NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law

By NARSOL . . . Congress’s enactment of legislation permitting the State Department to mark the passports of registered citizens and notify nations about their pending travel is reprehensible. It is beneath the dignity of the United States to brand its own citizens with a mark of derision and shame, a mark that will very likely close a great many borders to our citizens or, even worse, subject them to physical and emotional harm in a foreign land. For this reason, the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) stands in opposition to the International Megan’s Law (IML).

NARSOL values its members and donors . . . and most especially the money that is entrusted to us by so many concerned and generous persons. NARSOL was first in the effort to raise funds for an IML challenge, and those financial resources are still available for this purpose. NARSOL’s board of directors was concerned that a challenge at that point was premature; there were too many unknowns, making it imprudent to take action under those circumstances.

However, at this juncture NARSOL believes the time is right to move forward with a serious constitutional challenge to IML with claims which are likely to be found meritorious by a federal District Court judge. To that end, NARSOL is assembling a team of attorneys and professionals entrusted with evaluating the very best strategy for attacking IML, identifying plaintiffs, discerning the right venue, and pulling together the most compelling claims to include in a serious complaint.

NARSOL utilizes a litigation model in which we sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the law firm handling the litigation. The MOU provides for us to receive a pro rata return of our contributions if there is a favorable outcome and an award of fees and costs at the conclusion. This assures that we can grow our litigation fund and apply the winnings to new challenges.

Challenging IML will not be easy. There are much more attractive and winnable claims related to sex offender registries that NARSOL will have to pass up in order to focus on this issue. We are keenly aware of the thousands of registered citizens in this nation struggling with their right to procure housing and jobs, participate in their children’s school activities, attend church, or visit the local mall. Some cannot move freely within their own state due to similar marks on their drivers’ licenses.

These fundamental constitutional rights are being trampled across the nation and are a much higher priority for citizens who feel NARSOL should focus on them rather than the privilege of visiting a foreign nation. But dealing with IML is clearly an urgent matter for people who are accustomed to traveling outside our nation’s borders. Nevertheless, we call on our supporters to bear in mind the full measure of struggles we are facing across the board.

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      Tod Siegel

      Thank you for acknowledging the other cases that are in need of your help beyond IML, for those who criticize that decision, I suggest stepping back and understanding that although this fight is for the passport stamp and IML specifically, WHEN (if) they win, the implications will be felt in SO many other areas, including drivers licenses, and possibly the registry. All these cases that everyone is fighting have far reaching affects – win we win (just like the 6th circuit), and when we lose (just like in the OK case). Having some of the best minds together as a team, and hopefully the reach out to others as well (which I am sure they will) gives us the best chance to win. The one thing I thought I had at least some freedom was to use my passport, with IML and the other laws, the US has tried to create international law from fear, making it so other countries ban us from traveling there. With this stamp, it will make things even worse, not only for travel, but just like on a DL, when you check into a hotel, etc, your passport is your ID internationally. We need to END this before it gets worse – and yes, it can get worse, Australia just created a law that essentially strips all RSO’s of their passport completely. So we may be banned from some countries (but plenty we can still travel too), and the stamp will suck even more – but before it gets to how it is in Australia, lets do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen and even more, END IML!!!

      Thank you NARSOL for everything you do – if you ever need a plaintiff, please contact me, and would be happy to do anything.

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        Thank you, Todd. We appreciate your steadfast support. There’s so much craziness. IML is a very important issue to a lot of people, and we recognize that.

        As for me, I’d just like go to the movies, or maybe to church. But I can’t. The idea of flying off to a foreign nation….well, that’s probably never going to happen for me. Thankfully, it’s more a matter of personal finances than it is my status as a registered citizen. So, I have fewer reasons to feel cheated or deprived. But I understand the harm that IML is causing for people who must travel internationally for work or other important obligations.

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          Wasn’t this issue already decided by the 10th Circuit decision concerning driver Licenses? I mean, I hope we prevail but I fear that the Government will point to the 10 th Circuit decision as precedent.

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        gregory williams

        There is no doubt that this will effect my offenders. I guess its not enough what they are doing to us all already. Now what i will share comes from my experiences over the last 14 years of being on the registry. In 2009 i applied for permanent residency in another country. they did a very good back ground check and learned i was a sex offender. when the day of my interview came they did bring it up and asked me the explain this to them and asked exactly what i did. So i explained in detail what i did…and to my surprise the examiner looked at me and said you have got to be kidding me…. so not all countries agree with what the U.S. is doing. Secondly I just renewed my passport 6 months ago and there are no marks of any kind on my new passport….so maybe it fell through the cracks how ever i did renew it in another country via the embassy there.
        another interesting point many don’t know is not only does being a sex offender deny you the right for a family base visa…but it denies your family from many benefits regular families get. Upon my death my wife can not get my social security benefits….. she and our children will be forced to live on the money each child gets only….all of a sudden 60% of the benefits are gone. The embassy explain its because my wife has not been in the U.S. and the reason she has not been in the U.S. is they deny her visa due to me being a sex offender. So 3 innocent people…2 children and a woman suffer at the hands of the government. And the children are u.s. citizens even upon my death which will be soon due to heart problems and my age she can not go to U.S. till one of the kids hit age 21 so they can sponsor her.
        There are so many things these laws do that so many people don’t know. how can a family of 3 once i die live on 320.00…
        You kinow i was a resident of wisc. and they still send me forms 1 time a year to register with them…law says 10 days to respond to there letter but it take 28 days for the letter to get here…so i get one or 2 letters from them every year threatening to extradite me for none compliance….by the time i get the 2nd threatening letter they get the form back….Last time i pointed out they need to check into the laws about extradition because they can try but the treats state what they want to extradite for must be must be a crime in the country hosting the person and its not here.

