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Is prison abuse just part of a sex offender’s sentence?

By Shelly Stow . . . Closing our eyes to prisoner abuse must stop. Prisons are not supposed to be fun or pleasant. They are designed for restrictions and punishment intended to bring about rehabilitation. They are not intended to facilitate, even encourage, vigilante activities against those whom other prisoners choose to mistreat. Men in prison for convictions involving sexual…

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CO: “Child” sex trafficker (formerly known as a pimp) receives 472 years in prison

A child sex trafficker in Colorado has been sentenced to 472 years in prison. It’s been said to be the longest sentence in a human trafficking case in US history, with prosecutors originally seeking 600 years. Brock Franklin, 31, was sentenced Tuesday by Arapahoe County Judge Peter Michaelson. In March, an Arapahoe County jury found Franklin guilty of 30 counts…

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