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The ladies of “The View” need glasses

By Robin and Sandy . . . On “The View,” September 25, program regular Sunny Hostin said, in response to the announcement that Anthony Weiner had been sentenced to 21 months for sexting with a minor, that she felt the sentence was inappropriate and had she been prosecutor, she would have asked for a longer term.

She justified this by saying that there is “such a high rate of recidivism” for those who commit these types of offenses, and when another program regular indicated that she didn’t know what that meant, Ms. Hostin said, “He’ll reoffend; he’ll do it over and over again.” She stated it as fact, much the same way she would have said that the earth is round. No one blinked; no one questioned.

There is absolutely NO “high rate of recidivism” among registered sex offenders, and not a single academically-vetted study of recidivism that has ever demonstrated an across-the-board rate higher than 10% in more than twenty years of published statistical data.

In fact, what more recent and reliable studies (such as here, here, and here) DO demonstrate is that the average rate of recidivism among sex offenders nationwide hovers comfortably somewhere between 3 and 6 percent.

The ladies of “The View” should stop lying to the public by repeating false data as scientific truth.

Those in the scientific community as well as those, such as NARSOL, who advocate for truth and facts in legislation, must take every opportunity to challenge the Hollywood-type media when such false information is spoken as truth.

This is by no means the first popular talk-television program to throw out false figures and information about those who are labeled sexual offenders as though they were written in stone. And it almost certainly will not be the last.

The consumers of such programs do not know such remarks are made out of complete ignorance. It is possible that very few of them read, for example, the Washington Post, where they might encounter academic pieces filled with the actual facts about those who have been adjudicated for a previous sexual offense.

It is even less likely that they will have read actual research by learned scholars, experts in the field, or any of the huge body of evidence accumulated for the past twenty-plus years showing the very low reoffense rate for previously convicted sexual offenders.

The general American public gets its information from shows such as The View, Dr. Phil, and even Law and Order. This information shapes their views and beliefs. In reliance on those views and beliefs, they elect representatives who, often no more knowledgeable, create laws. When laws are created that are grounded on lies and myths rather than facts and evidence, everyone loses.

Not only do we end up with dysfunctional public policythe public sex offender registry–and several million needlessly destroyed lives, but we totally fail to address the actual causes and possible remedies of the very real issue of sexual violence throughout our culture.

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    Robin and Sandy,

    An excellent essay on the subject and I hope it will be shared and viewed by many more. If something negative was said about a more “sympathetic” topic (race, gender, etc) the public would come crashing down on Sunny Hostin demanding a public apology or her job! I don’t feel there’s any difference for this topic to demand the same. Thank you for your article.

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    Having an “agenda” often leads to manipulation of truth in order to validate the agenda. The women of “The View” certainly display this mentality (often disgustingly) on many and various topics. However, they are by no means alone, for such a mindset is quite popular in American culture today. Having an agenda is not inherently wrong, but when the promotion of the agenda supercedes the commitment to truth it becomes exceedingly wrong, perhaps even evil. If one is a registered sex offender in America there is a definite agenda against them that places no value on truth or fact. It shall be no small endeavor in righting the wrongs of registry laws.

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    Ladies of the View,

    Your show is an entertainment piece and you should be careful not to interject your views as facts on the show. You can claim ,that what you say on your show to the live audience and millions that view your show in their homes, is your opinion and that’s all that it is! If you decide that you want to claim your opinion as fact, then you must definitely read some studies based on empirical evidence and access organizations like CASOMB- California Sex Offender Management Board so that your audience gets the real facts and not some hearsay from a show host who doesn’t really know facts and is really acting on fear and lies about the issue.
    I would appreciate that you exercise caution every time you make any statements on national television about such difficult issues, which affect so many people in our society.
    I am a mother of a registrant. My child made one bad judgement call and is now going to be on lifetime registry. He is like every other human on this planet. He has the same feelings as you do. He has the same hopes and dreams as you do. He wants to be independent but can not be because he will be subjected to so many restrictions brought on by laws in response to “fear mongering parents” that he will not be able to go to school, find work or adequate housing to feel independent. He will be subjected to humiliations, finger-pointing, harassment, violence by vigil antes, and much more destructive and negative behaviors against him and it’s all because of the PUBLIC REGISTRY created to destroy lives.

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    Tim Lawver

    But but Oprah thought it a good idea! No bound exist except for sweeps ratings. Clearly 21 months is a very long time for the incarcerated. Too much for sexting for sure. Fed time is no joke, he’ll be kept in protective custody and not in general population.

