Courage: Yes, sex offender registrants have it too


This is a story of a man who, like so many of our supporters, has a past history that includes a sexual assault conviction and required public sex offender registration. Marty Weiss, a well-known former Hollywood child talent manager, has been a California 290 registrant since 2011. 

The media likes to portray sex offender registrants as one dimensional, and that dimension allows no room for change, for hope, for noble actions, for bravery. 

This is a story of all of these. This is a story of a man who, when faced with a situation in which another person was clearly in danger, took action with little or no thought for his own potential danger. This is not a story of a sex offender who saved someone. This is a story of a courageous man who also happens to have a sexual offense conviction.

By Marty Weiss . . . The following took place at approximately 3:00 am on Thursday, August 25, 2016. The incident began in the hallway between apartments 59 and 60 at my address in North Hollywood, California.   The name of the victim has been changed to preserve her anonymity and safety. Her attacker’s name has also been changed in the hopes that he may have sought counseling and might now be following a life free of harm to others and himself.

I was in bed when a loud banging startled me out of a light sleep. Another loud bang moments later caught my attention, followed by a distant sounding series of undecipherable comments. Following a few more bangs and continuous banter, I got out of bed and stepped to my door. Through the peephole, I could see a short man leaning his arms against the door to apartment 59, and I identified him as Henry, the ex-boyfriend of Allie who was currently living in that apartment.

Approximately six months prior, I had witnessed a loud argument between the two of them that culminated in her utilizing pepper spray to help kick him out. During that event, I stood in my doorway watching the progression. He had verbally threatened me if I did not leave.  I refused to budge and called the police to report the incident as it was happening. When they came to the locked doors at the front of the apartment complex, I let them in. They took my statement as a witness.

 Back to August 25, 2016:   Standing at my door, I could better comprehend Henry’s statements. He was slurring his words and uttering threats, pretending to talk to someone he claimed was there with him, someone he kept calling “my nigga.” He claimed more were downstairs and wanted to hurt her. “I’m stopping them. You gotta let me in,” he said as he kicked the door again.

I could see no other people through the peephole but had no idea if anyone else was in the hallway or downstairs.

Suddenly, screaming louder and shouting threats to Allie’s current boyfriend whom he believed might be in Allie’s apartment with her, he raised his right leg behind him and back-stomped the door. It broke free from its hinges and fell inward. I could see Allie alone inside, holding her phone to her ear. Henry turned back around and ran over the door and into the room. As she screamed, he grabbed her throat with both hands.

Although I had no idea if his intention was to hurt her, rape her, kill her, or a combination, I could not let this attack continue. I quickly unlocked and opened my door. I shouted, “Hey!” as I entered the hall and rushed toward her downed door.   Henry snapped his head at me, let her go, and raced toward me. I ran back into my room and slammed the door against him as he tried to charge in. I blocked the door with my foot and looked through the peephole. He kicked my door. Shouting a few quick expletives, he turned and ran out of view. I grabbed my cell phone and looked back through the peephole.

I saw Allie slowly approach the downed door, clearly upset, crying as she talked into her phone.  I left my room and, scanning the hallway, didn’t see Henry anywhere. He was gone.

Allie appeared in a daze and couldn’t answer when I asked if she were okay. I asked if she had called the police, and she said, “Yes.” I assured her that I would stay with her until they and her current boyfriend, whom she had also called, arrived.

When the police pulled up outside the apartment complex, I walked with her downstairs.

In front of the complex, we met the police and Allie’s current boyfriend. We could hear Henry from the police vehicle spouting how he “didn’t mean to.” Apparently, that confession, combined with the evidence and me as a willing witness, left no doubt regarding the overall situation and his guilt.

One of the officers asked for my identification. I retrieved my wallet from my apartment, and, back outside, handed my driver’s license to the officer and explained (per rules of my probation) that I was on 290 probation (CA penal code status for a sex offender). He smiled, blew it off, and asked me to describe the events of the night. Both the police and Allie’s boyfriend thanked me for my help.

Side note: To every person who ever posted on the internet that I should be put to death for my offense, try not to think about the harm that would have befallen Allie had your dream come true: physical assault, rape, mayhem, or even murder. Thank goodness, we will never know the true answer!   And before you suggest that it doesn’t matter to you, had that been your own mother, sister, or cousin rather than Allie, would you have wanted me to be alive or dead? We all make mistakes, some worse than others. I refuse to let any mistakes of my past define me. The rest of the world can if it wants to. I know that my true loved ones are proud of the life I have led these past few years and especially for my actions on August 25, 2016.


