Is prison abuse just part of a sex offender’s sentence?

By Shelly Stow . . . Closing our eyes to prisoner abuse must stop.

Prisons are not supposed to be fun or pleasant. They are designed for restrictions and punishment intended to bring about rehabilitation.

They are not intended to facilitate, even encourage, vigilante activities against those whom other prisoners choose to mistreat.

Men in prison for convictions involving sexual offenses are often considered “fair game” for mistreatment and violence, and all too often prison personnel appear to turn a blind eye to this.

Speculation is already dominating the reports of Ben McCormick’s conviction for child pornography and what will await him if he ends up behind bars. The irony in the situation is that, while a reporter for A Current Affair, McCormick was instrumental in exposing sit-com star Robert Hughes and for Hughes’ subsequent trial, conviction, and incarceration for child sexual abuse.

Reports of the mistreatment visited upon Hughes are only exceeded by the speculation that the same fate or worse awaits McCormick if he is imprisoned. Reporters euphemistically speak of the “prison welcome” given to Hughes, a welcome in which inmates hurled at him their own feces and urine that they had saved up in milk cartons the first time he entered the prison yard.

Were there guards and other prison personnel who knew the inmates were hoarding their bodily wastes for this purpose? No one is even asking the question. And while this treatment is mild compared to the sexual violence, rapes, and murders that those convicted of sexual crimes fall victim to behind bars, no one is asking those questions either.

There are no statistics. No one knows how many instances of sexual violence prisoners are subjected to. It is not a horror that is visited only upon those convicted of sexual crimes, but they are without a doubt singled out especially for such treatment.

And what of beatings, of maimings, of murders? Prison is a violent place. People in prison are violent people. These things are bound to happen. As far as those who commit sexual crimes receiving more than their “fair share” of such treatment, it is “jail-house justice.” Even other criminals won’t “tolerate” those who sexually abuse children. It’s bound to happen.

But it should not happen because those who should and could prevent it are closing their eyes and tacitly enabling it to happen.

Those who harm others should be punished. The punishment should not put them in positions where others who are also being punished feel free to turn a prison sentence into a sentence of torture or a sentence of death. Those who do that are proving their criminality yet again.

And also earning the title of criminals are the prison officials who shut their eyes. Their refusal to see does not excuse them from their culpability. We must demand that they be held accountable.

Source: With Justice for All

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    • #27963 Reply


      Very well written and factual article!
      Now, where are the crowds marching on Capitol Hill, DC or even at the State Capitols?
      Where are the families of those affected by this?
      Where are the advocates (besides Narsol) and lawyers and Official that believe and know about this?
      …go ahead we are waiting!…

      • #27969 Reply


        I’m here and ready to go!!

    • #27965 Reply


      “ The irony in the situation is that, while a reporter for A Current Affair, McCormick was instrumental in exposing sit-com star Robert Hughes and for Hughes’ subsequent trial, conviction, and incarceration for child sexual abuse”

      Irony, yes. Surprising, no.
      Not knowing the age of the alleged “victims” in either situation (I do not see people over 15 but under 18 as “children”) I’m going to say this;
      The prisoners who attack other prisoners that are incarcerated on sex convictions would, at the drop of a hat, also commit a sex crime if they had the opportunity to. Everything from having sex with a drunk woman at a house party (no one seems to see this as rape when they’re doing it), to raping their own girlfriends/wives to raping a stranger because they’ve been incarcerated for so long that their sex drive is shooting through the roof upon their release.

      Prisoners are just as hypocritical as the public who vocally convict us over and over again.
      Just like you have a person who exposed another person for sex crimes turning around and committing a sex crime himself.
      The dads out there who say they’d break the legs of a man who touches their daughters will be the ones to touch SOMEONE ELSE’S daughter.

      There’s the irony. But in no way is it a surprise.

    • #27970 Reply

      R. Arens

      If this type of behavior is against the law in the real world, it should be against the law in prison as well. How are inmates supposed to better themselves when they are given a free pass to beat someone up? A good remedy to this problem is when a assault occurs and the assailant is identified, the victim should have the same right to prosecute as he would on the street. Forget hole time, add charges and another sentence to them haters.