        How many innocent lives have these useless laws hurt or destroyed.

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          Jonny everyman

          Even though the law passed under Obama @greg no plan of enforcement came until last month. So you getting a passport six months ago, of course you had no identifier.

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      David Kennerly

      I have just posted the following to the ACSOL forum. I include it here as it is pertinent to both organizations:

      This is very interesting coming from NARSOL and not ACSOL. They have announced a legal challenge to the passport mark requirement of IML. My question is: Does either ACSOL or NARSOL believe that challenging the notification requirements of IML to be hopeless? Larry Neely seemed to be suggesting that in a recent conversation I had with him (please correct me Larry if I got this wrong). However, I would not want us to abandon, what I believe to be, an essential and demonstrable liberty interest. I hope that ACSOL has not either, and yet, we are only hearing about the passport mark from both organizations. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        I can’t speak for Larry, but you have fairly summarized his sentiments, I believe. Our attorneys feel the same way. Yet, it is not necessarily “hopeless.” But it is about as challenging as anything we could truly hope to win….which means that MOST attorneys aren’t going to touch it without a guarantee of money up front. Contingency fee structures are more or less off the table without a clear and promising path to victory. There is none here, and it’s a very big gamble. A serious challenge could gobble hundreds of thousands of dollars and produce absolutely nothing. This is one of the reasons why NARSOL has been slower to move on this issue (the other reason being that it was simply premature to move before the State Department had settled on a policy).

        We see a lot of very winnable opportunities out there at the state and federal level. Those may not be as exciting or alluring, but they are winnable. And that counts for a lot when an organization is entrusted with money to accomplish achievable goals. You might say that NARSOL simply isn’t comfortable with the idea of pouring a lot of money into what may end up proving to be an empty pit. It might be a good fundraising strategy, but it’s not going to help a whole lot of people in the end UNLESS it’s successful. And when it comes to IML, success will definitely require the threading of a tight needle head…and some highly skilled attorneys. And, even then, it may not be enough.

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          Folks, a mark on your passport is the least of your worries if the right to travel means anything at all to you, and it should even if you don’t plan to travel. Many people travel on a whim, but if you’re a registered citizen, you will NOT be travelling on a whim. Are you aware of what is required of you before you can board a plane, or a cruise ship, or even cross the border in your automobile? IML requires a 21 day notice before you travel internationally. You will furnish all kinds of information about your proposed travel that you might not even know at the time that you report all this to your local registering authority. You will give your government information that, quite frankly, is none of its damn business; date of departure, flight number, where you are going to be staying, who you are visiting, contact information of who you will be visiting, where you will be staying, and the biggest outrage of all, when you will return, your flight number and date, and where you will depart from. I don’t know about you, but if I was making such a trip, I would not want to have my return date set so far in advance as 3 weeks before I leave. I’ve heard that when you return to the states, you will be intercepted at customs, detained, and interrogated as to what you did abroad. AND, one little bit of inaccurate information, such as your date of departure, can result in Federal charges against you. So, if you are a RSO, you will not be making any emergency trips overseas. And your itinerary will be planned to the last minute detail 3 weeks before you leave.
          Even if you know you will never ever leave the United States, this outrage cannot stand. I have already made a contribution to the RSOL legal fund, and I will likely make an even larger donation in the near future.
          Our government has lost its infernal mind!!!

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          Would you say it is in the best interest of Narsol to NOT challenge the IML stamp and just use it as a fundraising issue? I mean if the issue brings in the bucks, resolving the case either way would be killing the golden goose, correct??

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            Robin Vander Wall
            Robin Vander Wall

            We are in the process of determining the best claims to make, the best venue to make them, and the best possible strategy to get around a couple of substantial roadblocks. This is very serious for us.

            Yes, as a fundraising tool, this issue has incredible appeal and can be used as a means to extract money from people without accomplishing a lot. That is not our intent and never has been. So, whatever you may be hearing said around the campfires, be dubious about it until you investigate further. There are a couple of very deceptive narratives that are deliberately perpetrated.

            Folks will often spend thousands of dollars on political candidates who end up losing on election day. People don’t get upset by that. They come back ready to spend more money during the next election cycle. But one thing you will never hear a candidate say is that he/she can guarantee a victory. That never gets said. Why? Because that’s not possible.