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      A great human being doing a great deed, how wonderful! Today on my way home from the store I read a quote on a business sign, not sure if I can do the direct quote, but it goes something like this, “Fear is a reaction but Courage is a decision” Maybe its a Winston Churchill quote but it sure is a good one. All of us affected by the registry need to believe this and practice it every day along with gratitude. It is what turns bad situations into good and lets our enimies know we are strong, and will not let our situation bring us down.

    • #32960 Reply
      totally against public registry

      Good for you Marty! You should be proud of yourself. Everyone makes mistakes in life but we learn from the harsh reality and then want to move on and live our lives in peace like every other citizen in this country. Moving forward!

    • #32981 Reply

      You should be very very proud of yourself. I don’t even know you and I feel privileged to have read your story. If more people would read stories like this maybe they’d do something to help get rid of that registration and leave people get on with they’re lives.

    • #32982 Reply
      John smith

      I wish people would see this side of our lives. In the many years on the registry I have diffused several situations of violence between other people.
      Twice I’ve been asked to stay around at a grocery store because a cashier said she was scared of a certain individuals that had come in and they were alone if I left.
      Numerous times ive been asked to stay after hours for bar closings because bartenders wanted peace of mind to walk to their cars.

      Some of these people knew about my status. Some didn’t. But I obliged and would help again.

      I always found it tongue in cheek when a person is talking to me about some other sex offender. And they spit hate about all sex offenders. But prior to and after our casual conversation they were friendly as could be. Some of the people Ive known beforehand, so I assumed they knew? And on so so many many occasions I get the “sex offenders are bad, but I’ve met you and you’re good. I can’t believe you are one!” conversion.

      I could come up with dozens of small-medium good deeds. And a few emergency situations playing a positive role.

    • #32983 Reply
      Garrett Glaser

      Thank you Marty for all that you do! It is an inspiring story you tell above.

    • #32984 Reply
      Abolish Registries

      The registry is a political career ladder & an experiment that violates rights and leads all in the direction if a false and illegal solution. It’s not a solution it’s punishment.
      Remove the stigmas that are a restriction to better mental health & counseling access. There will always be human behaviour that is bad. But applying false solutions perpetuated through lies increases incidents not reduces them.
      Kudos to this man for stepping up.

    • #32985 Reply
      Jonathon Merritt

      Good work fellow registrant.

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      Edward Ruggles

      When I was in Prison and had to go off grounds to see a Doctor, along with other inmates we went to early lunch in the chow hall. As we were eating our lunch an inmate sitting at the next table started to choak on his food. The COs looked on as one inmate from my table got up and did the Heimlich maneuver on the inmate. He was able to remove the food from the inmate…again, as the COs watched. The man that saved this man’s life is a Sex offender. I knew he was, but the man he saved didn’t know and I’m sure that he didn’t care…at that time.

    • #32999 Reply

      This is a good story about loving thy neighbor and helping others.This registry seems to stigmatize everyone that got caught up in this devilish ordeal. So who put a stumbling block in front of you? The registry shouldn’t put a lot of us down. Physical encounters are a lot different than some made up scheme those law enforcments are doing. What I want to know is where are the basic Christian principals that this country was founded on, or least we forget. Sure I think some of the registry should be abolished and change needs to come.
      What I would like to know is all those e-mails that one, on the registry, get wanting to engage with some hot sexy spice chat whether its a hot teen that’s not really old enough to be on an adult site, or a coy, or whatever thru the internet, and while I’m sure enforcment know that the person is already on the registry they will use any bait to try and trap one again thru this internet media. Someone should check that out as I’m sure it is ficitious at best.

    • #33017 Reply
      Randy in PA

      Since I retired two years ago I spend two days every week as a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. No one, especially the new home owners, seem to care that I was on the registry for 11 years. They are much more interested in the fact that I can frame a house!

    • #33012 Reply
      Lon Polk

      I have been a productive, engaged citizen and a community leader most of my life (in grammar school I was awarded a AAA ring for best leadership in safety; at age 11 I was the Boy Scout camper voted to Order of The Arrow). I and a colleague wrote the Charter application for the Black Owned First Independence National Bank of Detroit. I flew 900 hours as a Super Constellation Pilot-in-Command during my 41/2 year Navy tour. I have sailed more than 40,000 blue water miles as Captain, from one end of the Pacific ocean to the other. Entering my 70’s my second wife’s baby alarm went off,resulting in an adoption. I wound up sexually abusing the child (no penetration). I take responsibility for my actions, so I pled guilty, served jail time and all that. Now, thanks to Megan panic, I serve this add-on, never ending probation, a fate much closer to “Worse than Death” than anything I ever perpetrated. A world leader known for his use of registries is named Vladimir.

