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The official yearly Halloween report

By Sandy . . . Why advocate for not monitoring registered offenders on Halloween? What’s the harm?

Most Halloween restrictions apply to everyone on the registry or everyone under supervision, whether or not their offense had anything to do with a child. This broad-brush application is bumping up against constitutional protections. Many registrants are forced to gather in one place for special “therapy sessions” or “pep-talks” or movies shown by law enforcement. If the registrant is not under community supervision, this seems a lot like unlawful detention.

It is an unconscionable waste of taxpayer money. There are so many other areas in which law enforcement could be gainfully occupied on Halloween other than checking that registrants have no lights on and no jack-o-lanterns on the porch or showing movies to a roomful of registrants. One of these areas is traffic duty since the only increased risk to children on Halloween is not assault by registered sex offenders but car-child accidents.

Many registrants are family men. They have children. Under these restrictions, they cannot decorate their houses with or for their children; they cannot attend the carnival at the school with their children; they cannot take their children trick-or-treating.

Now it’s time for the experts to weigh in:

This is from academic research studies:
There were no significant increases in sex crimes on or around Halloween, and Halloween incidents did not evidence unusual case characteristics. Findings did not vary across years prior to and after these policies became popular.”

In order to contextualize sex crimes against children we examined over 5 million victimizations that took place in 30 states on or around Halloween in 2005. The most common types of crime from among the incidents reported on Halloween and adjacent days were theft (32%), destruction or vandalism of property (21%), assault (19%) and burglary (9%). Vandalism and property destruction accounted for a greater proportion of crime around Halloween compared to other days of the year (21% vs. 14% of all reports). Sex crimes of all types accounted for slightly over 1% of all Halloween crime. Non-familial sex crimes against children age 12 and under accounted for less than .2% of all Halloween crime incidents.”

Other risks to children are more salient on Halloween. According to the Center for Disease Control, children ages 5 to 14 are four times more likely to be killed by a pedestrian/motor-vehicle accident on Halloween than on any other day of the year. Regarding criminal activity on Halloween, theft and vandalism are particularly common. Sex crimes against children by non- family members account for two out of every thousand Halloween crimes, calling into question the justification for diverting law enforcement resources on that day away from more prevalent public safety concerns.”

This is from non-academic commentary:
“The intimidation campaign is a silly diversion of manpower and a waste of your tax dollars. Police and the politicians who are in search of tough-on-crime votes will tell you otherwise, but don’t believe the myth that Halloween is the night child sexual predators wait all year for. The facts tell a different story… Over the past several decades, there has not been one reported instance that I can find of a convicted sex offender molesting a child on Halloween night.”

And finally, this is a Halloween safety research and resource guide for parents published October, 2011, by a highly regarded world wide organization called There is nothing to quote from them. There is only the fact that they have researched every element of harm to children in connection with Halloween; their guide covers every possible eventuality and tells parents how to guard against it. It has many graphs, charts, and results of studies. Not one time within its 8 pages do the words “sex offenders” or “registry” appear. I believe that is called an argument from silence.

So please, enjoy Halloween; help your kids enjoy Halloween. And please spare a moment to think about the children whose Halloween enjoyment is curtailed because one of their parents is a registered sex offender and they are unfortunate enough to live in one of the jurisdictions where unneeded laws and restrictions make Halloween all trick and no treat for them.

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    I’m seeing this every year from y’all yet nothing changes.
    I’m beginning to think narsol is a waste of time

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      Rodie, I wish it were that simple — that we, or anyone, could just state the facts, and the powers that be would correct the problems. Experts, scientists, academics, research studies, and for several years now mainstream media to some extent, have been stating the facts for a long time, and not just the facts related to Halloween but about all of the erroneous beliefs related to every aspect of the sex offender industry.

      As long as the public in general demands the registry and all that it imposes, and as long as an inexhaustible number of people and entities benefit financially or otherwise from the registry and all that it imposes, all the facts in the world won’t make a difference. Differences are being made, primarily in the courts, and secondarily and to a lesser degree legislatively. NARSOL has said from the beginning that this has no quick fix. It is not a battle but a major war. But be assured that we will keep fighting. We hope that you will also. Giving up is not an option.

