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IL SOR Task Force recommends changes in state policies

By Edith Brady-Lunny . . . Major changes in Illinois’ rules for sex offenders, including how long an offender must remain on a public registry, are part of a final report on its way to the governor’s office from the Sex Offenses & Sex Offender Registration Task Force.

The report comes after a year of study by the group of legislators, criminal justice policymakers and advocates for victims and offenders, all appointed by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

The report set for release Thursday recognizes that Illinois lacks sufficient resources to monitor and assess treatment of sex offenders at the state and local level.

As of November 2016, 32,239 individuals were on the state’s public registry, about 70 percent of them required to register for life. The vast majority of sex offenders are reportedly compliant with registration requirements, according to the report.

Among the recommendations is a revision to automatically remove low-level offenders from the public registry after a set time, a move that could allow law enforcement to focus tracking efforts on high-risk individuals.

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    Charles Durden

    If you really want to save money, abolish the registry completely.

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      Jonny everyman

      Too many of them profit from the registry

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    Tim Lawver

    As a person familiar with the Illinois State Police registration system I found the process lengthy. Most of the information the Feds had from my state case in Wisconsin was available on other databases, so they already had it. The town’s female staff stood and gawked while one took pics n prints. I asked them why they were taking my hand prints in the old ink fashion when no crime had been done…I was merely reporting a part time job frying fish Friday night for the American legion women’s auxiliary. It was a low paid volunteering, a five hour gig. I live just across the border.

    WOMEN’S AUXILIARY! said one of those there, a female but I did not see which one. Sure enough I should have kept my mouth shut because that added another 20 minutes while they called around to verify, as if I would lie.

    So There I was the next night(Fri) frying Cod and Perch, shrimp n fries and in the door comes the local PD. Two cops stood at the table looking back at me realizing they should have used the backdoor. I approached them looking through a large service window in the front of the kitchen and told them politely that they had to place an order or get out of the way. As usual the place was packed. They bought it. I looked at the group of us servicing the crowd, five or six blue hairs and said see I am bringing in more customers already. They all Just bustin up laughing, LOUD! I said, ” You ladies take note, there’s a dangerous man in this kitchen. DANGEROUS! Then did my best Michael Jackson Dance.

    Beware the database, it is not your friend!

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    Tim if the Gospel says all lie than all lie but I know where your coming from on that. My PO dropped by today and although we have a good relation he knows his position and I know mine and I will throw the good book at him any time. I even told him during this visit its coming down the pike that I might have to ask for a regress of grievance as I have five more yrs. from my 10 yr.
    Why they took me out of this second sex offender class I’m sure is some type of underlying factor. Why they took me back to court when I said I was on face book to sign up to do phone campaigning for Donald trump I don’t know. Now if I was actually on face book talking to women or something I could understand. Believe I’m sure a lot were surprised when Donald Trump got elected President but some of us still have to wait and deal with all this in different states.

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    What positive changes are coming to Illinois and what is the status on the park ban.

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    Oh I’m in Virginia Nick but like I said on one post here. We all should write letters once a month to the President. I’m sure he will straighten things out soon with the help of the advocate’s like NARSOL and others as we all need to stand our ground and make solid points how this registry is making a witch hunt not only this but other things are being affected in this matter.
    When one makes common sense out of all this it doesn’t seem right but it does hurt the family members that have to go thru this for there loved ones.

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