SO Registry continues to be roadmap for vigilantes

By Sandy . . . It has happened again. A person on the registry was shot and killed by a vigilante.

According to the source, “A Las Vegas man told his neighbor he killed two homeless people behind a central-valley swap meet because one of them was a sex offender, court documents show.”

The other person just happened to be there and, according to the source, wouldn’t leave.

Alfred Wilhelm, 53, was on the Nevada registry for an offense committed in Hawaii in 1984, thirty-four years ago.

In 2016 Nevada expanded their public registry to include all registrants. Prior to that, those who were deemed level one were not registered publicly. Was Mr. Wilhelm previously listed privately? We don’t know. His record has apparently already been removed from the Nevada database. If so, if he was not listed on the public site before 2016, then his murder is doubly tragic and senseless.

The number of times that a listing on the public registry has served as a road map pointing the unstable to their victims is significant and growing. Nor is this the first time that a totally innocent person was murdered just for being present when a murderer located his prey.

Those who are in the federal witness protection program, many of whom were criminals and murderers, are given the strongest of protections to avoid their being located and killed. All others released from prison for the most heinous of crimes are given anonymity upon the discharge of their sentence. They can change their names, move where they wish, and live in their chosen communities free of fear of being discovered.

It is only those who have been adjudicated for one of the more than a hundred behaviors that triggers sex offender registration that are forced to live in the community with a bright red flashing neon arrow pointing the way to their doorsteps. They are not even allowed to change their names, for so doing is a violation of registration requirements.

This is an untenable situation. To be forced to live in fear of being hunted down and murdered is to be sentenced to a living nightmare. How many more registrants will have to be tracked by means of a public sex offender registry and be shot or knifed or bludgeoned to death before we as a society rise up in horror and indignation and say “Enough”?


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Sandy Rozek

Sandy is communications director for NARSOL, editor-in-chief of the Digest, and a writer for the Digest and the NARSOL website. Additionally, she participates in updating and managing the website and assisting with a variety of organizational tasks.

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      This is saddening beyond words. Just recently a man convicted of manslaughter will be facing 40 years in prison for his crime of taking a life and never have to announce this when released. Sex offenders are never free! Always in fear and living a life that doesn’t give them much of a chance for a good future. Convictions and registry for ridiculous reasons! Many so young their lives are destroyed before they have even reached maturity. Come on America, Stop this witch hunt!

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        I don’t think anyone will ever cry “ENOUGH!!!” Why? Because once adjudicated a sex offender, “respectable” society sees registrants as worthy of being stripped of all human, civil, and constitutional rights. Once someone rapes a woman, rapes/molests/sexually assaults a minor, especially the 12 and under group, society figures shooting and hanging are too good; too quick. “Respectable” society wants to watch registered citizens suffer for the rest of their natural lives and then hope we all burn in hell for eternity. Nobody in main-stream media has mentioned that the killings in Vegas are motivated by vigilantism toward registered citizens. They don’t want to document that. That would be proof that Judge Matsch in CO called it right when he ruled the CO S.O.R. to be unconstitutional on the grounds that it violates the 8th Amendment prohibition against cruel & unusual punishment. The cruel and unusual punishment comes at the hands of “respectable” society after the offender has served the sentence imposed by the court.

        “Respectable society”?? I think not!!

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      Facts should matter

      If lawmakers claim that children reserve the right to feel safe at their schools so they can learn without fear of active shooters, then why aren’t those on “the list” extended the same protections – to live and function without fear of retaliation?

      It’s because the lawmakers and society are dismissive and indifferent to our concerns. I feel as though they actually WANT us to get culled from the gene pool.

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        Ding ding ding, you have hit nail on the head. They don’t care about us. So the question becomes why don’t they care. Because they want to keep themselves out of the light. Let’s think about all the people who have recently been on the news for sexual improprieties. The list is too long to even go through. But if they keep the light off them, and tell how bad those of us who are on the registry are then they think they are better.

