Ireland’s oldest sex offender is banned from using public transportation

Anthony Goodman, 72, who holds 217 convictions – mainly sexual assaults on women and children -has been hit with a new ban.

Under ‘Part Two’ of the Sex Offenders Act, Goodman is not permitted to travel by any mode of public transportation until August 17, 2027.

He must also notify the Gardaí of any private mode of  travel as well as his intentions.

The order, made by Dublin’s Circuit Court, also prevents the fiend from loitering near schools or other areas occupied by children.

Goodman’s deviant past includes revealing himself on public transport, and his assaults occurred at ‘any given opportunity’.

He is described as a serious danger to society, particularly females and children. He is, however, a free man, having served his time at the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise.

Gardaí throughout Ireland have been informed of the new ban against him.  (Source)

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