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NARSOL’s Vander Wall selected as JLUSA Fellow

NARSOL is proud to announce that its vice chair, Robin W. Vander Wall, has been selected to serve as a Fellow in the 2018 Cohort of JustLeadershipUSA’s Leading with Conviction program.

Each year, JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA) identifies effective and successful advocate leaders throughout the United States and invites them to apply for acceptance into a Cohort of formerly incarcerated individuals in order to participate in a year-long program of training and instruction intended to enhance their skill and capacity to lead others in the movement to drastically reduce our nation’s addiction to prisons.

JLUSA focuses exclusively on leaders who are already engaged in impactful criminal justice advocacy work and who have demonstrated the potential to become more successful reform advocates through exposure to training, new networks of reform, and additional resources from which to draw strength and endurance for the battles ahead.

Robin traveled to New York City in mid-January for the first of four intensive training sessions facilitated by David K. Mensah of DKBWAVE Training and Consulting, an organization that provides leadership training and executive coaching to for-profit and non-profit corporations throughout the United States.

“It was an incredible experience, and I’m still trying to get my head around it. I’m enthused about what JLUSA is attempting to achieve, and I am really thrilled that its leaders understand the importance of including registered citizens in the work of reforming our nation’s burgeoning prison problem,” Robin said.

“It’s really important for everyone to know that I was among friends who understand the terrible harm caused by sex offender registries. These people get it! They want the same thing we want: An end to unreasonable punishment and an opportunity for full and complete restoration of citizens into their communities. I am proud to be included in JLUSA’s 2018 Cohort of leaders.”

Robin W. Vander Wall was active as a campaign manager and consultant on a number of competitive municipal, state, and federal level campaigns prior to his arrest in 2003. At the time of his arrest, Robin was a third-year law student at Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach and was scheduled to receive joint degrees in Law (J.D.) and Political Management (M.A.) the following Spring. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from The Citadel. From 1993 to 1997, Robin was president and publisher of The Citizen, a weekly tabloid on politics and culture published in Raleigh, NC. Since 2009, Robin has devoted much of his time as an advocate for citizens required to register as sex offenders. He presently serves as vice-chair for NARSOL and is the founder and president of NARSOL’s coordinating foundation, Vivante Espero.

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    Thank you for everything you do, Robin. I have learned a lot from you over the last couple years. I am looking forward to learning more.

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      Thank you, Fred. Very kind of you to say.

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      Great news Robin Hey Fred any word on some help for the 4000 plus people in PA due relief from Muniz and others that need to file writs ASAP before the senate pulls a Al Pachino on them? How about a conference call soon before the senates does the same as the house did no testimony.

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    NC Susan

    Congratulations Robin! We should all be so proud to know you! Thank you for all your hard work you’ve done for NARSOL and NCRSOL! You’ve been instrumental in helping me and my family through dark times. You are already a great leader and role model for advocacy! I look forward to continuing to work with you on national and state goals!

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      Thank you, Susan!

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    Thank you so much for all you are doing and I like to thank you in advance for what you will accomplish for all of us prior to my arrest I was very political and was very political

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    I was very political as well I was elected County coroner the highest elected official in the county when my ex-wife accused me of keep up the great work abusing my children abusing my children

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    Congratulations, Robin. I hope I can speak for all RCs in NC by saying we are proud of you and know that you will represent us well. Great job!

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      Thank you, Chris!

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    Congratulations Robin!!

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      Tim Lawver


      I am sure congratulations are in order on your selection, most happily I send mine to you.

      When it comes to reform in this arena you will be met with much resistance from those interested in maintaining the status quo. There are some huge players whos financial future is tied directly to policies that incarcerate as many as possible, as it is inherent in their bottom line. I am not sure who benefits from the making felons out of those who are not, but through DNA exonerations we know it has been happening for quite some time.

      FAIR TRIALS are fundamental to any society that claims liberty as a worthy end. Liberty is under threat and you will make a fine advocate for its preservation, even for the worst of citizens. Good luck Robin.

      Circa 1993 the FED, decided it was OK to indenture individuals to machines AND their maintenance. I thought sure SCOTUS would reject the idea, but I was naive and idealistic. I had no idea how corrupted our justice system had become. A denial most Americans live in today thinking it could not happen to them or a loved one. They are so wrong about that.

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    ABOLISH Registry

    Ty Sir

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    Phys Ed

    Congrats, Rob! The movement desperately needs “Doers”.
    I’d do more myself if I weren’t still stuck on “Supervised Release” after three years because I opted out of the “treatment” phase as well as the “Polygraph” phase. What really turned me off was the ALL CASH modus operendi of these people who supply “treatment” who don’t even have PHDs in the psychological skills they purport to have. All they do is drain a captive clientele of money while threatening them with a return to prison if they don’t comply with all the unconstitutional crap and ill usage they are afflicted with on these programs. As a result, my “supervisor” punishes me by refusing me permission to travel anywhere outside my “plantation”. Basically, I live like a field n*gg*r in the antebellum south. Oh yes…and I’m “uppity” as well.