      • #27997 Reply


        R. Arens,

        I don’t know what state you’re in but here in Connecticut prisoners CAN file charges against other prisoners. They usually don’t because word will get around really fast about how you’re a “snitch” and you’ll just continue to catch a beating.

        It’s a no win situation.

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      Oh my gosh Sandy here I’m giving you and Robin thumbs up & hi fives and than you have a bloody scene from pyscho on here. We’ll at least you waited till after Thanksgiving to do this article review.
      Sure I have been in jail in my youth and growing up. I don’t like jail and from what the guys told me in jail you never want to go to prison. I don’t wish prison on anyone jail can be bad enough and I’m sure if one gets wind that one is a sex offender tension’s brew with cell mates and it can really blow out of control and I’m sure all people are human and will (try) to cover their butts as even people in government places do.
      Yes prison can be one of the dark sides of this whole sex offender ordeal. I was watching some of the NARSOL video’s of Josh Graves and Dr Steven. Davidson, the great injustice of our great nsation, plus listening to Larry on the Radio station & yes we all need to still inform those as that they are no better than us and in many ways discriminate the sex offender more so than any other type of crime. It it like inhuman war of a justice league that has taken to many voages to the bottom of the sea
      Spending 15 or so yrs. in prison is no good. Being on probation is bad enough for some but speaking up for truth and justice never hurts. I would say half of those in Government circles don’t really understand the love of the bible and they don’t show mercy in a lot of these sex offender ordeals. I believe we all know the picture to a lot of this sex offender bull crap.

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      I know all to well about the abuse rsos suffer. I was put into population when I was sentenced. After being assaulted I was placed in protective custody. My first night I was raped and for the next week I had all my food taken and when I wouldn’t give anymore I was assaulted again and had to get stitches. All the time the guards did nothing and watched us get urine thrown on us. I’m so happy I’m finally out. Thank you narsol for the support

      • #27998 Reply



        You should file charges against the state. You are in the state’s custody and they are liable for you.
        Also, you were raped…. by the same inmates who don’t like rapists. The irony!!! But no surprise at all.

        But why are you letting the state get away with this?

        • #28032 Reply

          Jonny everyman

          I don’t think he’s allowing the state to get away with anything. You should know better than anyone the state doesn’t care what a RSO thinks. They would say “what about your victims. They don’t have a choice either”

          It’s an eye for an eye when it comes to registrants. No need to throw him under the bus for being mistreated

      • #28259 Reply

        Joseph McQuiston

        It’s a catch 22 with these situations. I’ve been twice with the SO rap. The first time was an iffy circumstance. Second time was pure lies. I’m no stranger to the persecution. Fortunately I had friends that could send me altered online lookups so I didn’t have to worry. They were credible. So that saved me plenty of times. But, there’s one thing you should remember. And that is no matter what happens and no matter the situation, if you know you’re between a rock and a hard place in there and the guards won’t lift a finger, you’re gonna have to put up a fight. Stay out of cliques, politics, and keep to yourself. In a worst case scenario, fight like hell. Because trust me, one day, that will count. When you gotta face the bear, do everything you have to do. When it comes to you, balls up and go Wild West. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. There is no mercy to some for SOs. Don’t give them any neither.

    • #27996 Reply


      Well, I know this has not happened to me. Only once was I even threatened. and another inmate stepped in and put an end to it. In Pa, ANYTHING like that happening is dealt with immediately and harshly. Once I got to my “Home” jail
      I voluntarily entered the sexual offender treatment block to prevent a reoccurrence of my problems that got me there in the first place. Guards and other staff have been reassigned due to the intolerance of the staff towards the people in the SO block. Most of the CO’s were decent people to me at least. I remember a staff member getting fired and prosecuted for having an affair with an inmate.

    • #28006 Reply


      Irony is right, that’s such a double standard, being raped by people who hate SO’s and don’t like rapists. So when they do that then their automatically an SO just not registered if ever due they got clean away with it, I think if the guards didn’t take care of it properly I would think you should sue their asses off big time, like you said Meastro your in their custody and their responsibil for your well being, that’s just ridiculous that that happens anymore, maybe back when Alcatraz was open but nowadays stuff needs to be handled of course.
      I am being a little hipacritical because I was shoved into a wall and physically assaulted by a guard and dealt with neck pain for weeks due to a guard abusing his power, I wasn’t disobedaying him or anything he just had it out for SO’s, he would torment me as well, so needless to say I never sued due to I didn’t want media to get wind of it, plus I was warned by other inmates that this guard actually went outside prison walls searching for SO’s that surved time there and assaulted them, once I was released I moved hours away to a halfway house because I was homeless due to drug addiction.

