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Does v. Stein hearing set for Feb 6

After more than a year since NARSOL was joined by NCRSOL and two John Doe plaintiffs in a civil rights challenge to North Carolina’s SORNA scheme, we finally have a hearing set before Judge Loretta Biggs. On Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 9:30 am, our attorney, Paul Dubbeling, will face off against the state’s attorneys in the federal courthouse located at 251 N. Main Street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This hearing will consist of the state’s attorneys attempt to convince Judge Biggs to grant its Motion to Dismiss while Paul will work diligently to persuade her to do no such thing.

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    Good to see the ball is finally rolling on this!

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    Illinois Contact

    Is there a copy of the complaint online? Can you post a link here. What are the issues in this case?

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    My son is registered in NC. It’s been almost 13 years. He filed a motion to be removed from the registry, and no one ever called, emailed, or gave any kind of notice for a court hearing……

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      Theresa, What county are you in? Did your son have counsel assisting him on the petition?

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    R M

    Great job Paul! I just read the complaint, all 88 pages of it. Wishing the best for you, NARSOL, NCRSOL, the plaintiffs, and any other RC that may be affected by the decision.

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    Tim Lawver

    Ahhh the North Carolina legislature… of packingham.. One more kid made ineligible to be part of the political class. Made unelectable early in their lives boys like yours. Perfect execution in favor of the two parties ma’am. Your not going to convince me the two parties will rig carte blanche, see gerrymandering.

    Our national press spends airtime concerning the integrity of the polls. Illegal voting they call it too. Voting rights are removed from registrants, and felons in general while they serve sentences. In the case of sexually oriented offenders voting often happens to be in school’s when restored. Felon making is a necessary business for any govt, but this nation loves a victim even when they are actually not. In some ways hurting someone’s feelings is a felony.

    If I were you I would call the clerk and inquire.

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      I see a future were being male is a felony and women rule this is not a joke it is feasible with the me too crowd and the way things are going you can take away the constitutional rights of half the population they will if given the chance. They are picking off boys before they even get to be men and they have no hope of living a normal life.

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    Well, now we have another suit moving forward to challenge the new law enacted to replace the original law.

    So, I want to ask the obvious. At what point does this become obvious persecution. Not the laws, but the legislatures obvious intent to continuously draft legislation to circumvent the constitution.

    If it’s ruled unconstitutional once, then twice, regardless of the wording in the statute then the idea itself has to come under scrutiny as unconstitutional. And that my fellow registered citizens is what we need. At some point public opinion HAS to shift and see what is going on here.

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      Tim Lawver

      JD in NC,

      We can plainly see the witch hunt continue in the Dr. Larry Nasser case.
      150 women touched and\or manipulated females in ways unknown. The fact is they are all alive and well. 150 is a large number and if I know america some smell a payday. You can bet their are free riders!

      Mr. Nasser did America and himself a disservice by not demanding trial on all counts. Let each victim have their say in open court. Let the level of his behavior be known. A Doctor’s Job involves touching! An Army doc stuck his finger in my rectum during intake process! That’s not an Assault.

      He did not stand a chance! He took no life. The people of MI are going to spend about 35 K a year to house him.. As for his, “Death Warrant” I can find no Statute supporting it. Maybe SHE refers to the case in another neighboring state the Dahlmer case, when he happened to be in the bathroom with an inmate and a mop handle. If I were aNasser’s family I’d update the life insurance post haste!

      All this for sake of a database whereby

      Needs of a machine outweighs the needs of the humans. Unthinkable.

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    Concerned in nc

    I have been following this lawsuit. I pray it moves forward. Sex Registry punishes families of loved ones who are forced to register. When our grand parents and parents married years ago the married any where from 14-16 years old. Just think of how many of the older generation would have been on a registry if this law was in place and how many of us one not have been born. If you read the constitution it plainly states you will not be punished after rd completeing you sentence but, not true with only sex offenders makes no Sense. Family members who have not even committed a crime are forced to live by these rules to especially with you have a mentally handicapped person to care for and subjected to this ridicule. Pray we will win this fight! If they look at the studies and see that it just offers false sense of security.

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    Believe it or not all and a lot of this is corrupt. Its all a bunch of legalistic crap. One could go with legalistic moralism or humanistic moralism or is all this a transgression of those super cops that want to serve their master in a deceitful way and at the same time be right in all these endeavors. I believe their is a lot of malice taking place in a lot of these situations.
    I am hoping Mr. Dubbeling will have success in these proceedings to help in this cause, and yes we all should pray.

    When justice is corrected than all are happy. People when you take God out of any type of Justice proceeding’s than you have no justice. I believe john said it best in the bible… the truth will set you free. Go get “um” Mr. Dubbeling.

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    I hope this will be recorded, love to listen in.

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      Of course the decision of the court will take some time, but I hope someone who attended this motion hearing will hurry and post his/her impression of how it went and keep us all apprised.
      This could be the bursting of the dam on sex offender registry laws, and we all know that North Carolina has not been real successful at defending their sex offender laws in court where it matters.

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        NOTICE of Rescheduling Hearing: Oral Argument Hearing, Re:12 reset for 3/13/2018 at 09:30 AM in Winston-Salem Courtroom #1 before JUDGE LORETTA C. BIGGS. (Blay, Debbie) Sorry everyone we will have to wait just a little longer.

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