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      Advocacy is a waste of time in states where NARSOL chapters can’t find an attorney or civil rights advocacy group that will give registrants the time of day. I live in TN and the TN ACLU won’t touch anything with sex offender written on it. I can’t even get an attorney to return my call to answer one simple question. Change only comes when cases are brought before the rare judicially honest judges such as Judge Matsch in Colorado who rightly ruled the CO sex offender registry unconstitutional, the 6th Circuit when it shot down the newest restrictions of the Michigan Sex Offender Registry as punitive and violations of ex post facto. The SCOTUS made the right ruling in Packingham v. North Carolina, but still Justice Alito poisoned the well with the “frightening and high” recidivism myth.

    • #22039 Reply

      Jonny everyman

      You have the right to think that but why stay here then? There is positive steps being taken see ohio, Michigan , Pennsylvania, California and Colorado.

      If you think the registry is going to disappear overnight you’re SOL and might as well move out of the country.

      This fight isn’t for the weak.

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    What a terrible way to spent ones life, afraid of everything.

    • #22129 Reply


      Liberals are afraid of everything. They get offended when the wind blows. And no liberal, with all their “equality and acceptance” protesting (while hurling bottles of urine at the Trump supporters) is going to give a damn about us. So let’s stop making it a political party affiliation topic and just stick to the FACT that within politics, they’re ALL going to side with “fear mongering” to get voted in.

      • #23145 Reply


        I’m considered liberal and i’m hardly afraid of everything. It’s divisive and insulting to be stereotyped like that. Pretty sure there’s plenty of paranoid nut job conservatives out there don’t ya think?

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    What stuck out to me from the article: Less than 0.2% sure is equating to hefty law enforcement and legislative action!

    Everyone that even cares a little about reforming this nonsense should be forwarding this article to every person in legislative or judicial authority. Email it, print and mail it, print and hand it to them personally, imploring that they consider doing away with the rediculous waste of resources towards much better uses. And let those with families be able be with their families. Those without family need to able to reconnect socially with others not be under house arrest or made to gather for law enforcement propaganda.

  • #22007 Reply

    Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN (Ret)

    My children are grown. Not being “required” to stay home and hand out candy is a blessing. What a great opportunity to go out to dinner and a movie. Let those with paranoia problems ruin their evening monitoring non-problems. I’m thankful that we/I have organizations such as NARSOL and FAC looking out for and defending our best interest. Without a doubt, ‘right’ will eventually win out.

    • #23573 Reply

      Michael Miller

      Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN, That is great that you dont have to give out candy, I really dontt care to do that either, but unlike you I do not have the luxury of going out to dinner since all on the SOR in this state must be in their homes from 5-9pm, with the outside lights off and the sheriff’s department does come by to check if you are in fact home. Each state is different and I hope that at some time all this stupid SH*t will go away. I can not even go out to a local bar and celebrate Halloween in costume, of course that is not allowed either!

      • #23578 Reply


        Michael, What state are you in? ALL registrants?

  • #22000 Reply

    Rose Marie Jueden

    My son has been incarcerated for 6 years and I believe and donate each month to NARSOL. Many of the volunteers work many hours to change the laws for sex offenders. Not all sex offenders are bad, you will find in some of the sex offenders when they were younger they were sexual abused (no excuse to do it to a 12 girl. One thing some states give lower sentence time in my son’s case he was given 50 years other states less time.In my sons case his last two lawyers did nothing for my son to plea bargain with the court the last lawyer made it even worse, the papers were signed for lowering his sentence but the lawyer never did summit them to the judge so his case was closed.He is praying that he will be able to appeal his case.The state of SD gives tougher sentencing that is why our prisons are over crowded.
    rmj concerned mother

    • #22072 Reply

      Steven Williams

      I’m so sorry for you and your son. It must be easier to give long sentences, until you must do time. Now that I”m on the registry, I realize how many are suffering all around us. I was a pastor, made a horrible choice, and now my life is upside down. I’m on a journey of suffering to realize what so many are going through. My mom is deceased. I’m glad my offense didn’t happen while she was living. This isn’t hard only for the offender, but for the whole family. Prayers for you and your son.