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            You do what ya gotta do – words to live by. But as for this issue, it’s already being done.
            I feel confident that it is in capable hands.

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          David Kennerly

          Well, Robin, if NARSOL and its lawyers have no faith in any other portion of IML being defeated then why bother to challenge the passport mark? It is clearly the less egregious of the elements of this new regime. We have already been unable to travel to much of the rest of the world WITHOUT that mark. The notification system is what is absolutely blocking our path now. Adding the mark is much more symbolic than meaningful, with the exception that banks and hotels will see it.

          I’d say, just save your money and do something else. Meanwhile, the rest of us can find lawyers who see this law and its effect, as a whole, unconstitutional and know it to be so. We need people who are going to fight this as aggressively as possible and not just chase down some odious symbology.

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            Robin Vander Wall
            Robin Vander Wall

            It is the notification aspect of the regime where we believe there is the strongest possibility of a meaningful challenge and that is what we are primarily focused on. What is needed is a clear strategy that has the best hope of winning. And that’s what we’ve set about to do.

            Think about this pragmatically. Right now, every registered person in America is marked, right? All one needs to do is search a sex offender registry. There are all the sex offenders, marked. Exposed. For all the world to see. So, as marking goes, clearly the Courts have yet to see that as a huge problem. And the case law, so far, is clear and controlling: it’s perfectly constitutional for a state to publish the fact of one’s conviction. We don’t like that. But that is current law and it would be foolish at this stage to attempt to argue otherwise. Anyone who wants to spend money challenging the basic requirement to register may do so. But he/she is very (extremely) unlikely to prevail on such a challenge. The point being that if it’s currently permissible for a government to publicize the truth of one’s prior conviction via the worldwide internet, it’s probably just as permissible for the State Dep’t to mark a person’s passport. Overcoming the simplicity of that analogy would require a strange brew of legal magic. Attorneys aren’t magicians, no matter how much they’re paid or how experienced they may be.

            The notification aspect of the regime is a different animal because that’s a more aggressive and proactive vehicle for creating very damaging conditions for an American citizen who wants to travel abroad. This is where we will focus our energies, most likely.

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            David Kennerly

            “It is the notification aspect of the regime where we believe there is the strongest possibility of a meaningful challenge and that is what we are primarily focused on.”

            Wait a minute, are you talking specifically about the Passport Identifier as that Notification? Because I thought that earlier you were saying that you are only going after that Unique Identifier on the passport element of the law. So when you say “notification” I’m not sure what you mean since it could refer to any of three different notification requirements of the IML regime.

            So, let’s define our terms. Here are the relevant ones from my perspective:

            Advance Registrant Notification: Obligation of Registrant to notify the U.S. government of impending travel.

            Foreign Notification: All of the methods that the U.S. employs to notify foreign governments of American Registrants status of which several are identified: per-trip notification generated by Angel Watch as a result of Advance Registrant Notification or PNR passenger name record hits generated when purchasing tickets to or from the U.S., continuous U.S. Registrant data available to all or most countries immigration points of entry provided by U.S. and INTERPOL networks. This data just lives indefinitely on these systems waiting for a U.S. Registrant to come along and to sound an alarm.

            Passport Identifier Notification: notifies anyone, whether foreign or domestic, governmental or private, of passport-holder’s registration status.

            One other thing: Janice Bellucci recently stated ACSOL’s intention to also file specifically against the unique marking. Is NARSOL collaborating with them and filing jointly?

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            Robin Vander Wall
            Robin Vander Wall

            I’m sorry if my terms were confusing. By notification I meant the notification foreign governments receive regarding an American citizen’s pending travel to their nation.

            NARSOL will not be filing anything jointly with ACSOL.

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            Congress can pass laws. I dare anyone reading this ,Robin or David K to show me where the US constitution offers clauses for the protection of foreigners on foreign lands. Clearly, IML WILL FAIL if attacked on those grounds.

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        Tyrus Young

        I am pleased that NARSOL is continuing this fight regarding the IML. Their comments on the negative effects hit home. However, it should be noted that most of the regular countries we might travel to are tied into the DOJ database… their customs know within seconds if an entrant has a record. The sales jargon for the use of the passport identifier is misleading as the passport has far more use then just passing through customs, exposing SROs to far greater risk from those not “in the know”.

        As another member commented above, the impact of the IML regulations mirror those found with immigration restrictions under the AWA. Virtually the same arguments can be made to challenge each of them. What the US is doing is unconstitutional for many reasons. But consider this…. my spouse was essentially deported after two failed family petitions. What is the connection of having been convicted of a crime against a minor and a spouse who is in their mid-60s (we had been married for 8 years by then… if there was any risk to her, it would have appeared long before their decision. So she was forced to return to her country. I was able to gain permission to visit the country, but am stuck in the US for business. The US government has denied us the free exercise of a BASIC Right… Marriage (recognized by the Supreme Court). But what is the purpose of implementing this law?