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    Rodie Mccormick

    Then sue them for false accusations narsol. Stop talking and do something that the entire world can see for a change. Not just a few

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      There is absolutely no legal theory (of even the most extraordinary kind) by which NARSOL could ever establish standing to sue ABC or The View for making false accusations. If you can find an attorney to represent that claim, I’d like to know his name.

      One of the unfortunate aspects of the First Amendment is that it protects the publication of false facts. Even a claim of libel would not work since ABC/The View is not libeling any specifically named individual or organization and according to New York Times v. Sullivan (a landmark 1964 ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court), news and media sources cannot be held libel for claims that are false unless it can be established that the libelous information is published with “actual malice” towards the individual or entity that has been libeled.


      So while we’d love to take action, we’re not going to expend vast amounts of money on a claim that will meet with immediate dismissal and that would very likely cause the court to sanction the attorney with enough temerity to file it.

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        The idiots on The View LOVE controversy. If they didn’t, those leftist cucks wouldn’t always have conservative Ann Coulter on their show to argue back and forth for 7 to 10 mins.

        Why not contact their producers and try to get on there and school their sorry asses about people who have committed sexual offenses? Oh, and please, since they’re all old bitties, please mention Elvis’s relationship with Priscilla and see what the hypocrites have to say about that? Ask them why we should be celebrating an obvious sex offender’s birthday every year on the cover of Time and Life magazines.
        SHUT. THEM. DOWN.

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          This is a tempting proposal. Very tempting. Our experience is that they will “play nice” and act as if they’re happy to provide a different perspective. Then, someone appears on their show and gets body slammed with questions like “So why did you solicit a minor over the internet? Did you know that was wrong?” Etc. Then it’s a freak show. We gain nothing.

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          ““So why did you solicit a minor over the internet? Did you know that was wrong?” ”


          I would answer this question like this;

          “For the same reason a person who was out drinking decided they could drive themselves home rather than call a cab – stupidity.”

          But one of the things you’ve got to GOT to mention to an audience that wide that watches such shows is that “sex offense” does not equal “offense towards a child” and mention the lovers on the beach and the back seat of a car (where most teens lost their virginity in every decade since the 1950’s).
          And please!!!!! In front of a large studio and home audience, PLEEEEEAAAAAASE mention Elvis and Priscilla. Go further and ask them if it matters that we KNOW a person did something criminal vs being charged and convicted for the criminal act? Ask them if after knowing a 24 yr old courted a 14 yr old, would they have allowed Elvis Presley to be around their kids?
          SHUT. THEM. DOWN.

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          Just the Logic

          Milo thinks The View will actually let NARSOL talk and that NARSOL can shut them down. That’s a special kind of naiveté.
          You can’t reason with the unreasonable, Milo. Lots of people have tried with you.

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          If I’m Milo then you’re a bottom feeding Antifa reject who cries because – Feelings. Talk about people who can’t be reasoned with! Hahaa, go talk to your SJW buddies, those are people who don’t know what reasoning is. or…. Go to your “safe space” and pet a few puppies, you’ll be alright.

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          Jonny everyman

          You love to use that strawman but the number of folks on the registry for having sex in public or indecent exposure is really small. What you are doing is minimizing the fact you had sex with a minor maestro. I know this gets under your skin but you refuse to take ownership of your crime and give sex offenders the stereotype they are not remorseful for their crimes.

          I’m glad you don’t represent me

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      Jonny everyman

      Stop being a drama queen. Narsol can’t lash out for you.

      You have to prove malice to have any grounds for a lawsuit.

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    Jerry P.

    Well said! You all do great work at NARSOL and as a registered citizen I am forever in your debt….

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    Larry McDonald

    Think most informed have the Views number….their nuts…has beens
    …with nothing better to do… Is the ACLU involved in any litigation here in Florida with all the new laws their imposing on sex offenders? Crazy…now towns and cities here are starting to impose their own regulations on sex offenders….I had no restrictions when I was forced into a plea deal after they warehoused me for nearly 8 years in a county jail…falsely Accused, falsely convicted when I was finally found competent after 7 + years?? Had no probation, restrictions only had to register twice a year…

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    “The ladies of “The View” should stop lying to the public by repeating false data as scientific truth”

    The “ladies” (if they can be called that) of The View should just STFU and get off the air. You do realize they are liberal left leaning, correct? And Joy Baher (so?) is the worst of the bunch. She’s more miserable than “joyous” so why her parents named her Joy is anyone’s guess.

    I have an idea; send an email to The View with a link to the story about the woman who had sex with the 14 yr old while she was drinking and let’s see what those “feminist” cucks say about that to get their brain dead audience to applaud.