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    Rodie is right, nothing is changing fast enough, I’ve been on this shit for 30 years , how patience can someone be , doing yourself in is looking better and better.

  • #22002 Reply


    I agree! Giving up is not an option. This is a war and it must be won and it will be won. The more people on the registry, the more power we gain to finally bring it all down for good. And that is for the good of our society not just the registrants, their families and friends

    • #22018 Reply


      There will be more and more and more people on the registry. And many will be or be related to those loud mouths who sit behind the privacy of their computer screens saying we should all be castrated or killed. Then it will hit home for them. Hypocrites that they are.
      If the registry doesn’t get abolished, I predict that by the year 2030 nearly half the U.S. population will be registered sex offenders.

      • #22038 Reply

        Jonny everyman

        We don’t agree often but you are spot on. The registry will only grow at this rate.

      • #22070 Reply

        Roy McAteer

        If you are on the registry and have any doubts about the type statute you have had applied to you and why, then for the love of God, read your state’s outpatient mental health statutes. Once you have did that,then go to Baxstrom v. Herold, Humphrey v. Cady, Specht v. Patterson, and Foucha v. Louisiana.
        I do not care what anyone says, this legislation is extremely vulnerable as an unconstitutionally applied mental health statute. And again, Bill of Pains and Penalties challenge. Foretich v. U.S.

      • #22071 Reply

        Jo mine

        YES, YOU are right. Read “Caught–The Prison State and the Lockdown of American Politics” Chapter 9 specifically dealing with SO’s. Everyone is just waiting in line for their turn to be incarcerated. Law enforcement, prosecutors, and even private citizens just love inciting “moral panic.”

      • #22086 Reply

        Don Gury

        I suggest we wait until the Trump Administration is in its full stride. What the media (and the left) doesn’t tell you is that the economy is doing MUCH better than the downhill slide we had in the last eight years. When times get better, people will relax, spend more time getting on with “The American Dream” and legislative and judicial reform movements WILL take hold. Look back in history when times were harsh, the first thing people did was persecute some other group. Take religious persecution. Look around the world. It’s the cause of most armed conflict. Aren’t we talking about God here? So, I think, and feel the tide is changing, and may start to pick up pace once the Left gets over the Hillary defeat.
        Go quietly into that good night.

        • #22092 Reply


          The media says lots of strange things, no question. But numbers are numbers. And by the numbers, it doesn’t really make much difference who the president of the United States is from one economic cycle to another. We give inordinate credit to presidents for economic performance. An economy as big as ours is like a large ship, it doesn’t respond too quickly to steerage. At the end of it all, it is the US Congress that REALLY sets economic policies that presidents sometimes get credit for. You could elect a bonafide idiot president and it wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference (indeed, we’ve elected quite a few of them over the course of history). Here is a picture of the last 30 years of GPD. Except for the collapse of 2007-2008 (a consequence of Wall Street excess and irresponsible banking schemes), it’s almost like looking at your heart rate:

        • #22103 Reply

          Jonny everyman

          Don I hope you aren’t truly that naive. If you think there is a chance that Trump is going to appoint any justices who are friendly to sex offenders you are in for a surprise.

          While neither democrats or republicans really stand up for sex offenders. Its a lot of red states like Louisiana and Alabama which have residency requirements and the label sex offender on their license.

          I live on the left coast and while the registry still sucks. We have risk based tier levels and dont have residency requirements .

        • #22105 Reply

          Just the Logic

          Trump is always on the lookout for America’s next whipping boy to appease his base; Muslims. Immigrants, Transgenders in the military, Dreamers, and most recently Black NFL players exercising their First Amendment rights that some of you are so fond of. The longer we are off his radar the safer I will feel.

        • #22128 Reply


          If you’re going to call yourself “Just the Logic”, then please USE LOGIC.
          Trump is trying to protect this country from turning into France or Sweden or Germany. Have you seen them lately?
          If you have access to the internet then hop on over to YouTube and take a look at the precious Muslims (those poor, oppressed people) and see what they’ve done to the countries I’ve mentioned.

          Immigrants… I suspect you think all immigrants must be Mexican! Hahaha. Pardon me but since when could any of us just go plop our asses in another country without the proper LEGAL proceedings to stay there? But it’s Trump that’s the problem. Oooooooooooooooof course.