        I have two choices…. live apart from my spouse except for occasional visits or move out of the US so we can be together. So … are they really deporting her, or are they trying to sneakily deport a US Citizen? There isn’t a viable risk to my spouse, nor to a foreign country I wish to visit. My risk is the discrimination, unconstitutional abuse, and dishonesty practiced by my own government.

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      I am glad to hear NARSOL is moving forward with a challenge to IML. I didn’t hear anything from NARSOL about a challenge for a long time and figured all hope was lost. As someone who is directly affected by the law living overseas there is a number of bad outcomes for me including being booted out of the country I live in and not being able to travel to other countries on vacation.

      At the same time I’m not pinning all of my hopes on a challenge to the law. I’ve been working on getting a pardon from the governor of my state. Realistically I think that there is a higher chance of me being pardoned by my governor than IML being overturned.

      I honestly don’t see any judge ruling favorably. Most of the judges are biased against those of us who have been convicted of a crime, especially sex offenses. In my opinion it matters very little to them (or lawmakers) that our rights are being violated by marking our passports (keep in mind the law passed both chambers on a voice vote and was signed into law by President Obama).

      In terms of the timing of the challenge, the law went into effect on October 31st, 2017. That means that anyone who has a passport that expired beginning then will have it stamped. There is NO way to stop that now. I recently went on vacation and panicked before going at hearing the law was going into effect and could not find any information on when the passports were going to be revoked. I contacted my senator’s office who was able to have a staff member call and find out that the stamp will be put in effective the date your passport expires (thank god mine isn’t until 2021). An injunction is highly unlikely to occur at this point because some offenders will already have passports issued with the stamp.

      I apologize at crapping all over the post, but I am pretty cynical about anything being done at this point.


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      Jonny everyman

      I like challenging this law. I think unlike some low hanging fruit laws that may be more “winnable” this is another opportunity to captivate the public and tell our side of the story.

      I know many registrants can’t even afford to leave the country but if Things get any worse I believe everyone should have the right.

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      obvious answers

      I have already been contacted and in touch with the civil liberty’s union regarding this and the start of it which was the public notifications abroad. I am American living abroad and have already been threatened, attacked, my family accosted and my 15 month old sons life threatened and much worse..All of our papers were stolen we are trapped.. We cant leave now and it is illegal to stay now. The US government has placed a target on our heads and made us international targets for abuse. We are not alone I know other Americans who are also now in hiding for their lives. Thank you for taking this case and you are welcome to contact me at any point and i am willing to join the case or can put you in touch with others also in hiding for their lives.

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      Chris Williams

      The IML passport identifier was one of the absolute worst laws Pres Obama enacted during his 8 years in office, and he had to know this when he did it the last month of his presidency. It baffles me to this day how he did not veto this utterly egregious law which serves as a modern “Scarlet Letter” marker. If this is not challenged it will mark “the beginning of the end” for international travelers who will easily become the focus of foreign hatred, harassment, intimidation and set them up for potential blackmail and other victimization. It must be stopped now. Everyone who loves freedom of association, liberty of movement and the right to travel needs to get on board with this fight.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        If we were to “keep score” of which laws harmful to our advocacy were passed under the auspices of which party, my guess is it would come out fairly even. It is disingenuous, however, to lay the responsibility of IML on Obama. Chris Smith, a Republican from New Jersey, was the driving force behind the bill. When it was passed, the Republican Party, not the party of President Obama, was in control of Congress. If Obama had vetoed the bill, that would have delayed its passage by about two months because it would have been overridden by Congress. There was no way this would not have become law. And as far as freedom to travel, while American citizens not in prison or on community supervision should have and do have the right to travel within our borders, I am unaware of the citizens of any country having an inalienable right to travel into another country. Almost all countries welcome visitors as tourists, but they are not required to do so.

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          Correct me if I’m wrong but I guess the reason why President Obama signed the IML into law, was due to him being under pressure by the majority of Republican members in the congress that was spearheaded by Chris Smith to get the IML to pass using junk science and phony statistics of the “frightening high recidivism” and that no one in the opposition spoke out against it before it got passed last year, I’m I correct Sandy Keymaster?

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            Robin Vander Wall
            Robin Vander Wall

            President Obama signed the bill until law because it passed both houses of Congress by nearly unanimous margins and the “marking” of sex offender passports is wildly popular among the American people. Let’s not lose sight of how much support there is in the public for how registered citizens are being treated. The public is perfectly happy with the status quo.

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        It seems that people are conditioned to believe that registrants are more dangerous because of the idea of “once an SO always an SO”, than those vigilante maniacs that are driven by hate and propaganda which are more at risk to commit crimes against registered citizens as a way of honoring the victims especially with children because of what they’ve done.

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      I’ll be glad when International Megan’s Leash is taken down. I wish you the success, and a great thank you.

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      Ed Tobey

      No one mentioned the USA government’s public list of all sex offenders which leads to SOs being banned at the border of many countries including Mexico & Canada. As you know, this has resulted in many terrible hardships for SO families.
      How does this issue fit into your plans.