    • #33032 Reply

      Way to go, Marty! As you say, some of us make mistakes.. some bigger than others. But we are more than simply to sum total of our mistakes. NEVER put limits on what you can accomplish; there are many other people who will try to do that for you.

    • #33035 Reply
      Jerry P.

      Today the gentleman from “Glee” was found after he comitted suicide. He was facing 7 years for having child porn.I am sorry he couldn’t see through the cloudiest part of his life. We can be productive members of society… RIP Mark Salling

      • #33057 Reply

        I read that too. I read through a couple hundred posts on Twitter and only a handful were understanding and compassionate, and they were attacked by the others. Most were hostile and lacked any compassion for him or his family. People are so quick to judge and write others off, especially on the internet.

    • #33049 Reply

      Way to go Marty!
      It’s a nice change of pace to hear about the good that people do, regardless if they happen to be a sex offender.

    • #33055 Reply

      no matter how hard we show how being a better person. we have a target on our backs. my past does not control my future. Thank you Marty for your courage showing the world. Maybe one day we will not be looked at as people without value. Again thank you for your courage and doing the right thing.

    • #33064 Reply

      I’m sorry you hear those horrible people. I’m so thankful someone like you was there to stand and protect Allie. Peace and Grace to you always.

      • #33068 Reply

        I think one of the most important things for a SO to do is find a way to restore some honor to their lives.

    • #33108 Reply
      Teresa Salazar

      Marty…you would be a welcome and honored neighbor in my complex!!! Your actions in these situations were truly courageous and saved your neighbor from a violent beating or possible death. You are a precious friend and neighbor…wish you all the best!!

    • #33111 Reply

      Excellent story of how some LEO’S see past the past and how a past doesn’t define our future. Great job “Marty” for doing the right thing, saving someone’s life from harm.
      To all my fellow SO’ s, we are people with purpose, let not our past define us. It may be hard to ride this wave, remember this; our lives do not end in a period.
      Side note: I’m doing community service and the SGT at the Army Reserve thinks our war on changing laws is a good fight and he could care less as to my “offense”. Rise Above Friends!!

    • #33120 Reply
      Sandy Rozek
      Sandy Rozek

      Several of you have alluded to having a life that is meaningful despite being on the registry. That is what our Humans on the Registry project is all about. Please check it out and, if you are so inclined, sign up to be included in the project.

    • #33190 Reply
      Donna Mcs

      I’ve always believed that you cannot judge another human being just by their faults and the mistakes they have made in life. Yes it is part of who they are but often, probably in most cases, people have good parts facets to their character. Marty has certainly shown his. My son is a good person. He made a bad mistake but that can’t take away from the fact that he is also a kind, caring, compassionate person who looks out for others.
      For at least a week or two before and after Halloween each year the good people of my community town take to our community Facebook page and you would think from their comments that the streets are just crawling with people intent on commiting terrible harm to their children. The few people who suggest that perhaps they are overreacting, are shamed and called awful names. This is what the registry has created. Makes no sense at all.

    • #33309 Reply

      You know I’ve been thinking about this article that Sandy presented to us and this guy stepped in to help a neighbor out in a desperate situation. Yes these situations do come up in various ways and one has to have “courage” to stand up for others. Seems courts don’t see it that way, its like everybody is on their own. Even my court appointed lawyer didn’t know what to do in many cases. The investigator. in my case, was just as fickled. I wish you would of seem the look on his face when I told him … you don’t even know my intent. When it was all said and done he said if you hadn’t of came down we were going to come and get you.
      Yes public safety is one thing and so is internet safety but going against Gods’ law makes those in blue just all the more guilty but one has to remember good things come to those who wait. Woo to those that put a stumbling block upon another. Their are all different ways one could look at this but the correct way is the correct way. Hey we all have to have courage to fight our own battles and yes it always helps to understand bible principals also and be strong. Its these weak moments that one should overcome.

    • #33369 Reply

      Thank you for all the kind, supportive words! I am crying as I read every comment. Discovering all these other stories of Registrants helping others and proving that we can indeed be good people serving positive roles in society gives me hope that, one day, those outside the Registrant community may have to take notice.
      – Marty

    • #33387 Reply

      My name is David Stodghill, I am a registered SVP that just maxed 8 years in prison.
      2 cases for you to peruse IF you are incarcerated in PA and required to take the sex offender program.