          Transgenders in the military. This is my favorite because I am part of the LGBT and I say KEEP THEM OUT!
          No matter how much a woman wants to believe she is a man, she ISN’T. And with that she lacks the PHYSICAL STRENGTH and the EMOTIONAL strength to be in such a job. So, all the “bull dyke” lesbians who want to become “men” in how they LOOK will never truly be men in how they OPERATE.

          Facts don’t care about your feelings which is why liberals will ignore facts in favor of their precious feelings. Awwwww *makes sad face*

        • #22145 Reply

          Just the Logic

          Well hello Milo Yiannopoulos.
          Yes, let’s use stereotypes to lump them all together and place a stigma on them. This sounds familiar, where did I hear about something just like this?
          Trump has a habit of singling out unpopular or feared groups of human beings and subjecting them to harassment, discrimination and even signing executive orders against them. Do you think you are part of a popular and trusted group?

    • #22040 Reply

      Roy McAteer

      Strict Bill of Attainder- Bill of Pains and Penalties challenge. Disavow any reliance Ex Post Facto. Couple this with an Equal Protection challenge based on “the fact ” that sex offender legislation is nothing more than an application of a legislative mental health statute which does not afford the due process protections which ” are” required before application of such statutes are effected.

      • #22085 Reply

        Don Gury

        Remember when a man could put his wife into an asylum “just because” she wouldn’t respond the way he wanted? Seems much the same stuff going on, doesn’t it?

  • #22073 Reply

    Steven Williams

    This will be my first Halloween after my release. I plan on working that evening and not be home. I loved handing out candy for many years. I will miss it. I’m glad my grandchildren can enjoy it.

  • #22079 Reply

    Sue Wearethepeople

    In my family, I have brothers with wives, and adult children. They grew up with my grandson who was labeled as a Sex Offender. I know he is not. The system is wrong, and correction is needed in the opposite direction. It should not be guilty, before innocent. I remember when it counted when someone was sexually active. I remember it mattered when someone lied. Women’s Rights had a lot to do with this. I am a women, and I very much disagree with this one way system. The more on this Registry, the more family, and friends, get involved to correct this Cancer.

  • #22084 Reply


    Happy Halloween everybody you know we all seem to like celebrating Halloween and yes we celebrate a lot of things in life. You all should be celebrating life and be thankful. Sure we can all get down in the dumps but when others get us down in the dumbs just like the song by the stones 19th nervous breakdown, should we say more?
    I wonder what is worse being gay or being a sex offender or can a leaper change his spots. I believe this sex offender situation is trying to castrate everyone. Think about this offense were they passing out candy in a sexual way to you when they tied you up in knots with this sex offender ordeal. Now sex has been going on since the dawn of time and now it seems like they have degree’s for it or tier’s. Are we all worried about Halloween or are we just wanting justice?
    Sure the Mother with kids wanting to take them out trick or treating can’t because one of the parents has a sex offense charge, talk about a cheap form of justice in some cases. I would say Grace but we are all under God’s grace and that is the more so for NARSOL to keep up the good work. Now they say the truth hurts so does the results and I would say a little over a half of these sex offenses were done by computer or undercover. If you can’t trust Government who can you trust? Food for thought.

    • #22095 Reply


      Bullshit media really. I been and always have handed out candy throwing parties and even go out on Halloween ever since i got done with probation. I have lights on all decorated and i even had police officers with children come knock on my door every Halloween. I even had spoken with the psp about this. They say im good to have fun on Halloween. They say only the ones who are on probation and or parole sex offenders cannot go have fun.

  • #22110 Reply


    Hello everyone, I have a questions I haven’t been able to get answered in 6yrs. (in Ohio) Can anyone tell me if a charge of pandering obscenities involving a minor has to be proven that the person actually knew his or her files were being shared or is it just assumed by law enforcement and prosecutors they were being shared? Another question is, If the police mistakenly gave the computer back to the person / defendant for which the charges were being brought against and before ever going to any court appearances, is the evidence now tainted and can the prosecutor still use the evidence they have collected from that computer? It gets even darker here. What happens is this case here>> the clients attorney was informed by the client and tries to give that computer to his attorney BUT the attorney tells his client to ” hide or destroy” the computer and never tell anyone he has the computer.” ? This all actually happened. Does anyone know if there was any legal ground for the case to move forward?