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        It’s pretty hypocritical of Canada to not allow people in even if you have a felony drug conviction of a felony for fudging your taxes.
        Canada, the liberal country that made it a LAW to get a transgender person’s correct pronouns otherwise you will be arrested for saying “he” in reference to a man who identifies as a woman. Even if “he” still LOOKS very much like a man.
        Canada should be sued.

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      I know it seems like this doesn’t affect as many people but it actually does. Aside from the affect this would have on driver licenses in many states and the very possible future laws requiring marks on clothing, being able to move to another country to escape from the draconian laws and oppression here in the US is a very important door that has now been closed and locked even for this with the most minor of offenses, those who were entrapped and committed no actual offense, and the innocent. Do we really want to wait until we follow Australia’s lead and they make it official that registered citizens are in fact non-citizens with fewer rights than even animals? Yes, we need to plan this carefully and not rush it but it is important that it be challenged and if we fail, we keep coming back. We will not allow ourselves to be herded onto trains to be sent off to desolate camps. We now know where that leads to. Never again!

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      I wish NARSOL the best of luck in this battle of doing their best, giving hope for innocent registered citizens that want to travel again freely and unmolested someday in the future, in the fight against the IML. Even if they lose may NARSOL have the strength to persevere and keep fighting the IML. May God bring strength, courage and bold intelligence to NARSOL in this fight against the forces of evil, that is built on hypocrisy, oppression, and falsehoods and be given the strength to crush them.

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      John Lester

      I agree with all the above and hope to get rid of IML. Somebody PLEASE listen to this: when I came back a few weeks ago into the US, the ICE agent went through ALL the photos on my phone, ,and they could have planted something. When coming back into the US it is best if you have no electronics, especially a smartphone.

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      Double Jeopardy Clause
      [N]or shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb. … “[47]

      How many times have convicted sex offenders been put into Jeopardy of life and limb since their initial conviction?

      For me all of the issues faced by RSO can be filed under unconstitutional treatment because of this clause.

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      Please let us know how much money you have for the legal challenge, how much you need, and how to make tax-deductible contributions via a Donor Advised Fund. Also, please let us know if you are coordinating efforts with ACSOL in California and pooling resources, or if contributions should be made to both efforts separately.

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        This is not the appropriate place to disclose financials related to either NARSOL or its tax-deductible foundation, Vivante Espero (which is also the repository of its legal fund). There is no Donor Advised Fund, however. Nor are there any current plans to create one. Our treasurer would be happy to discuss these questions with you privately if you will send an email to to the attention of Treasurer.

        NARSOL has no plans to coordinate on legal strategy with ACSOL, and has never been asked to do so.

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          Please keep us updated on any funding campaigns you put together for the IML Challenge.

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      Tod Siegel

      Simple question, IF you are removed from the registry, before your passport expires, will it still be stamped once it is renewed? From what I understand, if you don’t have to register, than you wouldn’t have to register to travel, etc? From what Robin is saying, and Larry, who tends to be more pessimistic, any victory over IML is next to impossible, especially after the bad ruling on DL’s in the 10th circuit. Sooo, it sounds like the fight should be more focused on following up on the 6th, 10th District (but since the 10th circuit upheld the DL, it sounds more likely they will overturn Matshch, sadly) and PA supreme, etc and elimating the registry, or at minimal Ex Post Facto – which in turn would eliminate the need to worry about IML if are not on the SO registry? Even if Matsch is over turned, which would suck, if I am released from the registry after my min time, same question – off the registry – no passport stamp, right?

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      Brian Stickler

      I thought this IML was already in place. I am registered with a misdemeanor conviction for a few internet downloaded photos, and was recently refused entry into Singapore for a business trip. They would not clarify WHY I was been refused, only to say I did not adhere to current immigration policy. I had been to Singapore five times previous of business without issue. I agree that branding it’s citizens with the scarlet SO is cruel and unusual. This is not done for murders, torturers, and business men who extort millions.

      • #28468 Reply


        What you are referring to is the Angel Watch program. Basically if you are a registrant or obliged to register, whether you notify them or not per the 21 day rule, they will notify your destination country via a Green Letter.

        Given the presence of the Angel Watch program I question WHY IML was even thought to be necessary. Instead, now ANYONE who ever asks for your passport – specifically those who never had a right to know you are an RSO (banks, hotels, etc) – will know. That was the real reason for it – to expand the scope of the persecution.

    • #28469 Reply

      Thank you NARSOL for taking this on.

      I would implore you to be more positive about the impact of this. While gay marriage in the US still has a long way to go, the Supreme Court lowering the hammer on the subject led to a sea change in the way Americans discuss and perceive the issue.

      If the same were to happen with regard to treatment of RSO’s, it might just help win all those other fights, by making it *acceptable* to consider SO’s and their families as well. Right now it is forbidden to make the case for any one on the SO’s side. An SC win can change the nature of that discussion.