    • #28011 Reply


      Wow talk about human rights violation here in America of mass incarceration when it comes to those convicted of a sexual crime that had to be exposed to other inmates so they be killed and making this justifiable, now that is wicked.

    • #28035 Reply


      My assault came in the county jail hours after my arrest. I was placed in a cell in the mental health unit with someone the CO’s knew was mentally unstable and violent. He attacked me from behind while I was looking through the door window. Once the CO’s opened the door and I came out holding my head I heard one say “I told them not to put him in there” They knew what was about to happen to me and then I had to practically beg for medical attention

    • #28038 Reply


      I saw a registered citizen attacked by his cell mate The cell mate was heading to another registrants cell but the 2nd guy locked himself in his cell before he got there The attacker only got sent to the hole his cell mate got a trip to the infirmary and a transfer. When the attacker returned he recieved a hero’s welcome. No one bothered me in prison I was assaulted in the county jail the CO put me in a holding cell in the metal health unit with someone they knew was prone to violence. He attacked me from behind when they finally opened the door I heard a CO say “I told them not to put him in there” so they knew what was going to happen and then I had to get angry and threaten legal action to get medical attention

    • #28371 Reply

      Kelly D Jordan

      There was a time in Oregon when an entire complex of one of the prisons was set aside for sex offenders.
      No one had any safety problems, staff was relaxed.
      No one eas robbed, beaten or raped.

      Treatment began when you arrived in the complex. SO’s prepared the food served in that complex so no food tampering. Cantern arrived in sealed bags.

      Everyone utilized the yard and rec, library, chapel and counseling.

      It was what a correctional institution was made to be. It worked extremely well.

      So much so that the state DOC decided to discontinue it and shuffle all SO’s back to general population.

      Now everyone went to other places and had to show their facesheet and charges.
      No more flying under the radar.

      Total disaster by Oregon DOC.

      Lots of damage done.

    • #28466 Reply


      I fought and scrapped to survive eight years in prison to know that no one cares. No one will care and it will continue as such. Even out of prison I’m still defending myself, I have no care for anyone else and that won’t change anytime soon. I have been condemned and thus I condemned everyone else. There’s two things I can look forward to, death or the fall of society. There is no hope in a country full of hate. I don’t believe they’ll change anything to the registry other than making it worse. I appreciate what people are trying to do, BUT, I believe it won’t make a difference. It’s more like shouting into the wind and most people will be deaf to my words. There is no hope and when you’re homeless because they won’t let you live with someone who’s too close to a park, a school, or whatever they deem you a threat to you would lose hope in all humanity like I did

    • #28525 Reply


      I’m sure 90% of us have been there done it and still dealing with it, no reason to loose hope my friend, I know it’s a cold cold world out there being an SO or not but much worse for SO’s, I look at it like this, yes it will all end when we’re all dead and gone but we fight the good fight, I look forward in seeing all this bastards who want to point and laugh at us and the ones who want to put us on theses web sites and registries and keep on punishing us , go in front of GOD and explain to him why we deserve this crap, why we all deserve to keep suffering for life even though we paid our debt to society and some of us who were never really a threat to society and some who were a threat but are no longer a threat due to healing and what not, please explain that to god while your falling to hell with nothing to save your asses because you have chosen to judge RSO’s and make there families suffer and condem them like Hitler did to the Jew’s.

    • #28684 Reply


      I was notified today that the warden at Sea Tac Detension Center is moving 14 so’s to the mainstream in the name of diversification as he calls it. These are guys that are level one and are close to getting out. That is reckless endangerment and he should not be able to cause trouble just because he can.

    • #29865 Reply


      Exactly why prisons should be thansformed into rehibilation apartments/homes/complexes/duplexes/or what ever you want to call them…The United States is penal system is a “beast” seeking to devour.

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