    • #22148 Reply

      Jonny everyman

      I would consult a lawyer familiar with the law in your state. If you use many lawyers give one hour consultations.

      This is not the place to get a question like that answered.

  • #22432 Reply


    Totally my bad, I apologize,

  • #22860 Reply


    Whats another good name for Halloween… trick or treat. You know protecting and serving are good. Sure we all want to protect our families. Now I wasn’t much into halloween, oh sure mom took us out when we were kids but that was back in the early 60″s. To some it is a pagan celebration and to some they like to see the joy of these costumes or just to pass out candy to those trick or treeters. Ok course if you really wanted to understand about some of these sex offenses just take the internet sex sting operations for example. Yes truth can cut hard but the consicious convicts more. I remember one year growing up I just sit home and passed out candy. Today things are getting real cold it seems and it should be that way
    I wrote a paper one time and I think I sent it to Brenda Jones a few years ago entitled ” two wrongs don’t make a right”. If we really wanted to take a look at all this we could start with the gay community for instance, but thats not my call to judge. Rm: 13 & 14 if one reads it good they are ministers for good. Why would they pretend to be teenage gals and entice one to come into their lair? I think all of us know what’s right and wrong, One doesn’t hide behind a mask or a computer screen if one’ you want to pretend. Isn’t that what halloween is all about prentending? NARSOL advocacy is good. To me I believe a lot of this SO ordeal is a bunch of folly and hype that has been bread in the U.S Its like a conspiricy theory gone bad. Even the bible says there is not a just man upon the face of the earth that doeth good and sinnith not. I know my favorite words to my probation officer are, and he has quoted me on that one, It is what it is untill it is what it ain’t. Happy halloween oh and don’t take pock shots at Robin and Sandy, they are doing the best they can, even my friend Maestro.

  • #22888 Reply

    R. Arens

    Ha ha ha ha ha! I find it ironically amusing that the scariest thing on Halloween is me. You have no idea how much I look forward to telling the first biggot peckerwood cop to go f__k himself from my front door and I will because I could care less what anyone thinks of me.

  • #23143 Reply


    So…it’s legal for people to own AR-15 rifles. And it’s legal to buy “bump stocks” to turn them into fully automatic machine gun type weapons. But i can’t have freakin’ candy on Halloween cuz that would be dangerous.

  • #23226 Reply


    While Halloween or not free speech is free speech. My PO came today for the monthly check-up and said to me where you gonna be, he even ask me what month this was and said he would be here at 5′ o clock to check up on me. I told him wasn’t I here last year. I think they just want to scare those in a way because they can.
    I believe we all know how to be responsible and that rules are rules but sometimes Halloween goes a bit overboard. and panic’s a lot of us all in this holiday tradition. Sure man can trick or treat and didn’t they do that in these internet sting operations if one wants to use that as a example.
    Call it canvasing or witch hunts or what ever you want, it is something man has used to dupe those into a lot of this sex folly. When my PO ask me what month is this I had to think for a minute and I said to myself is that like a catch thing to see if I knew the month or a catch tactic they maybe using. Folks these PO’s and laws are being over abused to safeguard in something they couldn’t predict, just like that guy in Vegas. It was a shock to everybody. Best thing to do for everybody under the sex registry is to enjoy their life. Don’t we do the best to obey the law when we are driving in our cars.

  • #23287 Reply


    Well my 2 years of probation ended over 19 years ago and sense 2002 I have been a registered citizen sense PA changed their laws for out of state offenders, there was a loophole that I had no idea existed but anyway I don’t hand out candy although I legally can, I don’t even turn the porch light on, everyone in my neighborhood knows about my status online. My wife and I make candy bags for family and friends that we have, we actually have a friend across the street whom is not an RSO but their family had become outcast from the neighborhood long before we moved here due to them being different and not perfect like everyone else in the world, not . Funny how society works sometime.

  • #24713 Reply

    Fear of fear

    The only thing we have to fear on Halloween is fear itself

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