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      Andy Hudak III

      I want to Start by saying that I Am a fan of NARSOL, appreciate your mission, and often pass on your information to clients, other professionals, friends, and family.
      In order to continue to gain credibility, I think it’s important that You be careful when you use recidivism data. Particularly, in the 3 postings You use, you are mixing up ANNUAL recidivism rates, five-year recidivism rates, etc.
      Also, since exposing is a misdemeanor, (in most states unless you get caught multiple times), it is its own unique area of sex offense, which incidentally, has much higher rates of recidivism than almost all other Types of sex offenders.
      You guys do a great job of explaining to people that the term “sex offender”, in and of itself, is not very helpful BECAUSE there is such a wide range of Types of sex offenders And offenses – Romeo and Juliet, child porn with contact victims, child poured without contact victims, etc.
      I would strongly suggest that you think in terms of educating the public regarding the overall low rate of Sexual offending recidivism, but also, in order to maintain credibility, help The public understand that:
      – MOST sex offenders are low risk to reoffend. (One exception IS exposer’s, though it should be pointed out, that they do much less damage to victims!)
      – We have had the ability for some time now to state recidivism rates for EACH level of risk.
      – Overall, Sex offenders have WAY lower re-offense rates than any other category of crime, BUT THERE ARE A MINORITY OF EXCEPTIONS! (Hi risk sex offenders, for instance, Reoffend somewhere between 45-60% over 15 or 20 years. )
      – Finally, we also know (from the scientific research literature on recidivism) That a Group of moderate risk offenders,, At 7 years in the community, The remainder of moderate risk sex offenders, at that point, Are Equal to low risk, and high risk sex offenders that have not re-offended and have been in the community for 10-12 years, Also have re-offense rates the equivalent to low risk people.
      Bottom line: We should care about long-term risks, And be clear that when we are talking about 5-10% recidivism rates, we are talking ONLY about low risk sex offenders.
      Thanks again for all the work that you guys do!

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        Thank you, Andy. We agree; recidivism is a remarkably difficult area to try to tie up in a neat little package; in fact, it can’t be done. We much prefer the term “reoffense” when speaking of repeating a sexual offense, but since the term used in the program by Ms. Hostin was recidivism, and since it was clear that she used it to mean reoffending with a sexual crime, that is the term we used in writing the piece.

        Your comment has brought to mind a blog post of several years ago that I wrote on the subject. I will post it up here with a reference back to this piece. Thank you.

        Okay, it’s up; it’s under Opinions:

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        BUT THERE ARE A MINORITY OF EXCEPTIONS! (Hi risk sex offenders, for instance, Reoffend somewhere between 45-60% over 15 or 20 years. )

        You have any actual FACTS to back up this claim??

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      I think NARSOL should send a letter to the producers of the show and see if they have the guts to talk about the empirical evidence that proves the myth about sex offenders. Please consider doing so and provide them with the references!

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        We contacted them. They have, thus far, ignored it.

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      Just the Logic

      Hey Milo, why don’t you take a look at Fox News, Breitbart or any other alt right trash news outlets you frequent to see how much more accurately they are reporting the facts. Remember it is those scary liberal fake news outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times that have been reporting the real facts on these issues in recent years. If The View had Ann Coulter on today, do you think she would had disagreed with their lies?

      The View is a just a stupid entertainment talk show chasing rating while providing an echo chamber for people incapable of doing any deeper thinking on their own and just want their biased opinions validated, kind of like Sean Hannity. They reached their fan base with their nonsense today and likely didn’t change anyone’s opinion anymore than the Russians convinced you to support Donald Trump, you did that all by your own hateful self.

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        Just the Logic ,

        You seemed triggered LOL

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        Just the Logic,,

        Oh….and P.S. I don’t watch Fox News or any other news channel or much news at all unless I want to know what the weather is going to be like on a particular day. But thanks for asking. 😉

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        Just the Logic,

        If you have a problem with Milo, then go take it up with Milo. Me seems to think he said something that hurt your poor widdle feewings. Awwww.
        Also, are you calling me the “Milo” of the group because I am part of the LGBT and Milo himself happens to be gay? If so, I find that harassing and (I’ll play the liberal card) insulting and I do believe a moderator should tell you to “cool it”.

        So….what did Milo say that hurt your feelings, you poor little snowflake?

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      Jonny everyman

      Are you naive enough to think republicans care about sex offenders? Tell that to all the registered folks in Louisiana, Alabama who have their status on their driver license.

