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Registry Matters Episode 11 – Residency Restrictions

Episode 11 – Recorded: 2018/02/10 Do residency, work, or proximity restrictions do anything to help public safety? Larry and Andy cover the history and efficacy of residency and other distance related restrictions. They also cover various news items from the week. Which was the first state with residency restrictions? How many states had restrictions 12 years ago? Do the restrictions…

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Watch Debate – Should the Sex Offender Registry be Abolished?

Everyone who watched the debate last night – All the laws requiring those convicted of sex offenses to put their names in a registry should be abolished – will agree; Emily Horowitz, defending the affirmative, was cool, calm, collected, and convincing. She was the voice of reason and facts in the debate. NARSOL is so proud to call her our friend. Thank you, Emily!…

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NARSOL in Action 2/7/2018 Hour 1

We will focus on the recent decision by the United States Supreme Court rejecting the Cumberland County District Attorney’s effort to undo the PA Supreme Court’s decision in Commonwealth v. Muniz. Our special guests will be Lea Bickerton and Robert Cicchinelli. Ms. Bickerton is an attorney in Pittsburgh with extensive experience dealing with registry issues. Mr. Cicchinnelli serves on the board of…

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