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    Thank you Robin. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

    And Congratulations!!

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    Tammie Leigh Lawson

    Thanks for all you do. I’m looking forward to being a part of this movement.

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    Congrats Robin. Im glad you were accepted into this program it will be a vital component for your growth as well as the advocacy movement as a whole. We will all prosper from the training you are undertaking. Legislators who make bad laws beware! You will be an even more formidable opponent for the pesky and stubborn legislators! Hopefully what you learn can be taught to all of us to make us all more effective advocates.

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      Thank you, my friend.

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    Edward Ruggles

    The cream rises to the top…right where you belong so that we can keep this registration issue visible. Congratulations Robin, we need your kind of voice…God’s speed.

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      Thank you. The Lord be with you, as well.

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    While Robin has his ups and down’s like all of us on the registry lets let the facts speak for themselves. Fact is one either has a victim or doesn’t. One is either snagged or conned thru the internet by these sex sting operations or meets a under aged person in public and it goes from there. The internet duping is a bit hokey as anyone could be playing flip Wilson on the internet and dressing up like a teenaged gal. If your snagged in public that’s one thing but lured thru the internet to come on down, that is another matter
    The focus should be on being snagged thru these internet sting operations. Remember Police are still Ministers, now I don’t know about you all but you tell me a minister that presents an opportunity to dupe others, to lie, entice, ask for new pictures, rubbers, etc, plus con one down to their house for immoral purposes. That is basically what it is. Any minister of God ordained should not give others an opportunity to sin or even give that opportunity to one via the internet. Are they some type of Devil’s advocate just like Eve was deceived in the Garden.
    After my probation’s up, myself as well as others have a lifetime on the registry. Would that be fair to say? Talking with my councilor today he mentioned you mean you have to have a chaperone to go to church. I don’t know what happens after my probation is up but even this church thing is wrong that one has to have a chaperone.
    If its all for public safety I would guess one would have to have a chaperone to drive a car than or what is public safety when most were not even in public but on an internet which is social media and nobody knows except the person that gave the opportunity and pressure enticed the other…… using sex as bait… are they playing the devil and Daniel Webster. And what’s funny most of those police officers that do these undercover operations are Christians, so should they be playing the devil’s advocate?

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      Oh! It goes way the heeeeell beyond stings, I and a close buddy have crazy things happen to us! Recently…….Im in a public place one fine afternoon and a classy looking business lady had a girl of let’s say 10 or 11 and she sat on one bench and I sat on the other across from her! Well she was in her middle 30s and white the girl was black the girl was playing bouncing around twisting, she had some personal items and dropped one on the ground so I politely bent down and as I was picking it up I saw the girls snatch …..! ….WTF !!! I’m stunned! I back off ! The lady looks at me ….stares at me and I begin to fumble for my phone! And kept going further and further away! So I’m telling my buddy is this REAL SHeeeeeet happening! And he ….starts with his story, a girl of 15 or 16 wearing no bra bends down to get her whatever in a restaurant and stays like that until she makes sure, he sees her boobs! Before he can react she’s on her way! When I was 18 a 17 girl a flirted with came into my home a started riding on top of me when I was asleep! Now I pushed her off and said what the Heeeeeeellll you doing! She could have been impregnated or some disease! Do think I ran to the police station, and filed rape charges and had her imprisoned and register for life! Ruining her forever for a quickie ? Because the girl was horny and liked me? One beeeech spoke up when I spoke of this and demanded that I should have! I angrily replied….it’s my right to call it rape! or to prosecute ! Or forgive! , ! When I was underage another girl underage who’s mother knew she was sexually threw herself on me coming out of the shower one day and my buddy at the time told watch out she wants to get pregnant ! , ! Hellllllllooooooooo! , audience ! We the men in society are not the sick pervs and aggressors and out of control testosterone gorillas that the media calls monsters!,,,,we are men ….and we need to be deeeeeeeply honest about sex and not be BIASED! PREJUDICE ! And have fixed or preconceived ideas of what’s really happening around us ! HELLO! Anyone listening! , !

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    Lance Martinez

    The Judicial and Law Enforcement need to be challenged at every turn.

    A brief example:

    I was taken into custody (but not arrested or cuffed for a crime). Law enforcement took me to their pre-established rendezvous point. I was questioned and arrested at that park. For all intense and purposes when all was said and done it appears that I intended to commit a sex offense by meeting a juvenile at the park that I was taken to by law enforcement.

    My attorney did not have enough good sense to question my arrest that I complained to her about. I did not intentionally go to the park. I was stopped in my car outside and away from the park and was on my way to a museum. At his deposition the arrestig detective who organized “the sting” claimed not to remember the arrest he organized. My attorney recommended from the very beginning for me to take a guilty plea and pushed that agenda until I negotiated a plea rather then risk 10 years of incarceration. There is much more to this conspiracy to set up a sting, arrest and imprisonment, not to mention the ex post facto laws for a lifetime to play a part in the life long Sex Offender Registry.