      A win in a small town about the right to visit a park will never get national attention. This issue would. Even a loss can spark a more meaningful national conversation on the issue, making it part of a much longer game.

      I no longer live in the US, for very much this reason, having hoped to leave all this behind me and just live on and serve my family. This IML has made that impossible, and I will not let that stand.

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      Megan’s Law was started due to the kidnapping, rape and murder of a SEVEN YEAR OLD CHILD.
      Megan’s Law was NOT started because of teenager/adult relationships or getting caught having sex in the restroom of a public venue (which we are shown in movies as something “cool”), nor was it started for teenagers sexting each other.
      So why are all these lumped into the idea of “public” safety? And why the hell are they considered FELONIES?

      I can never own a simple hand gun for home protection nor can I ever go hunting because SOME HOW, my rendezvous with a post pubescent CONSENTING TEENAGER (not a 7 yr old child) makes me capable of getting a gun and just randomly shooting people?
      (Note; when I refer to *me* I’m speaking for all of us here, not solely me personally).

      Any damn person with NO CRIMINAL RECORD can go buy a gun and then go home to shoot their cheating spouse.
      Just like any corporate bigwig or even politician can go on a trip to south east Asia with the hidden purpose to have sex with minors.
      So what exactly does this IML REALLY do to stop overseas sexual abuse? Ah…I’ve got the answer right here….

      NOTHING! It does NOTHING!

      Every time I read stories about a sex crime or a gun crime, the first thing the comments say is; “Why didn’t they do a thorough background check?”

      Ummmm….how thorough can you get if NO RECORD OF ANY TYPE SHOWS UP? Duh, my fellow Americans. Duh!
      The only alternative now is to come up with a device that can READ PEOPLE’S MINDS. Especially the ones who don’t have any criminal record.

    • #28475 Reply

      When you attempt to leave a comment on this stories, you hit ‘submit’ and then your spot shows a comment awaiting moderation.

      So far this has happened to me TWICE where I submit a comment and the spot where it would say ‘awaiting moderation’ doesn’t show up.

      Do you have certain words FLAGGED so that they can’t even be said? Even tho YOU have the power to edit them BEFORE posting the comment?

      • #28478 Reply

        The settings were changed today, so it no longer displays the comment waiting for moderation message.

    • #28473 Reply

      If once a SO always a SO I would expect Roy Moore to have some accusers more recent that 35 years ago.

    • #28472 Reply
      Mark Petrak

      Have there been any successes with supreme Court actions attempting to strike down registry requirements ever? Why waste ourt time. Seems to me it’s an exercise in futility

      • #28516 Reply
        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        The most recent Sixth Circuit opinion in Does v. Snyder made it to the Supreme Court and it was a case almost entirely concerning registration restrictions and requirements. The plaintiffs in that case won an amazing victory on a claim of ex post facto. The fact that the Supreme Court refused to grant the state of Michigan’s petition for a writ of certiorari was a positive outcome.

    • #28535 Reply

      I’m sure a lot of you people are going thru tough times. Sure I wish I had the money this whole ordeal has cost me as well as I’m sure you all would also, not to mention the homeless, jobless, and looked down for starting a new life but life is not a bed of roses when one is involved with this sex offender law. As I have said something good comes out of something bad. So you had a potty mouth, or you got a bit to frisky with that gal or you touched someone inappropriately or immorality? Now you need someone to step up to the post and get some of these sex offender things wiped off the books. I know NARSOL and other organization’s are doing the best for those involves in all this but their is an ingredient missing and that is truth and honesty.
      Now these court systems are more of ministers of Satan than ministers of God or servants in certain perspective’s. They are false teachers with false promises. They look for fame and notoriety and look for those in their circles to look up to.
      They could care less about setting you up, just the same as that gal that screamed rape on you or conned you with something like, if you don’t do what I tell you I will tell the police you raped me… and it has happened before. I believe Tom Jones wrote a song called Deliah which tells you a bit about deception of a lot of these types of things.

      Anymore you can’t even touch a person or use a potty word … are these police the sin squad or out for their fame and fortune and promotions and such?

    • #28538 Reply

      The solution is to spend the money and time on abolishing the Registry and SORNA. Why waste time and expensive resources (lawyers) when the root of the problem will still be showing its ugly face.