        Just today was my day to go do my civic duty and face my unconstitutional registry. I drove roughly 60 miles, to arrive at 12:30 to be told I had to come back at 1:30 because they were closed for lunch. I looked at the door and they don’t close til 12:30. I cam back at 1:30 and still had to wait for another 10 minutes for them to decide it was time to work, only to face a very rude deputy taking my information. All this because he apparently feels I don’t deserve the decency you would give an animal. It is all too much to take sometimes.

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        Tim Lawver

        Good point Facts,
        Incarceration is a way to work corruption of the blood. A few states opt to permit conjugal visits for that reason.

        Furthermore once a young person is labeled a sex offender all of their ideas are automatically discounted and they have no real chance to hold office.

        If one of my boys were to run for office, which politician\ opponent would not raise their father’s past when competing for that office. I think most would cause it may aid in their campaigning against my son.

        What we are experiencing is not “justice” it is the two political parties securing
        “Just Us!”

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      Seti IIII

      Indeed, this is a tragic situation the state has put not only registrants but also their family as well. What if Mr. Wilhelm’s wife,son, daughter or any grandchildren had been with him that fateful day? No doubt this depraved individual would have taken their life as well. Can we say that the registry has ENABLED this vigilantism? And I suspect that law enforcement, state legislatures, and courts are tacitly, or behind the scenes, approving of this vigilantism. Has anyone ever read or heard any government official publicly speak out against attacks on registrants? I have not. But if there are such pronouncements, please, someone point me where I can find and read for myself. This amounts to “State Sponsored Terrorism” plain and simple.

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        In TN, the only warning against using the registry to dole out additional punishment is “The person listed on the registry may not live at the listed address.” In other words, don’t be a vigilante because you might just accidentally get the wrong person.

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      John m. Schultz

      Since my arrest last May for a fabricated case of failure to register, my inclusion as a level 1 sex offender in AZ has been spread throughout the me nearby area by law enforcement and pretrial services officers. I’ve been burglarized three times, attacked twice, once hospitalized with concussion and lascerated ear and face. The police did nothing even through the attack was witnessed and reported and assailant known. My life has zero value! Fake prosecution, fraudulent statutes and forced to be a weapon for my own demise. My convictions are 30 years old too, 1987 and 1988. Just saying,

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      These vigilantes are nothing more than criminals committing violent acts and it is sickening that the public considers them heroes even when locked up.

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      If you want to protect yourself from people who are looking for an excuse to be violent to anyone, protect your rights, or sway political minds, then you need to congregate, organize, demonstrate, and protest. until you as group and a demography understand this, you will be weak and vulnerable.
      African Americans didn’t win equal rights by just asking; They went to jail, suffered violence and worked hard to achieve what they have. You will have to do this too, and do it all together.
      Don’t hold onto what you had or what your roots are, those are all gone now. You are the next marginalized pariahs of society, and will be treated as such until you take action against those who are against you in concert.

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      John m. Schultz

      Dear Friends, I recently made a small contribution to the general fund by way of debit card. Just asking if it was received? I’m super paranoid about electronic commerce. Thanks for everything you do, truly, jms

      • #33635 Reply

        Hello John,
        Yes we received your contribution on February 3rd. thank you very much. We appreciate your support.

        If you didn’t get a receipt, I think I see why. The email address looks different than the email address you have with your previous NARSOL membership. The most recent one ends with 9687, while the previous one ends with 96877. Other than that little detail they are identical. Which one is correct? You can email us by clicking the link on the bottom of this page if you prefer. Once we have the correct email I will resend the receipt.

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      Ken Sheeler

      my alleged crime took place in 1983 and before the change in the law I was considered a level 1 sex offender and I have Bipolar disorder and agoraphobia and I’ve been jail many times for not registering and many times have been beat up by law enforcement and I’m supposed to be released from the registry the whole thing scares me to death I live in Nevada can someone please contact me

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