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    Mike Hall

    Proud of the your involvement in all things related to our cause, Robin. Was a pleasure meeting you in Atlanta last year and I plan to see you again this year in Cleveland, if not before on February 6 in Winston! Good luck to Paul in his arguments before Judge Biggs!

    • #32354 Reply


      Thank you, Mike. Look forward to seeing you either in Winston-Salem or Cleveland . . . or both!

  • #32176 Reply

    Jerry P.

    From one North Carolinian to another: CONGRATS!

  • #32260 Reply

    Stephen – AZ

    Congratulations, Robin. You are the perfect person for the job. I am honored to be working with you as we advocate, and educate, for much needed change.

    • #32355 Reply


      Thanks, Stephen. We’re all in this together!

  • #32312 Reply

    Ric Moore

    Robin! Your bro now living in Virginia. I’m linking this to our website. Ric

    • #32356 Reply


      Holding it down up that way, Ric? How’s Dennis and the folks in Raleigh?

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    Robin I’m sure you will do wel in all your speaking engagementsl. I’m sure a lot of us have been in a lot of these endavers with a lot of this sex offender issue and you know the truth hurts. Sure the truth hurts everybody, even Police and law enforcment. Trump said tonight Safety for our citys. Now imagine a police setting one up by giving this type of opportunity and after its said and done one is suaded to go down to meet them, no matter if its a park, park house, or what.
    You’ve exchanged facal pictures, no nudes which they suggest or racy pictures as they say, and now your caught up even when they call you up to see why one is late coming down their, and you ask to back out they pursaude you more with some come on what would happen we are meeting in the park or something like that.

    So lets say “Safety for our City” and yes the police have the right to set you up. So who’s giving the opportunity for that Safety and duping in all this? Sure we can all make a decision or choice to find out for sure about this con but those in blue see it in a different light. Now who know’s a man’s thought.. does anybody on this board.. or much less the police force.

    • #32357 Reply


      It’s a risky time for anyone to be openly advocating for anything that threatens the status quo. It’s too easy to take folks out with false or nuanced allegations. One advantage I believe we have is that our reputations are already so badly tarnished that there’s not much they can do to make them any worse…other than cook up something and deliberately frame us for a crime we didn’t commit. And I wouldn’t put that past them to do. Not in this era. It’s one thing to respect the job that decent law enforcement officers do to protect the public and keep us all safe. It’s another thing to forget that they are merely human beings who are just as capable of acting with malice and evil intention as anyone else. Vigilance!

  • #32359 Reply

    Theresa Robertson

    How exciting Robin. Congratulations! And to echo everyone else, thank you so much for all you do! As you said, it is very encouraging that JLUSA understands the importance of including individuals on the registry in the work they do to restore those who have been incarcerated to full and dignified lives. Peace, Theresa

    • #32400 Reply


      Thank you, Theresa!

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    Robin, here is something you may be able to use in your speaking engagements’ We could say,. Justice is the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity. Now if our county is founded on the principals of God does it seem man’s law is over riding God’s law and commandments a bit. Has the nation turned judgment into wormwood and taken righteousness off the face of the earth or American Government? While two wrongs don’t make a right and man’s justice seems to be the law of the land. What would one say about a deceptive law to deceive one in the name of justice? Robin it would seem that one caught up in all this is fighting two battles but your a trooper as is all of NARSOL
    Isn’t Gods law greater than rulers or kings law or governments law? I am very skeptic about these internet sex sting laws were one baits, uses lie’s, and deceives, all in the name of justice. They seem to assume that one is a threat to society as a whole. Does not God say try the spirits or test the spirits? Sure giving a deceptive ruse or opportunity for someone to fall seems out of character. Are those in authority not suppose to be ministers for good, so why do they con with this enticing endeavor? Proving is one thing and catching one up in these types of ordeals is another, I am sure nobody likes to get caught with their pants down. As one detective said to me, its all part of the game. You tell me, are a lot of these ordeals are fictitious by nature. Basically they are conning those victims or duping those victims into this ordeal and using a pressure tactic that is devilish by nature.
    Now the question. Who’s in authority? You see there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist are established by God, God is the Supreme Authority. Now how does this balance the scales of Justice in the face of evil government? or how much evil hasn’t been done by evil authorities already, are they twisting the true principals of God. Good luck with your program.

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    John m. Schultz

    Dear Robin: Thanking you for your talents and contributions. Reading your bio info humbled me and inspired me to keep the faith and stay focused on what matters. I’ve been through the meat grinder twice and even after 30 years it is still not over, getting worse in fact. The existence of organizations such as this and competent, passionate leadership such as yourself are the only hope any if us have. I thank you and once again note that I too am called to find my place in this brotherhood of reform. God will show me what I can contribute and how to do so. In the meantime I would still be honored to contribute. I will redouble my efforts. Sincerely, John m. Schultz

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    Christopher Schneider

    Robin, Congratulations on your appointment, you and I know the struggle, you will do great things for us. Peace and blessings my brother. Chris Schneider

  • #34462 Reply


    This was a really good debate and Emily Horowitz’s argument in why the registry should be abolished was overwhelmingly persuasive and she won the debate.

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