the child and his father. This sex offender registration is so unconstitutional. Better to have been drinking and driving and cause an accident injuring or killing someone, stealing and using drugs, at least you get a second chance and don’t have to register. This law is sickening. My prayers and support to you sir and your family.

      • #36774 Reply
        Will Crump

        Helene, I’m sure the hospital views the child of a sex offender as inferior to the children of “respectable” parentage. After all, the registry and those who so rabidly support it claim they have the best interests of children at heart, however, these same “respectable, God-fearin’ Christian folk” will ostracize, bully, and even threaten the children of registrants. It seems all children are not equal in the eyes of these so-called “respectable law-abidin'” citizens.
        Ergo, the hospital administrator could care less about this 9-year-old’s pain, sadness and fear. After all his dad’s a child molester. It matters not that he hasn’t re-offended in 20 years. He is looked down on a sub-human by the hospital administration and so tragically is his poor son.

        • #38834 Reply

          Abortion occurs at about 4,000 annual in WI. How is it a fetus is not considered a potential American? Women’s right to choose. Yet a man touches……! Life. Anyone who knows primate behavior understands grooming is socially functional. It’s place cannot be underestimated. Touch as human NEED is outlawed to the extreem. The tighter you squeeze to worse gets the outlier. In a sense, being a man, aggressive is politically demeaned. Odd from a nation willing to kill with nukes and drones. With drones the war boys no longer NEED our kids on the ground. Remember save one, no Senate or House member served. War obviously impacted a nation’s happiness especially when based on shaky facts WMDs indeed! if a hypothetical artillery shell lands in a jury box, that’s mass distraction enough for any jury.

          This is the same hill faced in registration violation cases. The sexual assault NOTICE OF CONVICTION that may or may not state the offender ‘s duty, length of commitment. Any facts other than that are not necessary for the jury.Judge a man by the cover placed upon him by the state already found guilty. I’ve faced that jury twice, I’m 1-1. As one to other humans THE DATABASE is not your ally. Forced interaction between man and machine is no less than indenture as in 13th.
          Big data is incredibly lucrative, some new it early on. The coerition in black and white. Many capitalized and continue to this day. The watchers are paid well. Sex is indeed the most powerful tool.

          Why do I find it ironic next I gotta tap the I AM NOT A ROBOT box. Lol

      • #36775 Reply
        Will Crump

        Denying a seriously ill child the comfort of his dad’s presence is the cruelest form of child abuse in and of itself. It’s emotional child abuse. By denying this poor little boy access to his beloved Dad, the administrator just made himself a child abuser. Now HE should have to be on a public registry and banished from society like we are.

    • #36759 Reply

      Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. This practice should be banned in a lot of these situations. Do we all look at people as slaves or pawn’s of the states to control another? I go and see this elderly lady in the nursing home and seem to have no problem. This situation of this man being denied of seeing his son in the hospital is a bit tacky to put it politely.
      Seems that a lot of this sex registry stuff is like a slavery ordeal where one can’t live out his or her life and is even enslaved by past encounters of one’s life. I don’t blame the person for speaking out about all this trouble of not being able to see his son that is in critical condition in the hospital. Seems like those in authority are not sympathetic in any situation. While a lot of this sex registry is a black mark against the United States We as the people have to stand up.
      Its so ridiculous and out of focus. If man wants to dominate man than they are with this sex offender issue and all the bad things than man has no compassion even those in the White House. What God do they serve I wonder.

      • #36773 Reply
        Will Crump

        The sad fact is that an overwhelming majority of “respectable society” would back the hospital 1,000%. After all, all those helpless sick children MUST be protected from the evil of a sex offender who hasn’t re-offended in 20 years at all costs. (Sarcasm) I hope the man only sues for a policy change, unless he can sue the administrator personally. Hopefully he doesn’t have some sort of immunity like prosecutors and police. Hopefully he can render this jerk penniless without making the hospital take the hit.

    • #36772 Reply
      Will Crump

      I hope he prevails at every turn. How heartless of this hospital’s administration! I am so angry over this I can’t see straight! They abused a 9-year-old boy with a very serious illness all in the name of making a power play against his father who happens to be a registered citizen. If state law does not forbid a sex offender from visiting a seriously ill child, then the hospital should never have been allowed to enact such a policy.

      I’m sure the hospital puts the value of this 9-year-old beneath every other child in the hospital. After all, his dad is a sex offender. So, screw the kid and his daddy too! I’m sure that’s how the hospital sees it. Either that or they’re the worst sort of cowards; scared to death some parent may find out about his status and give them all sorts of bad press or have their kids transferred to another children’s hospital elsewhere since they let sex offenders on the property. Either way the hospital administration’s behavior is inexcusable.