      • #28563 Reply

        This is the same thought I have, what is the point to spend 100s of thousands to fight IML if you still have the same result when you attempt to travel because you are still on the registry and will have angel watch send out notices to which ever country you are going to. I myself have family in another country and am unable to see them but I would rather see the main problem be solved which is the registry or at least a fair way to get off that did not involved spending 10s of thousand of dollars which I have already spent only to have the last one in the long journey denied me which was the Judge. The de registration program in my state has been a total joke, be approved to de register by the council, check, pay for a very expensive evaluation and be a low risk, check, pay a attorney and their team 10s of thousands of dollars, check, have witness and letters from 20 to 30 people, check, then pay for the evaluation specialist to go to court as well as treatment providers, check, then have a court room full of supporters and the Judge says NO and acting like he did not even want to be there. The only winner was the attorney and the specialist that I had to pay so much to for a wish and hope. Yea sounds fair to me after all these years, so the registry is the root of all problems not all these other laws that they add as fast as they can. There has to be a federal law that allows you to get off, not a state that has life time for most all offences. Just my 2 cents because I know even if we fought IML and won we will still not be allowed to travel to many countries as long as we are on the registry. I have said many times to people how I miss my family but there is not one GD thing I can do at this point so I live, work and do the best I can with the shitty hand that has been dealt after I served my punishment many years ago. I understand many people just wish to unite with their families, be able to travel where they would like, move the hell out and never come back but the facts are it is a pipe dream as long as you are on the registry. Most of us have learned from our crimes, became much better human beings and have strived so hard for redemption that seems to never come. Most have lost every thing at one point and rebuilt what they could even against the odds but the scarlet letter can not be removed until the registry is redesigned or thrown away. Our families have been the ones to really suffer for our crimes and they were innocent. There are many ways to fight, to fight these low life lawmakers who are corrupt as they come, who in many cases are guilty of the same crimes we did but have the money and power to walk away while they keep piling on BS and insane laws on us. I have always accepted responsibility for my actions and did deserve my punishment but this crap has gone way to far after the facts. I have donated many times before to this group, to California and to Texas as well as a few others but I will hold my money tight until I am convinced that we have the right fight then I will donate generously. Bottom line I got way off track from the subject, I will donate when you all come up with a good game plan.

    • #28540 Reply

      Ive voice my concern on ascol about living overseas. Contacted every department of government that should be able to give me an answer, and come up with no answers other thab being led around in circles of who could give me an answer. Contacted ICE and DHS about a month ago and still havent heard from them.

      I dont live in the United States but am still stuck on the NY registry because their lack of wording in the law, hopefully the ruling they made before will help as i wasnt convicted in NY, still waiting on their answer.

      My biggest fear is getting my passport revoked while living overseas with my wife. Its good until 2024 but ive only got about 8 pages left (4 front and back) my hopes are that IML will get struck down so that i wont be torn away from my wife and sent back to a country where I have no ties, no home, nothing.

      It will be years before i can apply permanent residence here due to their strict laws in immigration for male spouses. So here’s hoping someone that someone in the government comes to their senses

    • #28542 Reply

      The decision to Challenge IML is from our viewpoint, a risky one, however when considering its impact on so many other decisions affecting registered citizens it could mean the world! Imagine the facts, figure, testimony, and exposure this challenge can potentially do for our cause. Even if the results are less than favorable, the exposure has the tremendous potential of affecting so many of the unjust laws and ordinances that create isolation, sadness and discrimination for those on the registry. We must support this decision in its entireity, and pray, and talk about it etc. etc. With all my heart and soul I believe in this, and all of us should support Narsol and the IML challenge.

      • #28550 Reply
        Registry Rage

        We can’t sit on our hands “waiting for the law to change” and remain silent.

        What Megan’s Law (in any iteration) attempts to thwart or curtail is not possible because identification is NOT awareness and that doesn’t translate into tangible prevention. The argument needs to be made that what the registry tries to prevent is statistically insignificant, so by extension, community notification does NOT minimize risk, much less promote the safety health and welfare of children and vulnerable adults. The legislative intent will never be met because it’s quite simply unobtainable. There is no scope or standard of measure to calculate it’s merits other than giving parents a false sense of relief and illusion of control and normalcy of their child’s safety. Finally, the registry does NOT “inform,” it gives a forced and emotionally biased perspective without knowing the actual risk dynamics of an individual, but instead paints them with the same brush (guilt by association).

        It’s weaponized hate, oppression and subjugation.

    • #28555 Reply

      IML may potentially be a RICO scheme. It is government-sanctioned extortion and blackmail. One must surrender property (money) to the government under threat of loss of liberty (the God-given natural right to travel on His earth) and having additional socially-damaging information released to the public. They are converting a natural right into ‘privilge’, which is unconstitutional. People have unwittingly given up their natural rights in exchange for permission (license) from other men for a fee. If one does not pay the exaction fee to obtain a passport just to carry the government’s message for them while exercising one’s natural right to travel, then it is a taking of property (liberty). A license also constitutes a tax. We are being taxed to exercise our natural rights. And even if you do not believe in God or a Higher Power, then your natural rights exists simply because YOU exist…they do not come from pieces of paper called constitution or Bill or Rights; those documents are in place simply to help protect the natural rights all of us were born with…it is our birthright that we mistakenly surrended in exchange for mere priviliges by our fellow mankind that can be given and revoked at whim. Everything is turned upside down. We are STILL the Masters, even though the public SERVANTS think they are…it’s all about knowing who you are. Research historical documents…we were given the same rights as the King, with few exceptions. The following short video, while addressing an entirely different topic — which is NOT intended at all to provoke a debate on that subject in this forum — but is merely representative of what is happending to RSO’s and their families:

    • #28565 Reply

      Our federal government dominated by two competing parties have decided to mark passports with a unique identifier. The motive presumably is to protect foreign children. The U.S. constitution does not provide in anyway the U.S. congress’ jurisdiction over foreign citizens not associated with emissaries or dignitaries on American soil. This is surely a regulation placed upon passport holder and it does not regulate foreign citizens or nation states. Therefore while it may advance public safety for the world’s people, it is still not the business of our fed to do so. Their motives are not grounded in the constitution.

