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OR: School staff told to report student sexual activity, including own kids

Salem-Keizer teachers and staff were recently told that when they learn, or suspect, a student is sexually active, they must report it to law enforcement or state officials. Some students, teachers and parents are upset with the requirement, so much so that more than 550 people signed a digital petition to Paul Kyllo, the school board chairman, demanding the practice be stopped. The requirement falls under…

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Marathon efforts bolster NARSOL’s profile, strengthens movement

By Sandy . . . updated 2:30 eastern time 11/2/17 From NARSOL’s point of view, there has never been a Halloween like this one! I scarcely know where to begin. The Patch campaign was amazing in and of itself. Final analysis shows that the Patch organization posted one or more of the “Halloween Safety Maps” showing the homes of those…

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