      Again, the malevolent intent behind the S.O.R. is made abundantly clear to all with half an eye and half a brain.

    • #36838 Reply

      There is no excuse for this kind of barbaric behavior towards this boy and his father. I don’t need to say more, do I?

    • #36852 Reply
      John Doe

      …I would like to know how did they know the Dad was a registered citizen? Are they using biometric cameras like police do in now many states and cities to read the plates and know of the registered driver before the pull them (specially if they are an RSO)? …And after 20 years, shouldn’t the Dad be off the registry?

      • #36873 Reply

        That is a pretty easy answer… When a person goes into a children’s hospital, they are required to give their ID, then the staff runs that ID against the registry. I know this because I went to visit my godson in Denver Children’s Hospital and that is what they did. When they found I was an RSO, they told me they had to check to see if I was prohibited from being there. Once they finished that “investigation” I was allowed in to see him.

        • #36931 Reply

          “When a person goes into a children’s hospital, they are required to give their ID, then the staff runs that ID against the registry. ”

          Something they didn’t do 20+ yrs ago and has any sexual offense happened during a hospital visit back then?
          The sickening thing about this SOR is that people actually THINK that no sex offenses have ever happened BEFORE it was created, and no one gave a crap about checking to see your criminal record for simply VISITING A HOSPITAL PATIENT!!!! What in the actual f*ck is wrong with this country?????
          This man can’t visit his son because he committed an offense of a SEXUAL nature 20 odd years ago but if he had a criminal record for anything else, the hospital wouldn’t bother checking that? ONLY SEX???? OOOOOOOONLLLLLYYYY SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXX!!!!!????


    • #36898 Reply
      Not Applicable

      Even though he should be allowed to visit his son. What if he cvisits his son with an escort present. Such as another family member, friend, nurse or security guard? If someone else is present with the father, wouldn’t that be a compromise? I have never heard any news stories about children being sexually or physically abused by registered sex offenders in a hospital . If anything its normally a doctor or nurse that you hear about in those types of news stories. I thought hospitals were very busy places with people moving about the place constantly. I think it be very difficult for someone to abuse anyone in a hospital without drawing attention to themselves. What about the rights of the child? The child has a right to see his father? Why should the child be punished? How unchristian? I thought hospitals were there to care for the patients instead of causing extra suffering to the patient?

      • #36932 Reply

        “Even though he should be allowed to visit his son. What if he visits his son with an escort present.”

        Why? To satisfy who? No one of any importance, that’s for sure.

        “Such as another family member, friend, nurse or security guard?”

        I’ve got a better idea…
        How about the hospital keeps tabs on the nurses and security guards who have NO PRIOR CRIMINAL RECORDS but always seem to be the ones to commit the sexual offenses against hospital patients.
        But of course our society feels that if you’ve never committed a crime, you most likely won’t. Which only means that for the rest of us – we were BORN with our criminal offenses.

        I’m so fed up.

    • #36899 Reply

      Man likes to confuse things in their infinite wisdom. I know Robin said on here one time about issues of going to church. While I don’t know about some states our state does have a chaperone system but my two chaperone’s One my sister and I can’t make her go to church and take me as she bucks up, excuse after excuse, the other is in a nursing home at the present. While I do get up to that service its as if. We all are outcasts.
      Man wants to compound things and when liberty and justice are concern compounding a problem is going a bit above the authority which I’m sure we would agree on. Its our right to speak out on all these issues
      Wrong is wrong and right is right.

    • #36936 Reply
      John Doe

      To Registered Citizens PA Residents:

      For the safety of our patients, families, and employees, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC does not permit registered sex offenders on hospital premises. All visitors to our inpatient areas and Same Day Surgery department over the age of 18 must present a valid photo ID, and will be scanned through the national sex offender database. All individuals registered in the national sex offender database will not be permitted to enter, and will be instructed to leave the premises.

      …but at this hospital:

      Visiting Hours, Policies, and Information has no such requirement (thus so far).

      P.s I did not look up any other PA Children Hospitals outside this two thru a curious Google search. It was very upsetting that this was even a policy and /or allowed in a PA hospital for any ages so, I stopped searching.

      • #37000 Reply

        A bunch of us should email them anonymously and say the following;

        “Ok, so if a person does not have a sexual offense record they can come into your precious little hospital and commit a sexual offense if they have the desire to. Unless your policy also gives you the power to read people’s minds, I highly doubt you’d be able to stop something before it happens.”

    • #37181 Reply

      As I read the policy from the hospital as it was posted here, an interesting question came to mind. The policy blatantly banns sex offenders from being on their premises with no further detail. What about if you were there for a critical life threatening illness or injury? Their policy appears to say they are required to turn you away.