      Stodghill v. PBPP
      Stodghill v. DOC

      Muniz is in my county of Cumberland, and, so far, the PSP here could care less what the ruling was. I just was at the station and was informed “We don’t do anything until the legislature makes a new law”. I told them about Muniz and the administrator (on Elmerton Ave) said “Yea, we don’t worry about that”

      Just FYI, nothing in PA has changed.
      Megan’s Law III was killed by Derhammer decision. Megan’s Law II was killed by Neiman. Megan’s I by Williams.
      Right now, there is legally NO registration for any sex offender whose conviction was prior to December 20, 2012, but, try telling that to the PSP and you’ll be arrested…

    • #33389 Reply

      PA DOC requiring completion of program (Wording of law says “Participated in the program”) to be eligible for parole.

      PBPP requiring completion of sex offender program before eligible for parole

      Both precedential cases. Pro se status. This cost me an extra 4 years of my life. They didnt even offer the program to me until 4 months PAST my minimum and the program was 3 years long.

    • #33435 Reply
      Tim L

      Protecting other citizens is not something that requires pay. It’s an action one does for moral reasons. You will never convince REGISTRATION AGENTS of that. Here I paraphrase an exchange that occurred during cross at my 2011 registration case for failure to provide info. I opted for trial.

      Me: Agent do you work for WIDOC?
      A: Yes.

      Me: For how long have you been employed with DOC-SOR
      A: Since the beginning, the creation of the Whetterling act.. So 11 years.

      Me: What kind of sallery do you earn at DOC-SOR?
      DA: OBJECTION! Relevance!
      Judge: I’ll allow it, it is public information.

      Me: Please state your annual salary for the Jury?
      A: I make about 55k a year in my position.

      Me: So ms. Agent over the lat decade the State of Wisconsin has paid you nearly 600K over those 11 years?
      A: Yea I guess that is about right.

      Me: So in order for you to do you job.. Protecting children and other vulnerable persons from sex deviants the people gotta pay you over a half a million dollars to protect our kids? Is that correct?
      A: I get paid to maintain the registry… It protects by informing people about those who pose a danger.

      Me: Agent do you believe people should be paid to protect kids?
      A Yes, its a necessary job in this day and time.

      Me: Agent is protecting kids something one should do for nothing?
      DA: Objection, leading question
      J: Sustained..ask the question in a better way Mr. Lawver.

      Me: I withdraw the question your honor.

      The point made to the jury anyway.

      Protecting others is not something one does for pay. It clouds the motivation.
      Public servants. Nahhhh self servants!

    • #33911 Reply
      Dennis Pifer

      I have read over Pennsylvania House bill 1952. And I have some questions.
      I have 3 docket numbers,( 1 conviction). Two of the 3 docket incidents OCURRED prior to Megan’s law 1,(1996).
      Because of the charges of I.D.S.I., on one of the aforementioned dockets. It trigger a PRE SENTENCING INVESTIGATION, ( p.s.i),To determine if I was a SEXUALLY VIOLENT PREDATOR. At this hearing, the COMMONWEALTH’S OWN PSYCOLOGIST BRUCE MAPES, stated, ” he does not fit the CRITERIA, HE DOES NOT FIT THE STATUE, HE IS AN ANOMALY, I am calling him one. And by that statement, I became classified as a S.V.P.
      Now this bill States, more or less, any crime committed prior to APRIL 1996, it can not be used to trigger any registration. The crimes must to of occurred after APRIL 1996, yet prior to December 2012, Which my other remaining docket does, And that charge of INDECENT ASSAULT is a misdemeanor 1. Carrying a 10 year registration, which I don’t mind doing.

    • #34348 Reply

      i know all about the target on the back thing. i am a tier 3 register. but i will say one thing marty. i want to change my future and get away from my past. i try to show others that i have changed and that im willing to go to great lengths to do so. marty, i like what you did, and pray that god gives you more opportunities as such to help those in need. god bless man!

    • #34678 Reply
      Peter carr

      My son was falsely convicted of a sex crime, a child said a man was following her in a store and touched her on her chest ( fully clothed) with her mother and 2 sisters around her, it was not reported for 3 weeks after , she said in court it lasted for 1 second. my sons boss testified in court that when they said it happened my son was at work. As a result he got 5 years to LIFE. He is currently in the 8th year of a LIFE sentence because he maintains his innocence . He does not want to get out as he will be branded a sex offender

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