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    Finally something I can do to help in this very dark world of SO. I have a family member in prison for an offense. He is 23. What I can do is to write the View and hope someone actually reads it. We are still trying to shield him from everyone knowing and its been five years. So it’s so hard to speak out. I realize the secrecy will end when he gets out. Robin and Sandy, well said. Andy thank you for your research. However Maestro, even though I feel your pain, the name calling and rage will do nothing to help our cause. Thank you NARSOL

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      Are you going to be another difficult one? Seriously, whoever I “name call” in a comments section on an article on a website that said people who I’ve named called wouldn’t give a damn to know existed has nothing to do with “helping our cause”, I’m simply expressing my opinion (like everyone else here has) about a bunch of angry, washed up feminists.
      Didn’t realize that only YOU GUYS can have an opinion here. Hmmmmm interesting.

      I do believe I mentioned to NARSOL to write to the producers and try to get on the show. How’s THAT for an IDEA to help our cause? Oops! It came from me so it much be a bad one.

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      patricia win

      Narsol is a progresive (liberal) group…Tell Mary. And hopefully all of us who have sons, fathers, friends on the registry and in prison with extremely excessive jail time can thank the liberals for this one. I’d like to hear someone educate me by mentioning a group that is associated with conservatives, esp. far right ones like our Idiot in Chief that care about fairness in the law and are attempting to fix these extremely unjust laws, born of ignorance , fear and hate.

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        The sad truth is that no politicical party cares about anyone with criminal offenses of any kind. Break the law and you’re nothing but worthless scum (save for the very few who care enough to help drug addicts and alcoholics because no one would ever commit a sexual offense while under the influence, no, never that).

        So, no matter who is in office, democrat or republican, they’re not going to play politician suicide to tell truth that certain types of sex offenses are not Registry worthy or that we did just fine before the registry’s existence and can do fine again without it.

        Donald Trump may not be scoring high on the popularity meter but it was Mr “equality and acceptance for all” democratic liberal Obama who signed the International Megan’s Law.

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          Just the Logic

          IML passed unopposed in both the Republican controlled House of Representatives and the Republican controlled Senate before it even landed on Obama’s desk. Sure he could had vetoed it if he wanted to, but why bother? His veto would had been overridden by 2/3 of the Republican controlled Congress probably the very next day.

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    I know that this is just another brain dead daytime TV talk show, but boy they sure get their audience in an up-roar when they turn on the hype. I want to point out two things we should try to keep in mind;

    For the most part the hosts of these programs have no actual qualification to render serious opinions on many of the topics in their diatribe. But we need to realize that they are doing nothing more than pandering to an under educated audience who do not have anything better to do with their lives than sit in front of the TV all day sucking down Twinkies and Diet Cokes. ‘The View’ is not an educational show, it is a marketing tool to get advertising in front of all those Donut Slayers. I am not saying that I don’t care about this practice but rather, we have bigger things to accomplish than giving a rat’s ass about some daytime talk show host who as far as being a brain trust would easily qualify as a Blackhole.

    Here in Connecticut, our organization (The Center for Rational Justice Studies, Inc.) has made tremendous strides in building credibility with law makers and state agencies by NOT arguing the big picture every chance we get. We take small pieces at a time and under no circumstance let our conversations turn into any form of “We are right and you are Wrong” type of childish bull. That doesn’t get us listened to. We have found that talking about one small point and not beating it to death, gets people to ask us questions and then real conversation happens. In a short few months I have lost count of the state officials and legislators who have called me with questions and thus opened discussions. Two conversations were with sitting Judges.

    The reason I said all that is because we have a firm opinion as to just where we should start changing people’s minds. And it’s a small point. Spell out a clear definition to the terms “Recidivism” and “Re-Offense”. Society does not understand that these terms are being merged and it skews the statistics. When the fanatics and Law Enforcement use the term “Recidivism” they are including ALL CRIMES an SO commits after release to include shop-lifting so he can eat that week! That is NOT the same in any way as “Re-Offending” by committing a new sex crime! If we can get that point out and into the minds of the public then THEY THEMSELVES will be equipped to ask the right questions at the right time. That WILL lead the public towards understanding the truth. Don’t shove it down their throats, let them find the answers themselves by teaching the right questions to ask.

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    Pffff !!! The view!, Bitter feminists who some haven’t been relevant since the 80’s. Who the hell cares what Whoopi Goldberg has to say. I didn’t even know she still existed and thought she crawled under a rock after Sister Act.

    By the way, add Oprah to that list next to Dr. Phil. Her words have been literal gospel to many people for years.