      There is no doubt in my mind that in the hospital’s fillings for tax exempt, not for profit, charitable status their mission statement spells out something along the line of rendering care for those in need there of. Are there any hard hitting attorneys in PA who are willing to go after the revocation of that hospitals non-profit tax exempt and charitable status?

      The Hippocratic Oath does not spell out, nor allows for, any difference between illness or harm being physical or psychological as in the emotional health of the child or the parents scared to death with the worry of losing their child to the grim-reaper. In fact, negatively compromising the emotional state of a patient has been proven to be extremely detrimental to the medical condition and outcome from the trauma or illness for the patient. So it can definitively be said that in these cases the hospital actually is doing harm to their patients! I guess that at this particular hospital the grim-reaper turns out to be the hospital administration themselves.

      It’s high time that Churches, Public Housing organizations and now Hospitals have there exempt and charitable status taken away being they feel they can pick and choose who they want to serve. Guaranteed that if they included in their State and Federal applications the fact they would pick and choose who they want to serve they never would have been granted approvals in the first place, thus it’s time to hold them accountable and take it away. Just think for a moment what the reaction would be if a hospital were to have a policy saying they are required to turn away a black person???

      So only as an idea for you guys in the fight there in PA, lets stop talking the talk and find someone to walk the walk — file against them where it hurts, in the pocket book and the public opinion! (I wonder if one of the competing hospitals would help your cause–huuuummm?) Our organization is willing to help.

      As for the Churches that turn ESOs ( Ex-sex offenders.) away from their services, soup kitchens and shelters, if you employ hate under all the rhetoric you use in justifying exclusionary practices, you are NOT doing the work of God. God in all His forms, is about love and grace, NOT hate. He is about reaching out to help and aid the down trodden, not to exacerbate their condition. Doing so proves beyond any possibility of doubt that you are DEFINITELY NOT Christians or Persons of true belief at all, but simply nothing more than business’ that have found a way to not pay taxes while selling snake oil by the use of smoke and mirrors to minions that can’t tell the difference. ( I personally drive four towns away from where I live, literally past 30-40 other “Places of Worship”, to attend a church that specifically does not exclude ESOs.)

      Besides, can you imagine how the State’s and Federal tax revenues would go up if these places had to pay taxes like the rest of us?

      Just sayin—

    • #37182 Reply

      ***** Correction to my last post, sorry for typing PA. I meant Wisconsin. Too many things on the desk at one time!!!

    • #37195 Reply

      What if the man was in need of medical treatment. Does this mean they can refuse service if he needs it just because he is registered. How did the hospital even know in the first place. Had to be someone who stays on registry sites and was like oh theres a sex offender in the hospital. Thats why public registries are a crock. I hope he sues the hospital and wins.

    • #37345 Reply
      obvious answers

      If he was a murder or a drug dealer or a terrorist or an arsonist or a burglar he would have had no issues… But of course all of those other crimes could never possibly pose a future threat… Registries and the attack on those listed as sex offenders is such a pile of stinking corruption. I was reading the other day how all the big name law agencies that are listed to help American citizens are spending untold thousands of donated dollars to defend criminal illegals against deportation rather than spend the money defending Americans at home who are constitutionally disenfranchised. Really made me rethink my contributions. It is pathetic more energy and financial resources are spent defending those who do not even have a constitutional right to the defense then those who are really under constitution …something really smells like bad fish…

    • #37831 Reply
      misdemeanor offender

      This particular story is another sad chapter in American freedom and liberties. It had similarities when LGBT couples had no visitation rights or recourse. The most disturbing issue here is when an organization, mainly a hospital, creates a policy to forbid family members without a judicial restraining order.

      The World Health Organization (WHO) and hospitals internationally have mandated that all people have equal access to care and patient quality. That indicates family, friends, loved ones, and individuals with the potential to increase the quality of care should be a visible part of the healthcare experience. The more significant irony is that a convicted murder or kidnapper may have immediate access to a children’s hospital or facility because he/she is not listed on a registry. Additionally, those on active probation or individuals on intensive probation have more rights to any access than any person listed on a sex offender registry. That alone should ring alarm bells about the two sides of justice by American standards.

      Now is the time to file official complaints with The Joint Commission (a body that certifies hospitals accreditation), the Medicare website, and county reporting agencies. Complaints or raised issue allow an investigation and a paper trail for other potential SOR’s experiencing similar problems. Imagine for a moment if every person that viewed this narsol were to file an official complaint somewhere in America? It would create a blip and discussion on the radar about fundamental human rights over fear.

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