      Since when did the two parties decide they are interested in the benefit of foreign nations??

      Did the Fed care about world’s children when:

      They put small pox in native american blankets and forced into ever shrinking reservations?

      The cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were nuked?

      Napalm and Agent orange were used in Vietnam?

      The Waco compound was assaulted?

      NO is the only the real answer. But then again the day to day was never to be the role of the fed. That issue was left to the states.

    • #28570 Reply

      I sort of liked the story about the dots ganging up on the little dots or you do as I say and don’t sass back. In certain ways those dots make a lot of sense. I do believe its time, and I like the way NARSOL is gearing up for this IML challenge someone in congress could have called it statewide IML it boils down to the same thing and that’s “We are all carnal by nature”, and who ate the fruit first as I mentioned.
      A lot of this sex law and ordinance law stuff is man’s way to overpower. Excuse me God is still the main authority. Why do you think it says in the bible .. unless your righteousness be above the scribes and Pharisee’s. I will give you one of my own examples…. my sister is one of those that wants to always know why and like all females wants to win and be right on everything… that has been the way women have been since the dawn of time… or why didn’t the man eat the fruit first.
      I got violated earlier this summer when I told them at a surprise polygraph test that I was on face book…. well I told the truth…. the tester stopped the test went to the probationer and we exchange words…. I told him why I was on face book and that was to sign up to campaign for Donald Trump at the call center. Even thought I told the truth my probation officer said ….. you disobeyed my orders…. not the court orders…. anyway we go to court and my lawyer didn’t want me to speak up but I did. My probation officer was hoping that I would explain to the judge my situation but that wasn’t the time. If I hadn’t already paid off my fine and all that stuff I’m sure things would of been different.
      We all should take a lesson from the movie “Walking Tall” one can either walk tall or walk small.
      All this stuff is scandalous and since it has a sexual “flavor” is juicy gossip….. Look at these news casters and those in Hollywood but something like pretending to be someone who they are not is down right pulling the wool over one. They will even do that in court if one gives them a chance so do not back down. Robin I feel for you not to be able to go to Church now and than and that is taking away a liberty also. Lets face it we are all made a little lower than the angels…I guess the government doesn’t see it that way.

    • #28662 Reply

      The so-called “law” is nothing more than a small group of flawed humans trying to control the behavior of the rest of the flawed humans. It is impossible. It has never worked. It never will. The District of Criminals (a/k/a Washington D.C.) is nothing more than a den of sexual deviants and closeted perverts who conspire to make up these sexual offense laws for the sole purpose of deflecting from their own morally-depraved, insidious lifestyles behind closed doors. However, it appears that God’s natural law of “what goes around, comes around” is now at play as one after another the skeletons of these psychopathic publis servants are beginning to fall out of the closet. And, lest we not forget the sexual predator who helped make our lives a hellish nightmare:

      A word of encouragement:

      “For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.” ~ Luke 8:17

      I believe we are just seeing the very beginning of their house of cards come crashing down all around them.

    • #28686 Reply
      Kenny Grabarczyk

      Know what I think? Time to make a trip to the Hauge and visit the International Criminal Court. I’m sure they would have a say in human rights.

    • #29122 Reply

      I wonder if any of you would be willing to put together a list right here at or the comments area the places where a registrant could move (financially reasonably, realistically and not) to legally to start a new life! (Read that I said start a new life, not to break any laws or run away to commit a crime in hiding). Anyone willing? I will start: shows that All U.S. States (not all are in full compliance, but definitely forget Florida!), possessions, indian tribes are subject to their witch hunt (side note: they can opt out, but would lose federal benefits if they do). Most “puritan” Countries (like Australia are not an option to even visit)…

    • #29259 Reply

      Forgive my criticism but wouldn’t limited resources be best used by working on the domestic aspect instead of the international aspect? Once it is defeated in the homeland surely the international part would collapse. Just my worthless opinion. No offense meant

    • #31125 Reply
      Kathie Georgescu

      Do you have a representative in Michigan that I can contact. My husband and I would like to get involved in this organization. Our family has been deeply effected by the Meagan’s Law. Our son was residing in Chile for the last three years and then was denied entrance into Chile when he had a residence card. This new witch hunt is a violation of all human rights. We are a land of democracy however we sure don’t act like we are. How can a sex offender ever go on with their life. It’s utterly ridicious. This effects the entire families. What’s the point here. You serve your sentence go thru parole deemed entirely safe to reenter society and then your OWN GOVERNMENT tells other countries that you are a very dangerous person HOW CAN THIS BE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA???

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