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Watch Debate – Should the Sex Offender Registry be Abolished?

Everyone who watched the debate last night – All the laws requiring those convicted of sex offenses to put their names in a registry should be abolished – will agree; Emily Horowitz, defending the affirmative, was cool, calm, collected, and convincing. She was the voice of reason and facts in the debate. NARSOL is so proud to call her our friend. Thank you, Emily!

Emily reports that 160 persons were physically in the audience, and that another 5,000 watched the live stream. We do not know how many voted pre- and postdebate, but the percentage results are these:

Should the sex offender registry be abolished?

  Pre-Debate Post-Debate Change
YES 38.89% 72.22% 33.33%
NO 22.22% 15.56% -6.67%
UNDECIDED 38.89% 12.22% -26-67%

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    This woman purposely avoided answering the question about muggers and arsonists. Wow! Is she part of Antifa ? The cowards who protest against the conservatives but run away from questions about why they’re protesting ?
    I love how the moderator stuck it to her with saying that arsonists burn down houses and those houses can have children in them.
    This country is stark raving mad about nothing more than SEX! SEX SEX SEX! That’s all we seem to care about! Burn my kids to death! Shoot my kids when you car jack me, but don’t you dare touch them in a SEXUAL way! (And when I say “kids” I don’t necessarily mean little tykes, I refer to teens who consent with older people also).

    SEX SEX SEX! The most horrible thing to ever happen to human kind!!!


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    @Maestro. Ah maestro my friend, I wonder who’s burning down the house! While I hate debates myself I did want to listen on this type of debate since it talks about sex and offenses. Now who gave each person their sex & sexuality? Aside from that we all should know how to handle these Romeo and Juilet issues. But remember sex is only good in marriage?
    Do you not think everybody has had sex of some sort or cheated on their wife, girlfriend or whatever.. Sure David had his affair in the Bible, Sure Samson had his Deliah but no one wants to hear about that old stuff. Its a computer age today and a who’s right and who’s wrong in this day and age. Should we all be punished by this or that, oh as long as the police don’t catch us we will be ok, or as long as my wife or girl friend doesn’t find out I’m cheating on her.
    Well doesn’t our conscious convict us in different ways. I know you don’t like hearing this at times but we are all in a situation and NARSOL, and others are leading the cause in this topic that should be addressed today. Should we all say the internet is evil or is government at times spying on everyone these days thru this internet means.

    Your ok maestro and so are a lot of others on here. At times I believe we are all just trying to burn ourselves out over this … as you call it, sex, sex, sex …. and someone wants to be right and believe it or not only one can be right when you really understand about all these sex situations and don’t look at me as I don’t think – remember. And maestro sex has been that way all thru history sex, sex, sex but don’t we still have justice and I mean true justice thats not watered down.

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    The 150 victim’s from the doc…! Is the exception! And if the le and FBI, etc…..was honest and corrected for illegal activity everyone would see for themselves that self incrimination by coercion has beer seen applied for years and should have been stoped ! What person cannot see the abuse and misuse of powers! The child advocate spoke about children being abused, but failed to see and understand we are a nation of laws not only for children but everyone. …excluding convicted people ! Justice for ALL ! Also the public registry should be compared to a law enforcement registry! One is understandable and safe and beneficial and on and o the other ! HELL NO !
    I Will stop for now ! Thanks !

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    I am the offended offender , I walk 3 little girls to a school bus stop but I’m a registrant, I go to
    Many places and greet other people’s kids but I’m a registrant, little innocent girls come to play with my kids in my home and I trust myself to let them in and they are protected and safe just like my very own, but I’m a registrant , my neighbor is a child welfare officer and likely has no idea about my offense as his kids come over to play with my kids, but remind me, who is the registrant ? I go anywhere I please and I’m not treated like a disease because my face doesn’t show up or name on the registry , but yet I’m a registrant, you will never know unless I tell you, you will never think unless my actions outweigh my own moral compass, if I am who you think I am you are misguided and should something register in your mind you would be least offended by me . I’m a man a Simple normal man , that had a consensual friendship with a teen from the onset , that purported a false legal age at the height of near 6ft. I’m offended because I am wanting to know who I actually offended my own judgement or that of an innocent teen? Where is the ⚖️ Where did I go wrong in my life to feel lonely and seek form someone who was 14 vs my 33? I only meant to love not hurt . Pediophilia is not worth its own self -biting terminology when not many can clearly define its terms. The words systems and social classes we place on each other are nothing but one-upisms I challenge anyone who thinks I will hurt any child or cause myself to ever again be criminally convicted. Damn the dubbing and the way you think you can classify me. I live free and define me ! Registry is nothing but a ruse and convenient go-to for political popularity and expediency.

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      Jonny everyman

      Spot on ray, thank you for sharing

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    Hey Marci Hamilton! 17 children were killed two days ago by a non-registed sex offender never accused of sex crimes. So, how does your theory work? Have 17 children been killed this year by sex offenders or by sex crimes being committed?

    Marci Hamilton, is this how your platform is ‘protecting’ children?’ Marci Hamilton, if you really, really care about children you are not doing a good job. 17 were just killed.

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      Marci doesn’t care about 17 dead kids, so long as they weren’t sexually “assaulted” before they were killed.

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