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      patricia win

      There’s as much mythology about “feminists” (bitter? or otherwise) as there is about the sex offender registry. The groups that are trying to correct all the misinformation and ignorance about these laws are loaded with liberals and feminists…get your facts straight. We’re on the same side about this issue. You’ve bought the Trumpian koolaid and if you think that man has done/will do anything to fix all the propaganda and ignorance about the sex offender laws, think again. He’s our Liar-in-Chief and he could care less about the rule of law.

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    That show comes on after the news, just hearing the music and watching those women dancing on stage is nauseating. They should really stick with who did what in Hollywood and how they applied their lipstick. The audience is not the most well informed, something like people who get their news from Saturday Night Live, only worse because they are serious. Knowing the truth about recidivism I am sure Anthonthy Weiner got the wake up call and will not reoffend. We hear lies all the time, and its everywhere! How cleansing to realize the truth. It frees our minds from hate and prejudice. So hoping the folks responsible for these lies get the “memo” and tell the truth!

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    Oops, I had the wrong show. Nonetheless, the same applies.

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    I agree with the idea that statements made on shows like “The View” re-enforce people’s negative perceptions. I haven’t had a TV in 25 years and can say i haven’t seen more than 5 minutes of “The View” in my entire life. Sometimes for entertainment i’ll listen to shows on public radio. It’s the same thing there. So many times i’ve heard people say things that aren’t true or there will be shows that exploit the sex crime panic happening right now.

    One false statistic that kept getting repeated was the 1 in 5 woman being sexually assaulted. Sometimes it was 1 in 4. (The D.O.J. estimated the number of sexual assaults at less than 7 in 1000). Haven’t heard these numbers in a while, but i think that totally influenced millions of people’s opinions. Same thing with residency restriction laws- keep repeating crap until it becomes “fact”.

    The good news is reforming sex crime laws continues to become a mainstream topic and the public’s opinion IS changing.

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    Donald Henken

    Great article! Has NARSOL contacted “The View” requesting a public apology on the show today for the misinformation they disseminated as fact ?

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      Yes, attempted contact has been made. There has been no response, nor did we expect any, but we tried.

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    It is unfortunate that “The View” and other op-ed/entertainment shows (including Hannity, Matthews, Cooper, The Five, et. al.) is the source for information hence decision making in this country. With a literacy (5th grade) level encompassing 30% of the population, youthful offenders at 15% , 19% of high school graduates illiterate (reading comprehension and basic math) and 70% of prison inmates also functionally illiterate; shows like these are a primary if not secondary to word of mouth source for “knowledge” regarding issues discussed. The talking heads on these shows do nothing impromptu and their “wisdom” is provided via scripts that can change mid-discussion. Their feigned surprise with some obscure factoid is even scripted. Is it any wonder with over half of our nation reading below the tenth grade level that true understanding of the implication of complicated issues is lacking? So called news and opinion shows have consistently done a disservice to the public by providing pablum where meat is needed and the public schools (in many municipalities) serve as temporary guardians, at best, for students that will graduate unable to read aloud, recognize style, discern truth from deceit in media or fact from fiction in “informational” programs.

    “The View” is merely a symptom of a much greater problem: sloth. The media is only interested in $$$ facts are secondary. The general public doesn’t want to work too hard for the information needed to make decisions – especially socio-political decisions – and politicians very quickly lose the veneer of righteousness and care primarily about securing the next election. The voices that have done the work and had the experiences to qualify them to speak and advise are ignored often as they tax the bias and ill-formed beliefs of the general public (bear in mind that education results in neither wisdom nor just application) and the preconceived or programmed notions of those who can comprehend issues but just don’t want to get involved. Of this group, many use these “news” programs as a background noise and we all know about subliminal stimuli, right?

    I am a registered sex offender and I’ll not discuss my particulars here other than to say that after the posturing by the DA was finished, I was guilty of what I was finally charged. Since that time my entire life has been changed, some of that change driven by unconstitutional and fear-based legislation and regulations. The majority of that change due to acknowledging that my life was a mess and yielding to my Creator. The process has not been without its pain but has resulted in my being a new man. God gets me more than through every day, He makes each day a victory. Having to face the challenges that registration and notification regulations – due to manipulation, deceit and ignorance – is another piece of the complicated puzzle called life. Shows like this create a sense of fear for the ignorant (I’m sorry, general) public and the SO community members who are trying to renew their lives to eliminate the likelihood (just for today) of ever committing another offense, of any kind. Haven’t we, in this nation, had to deal with false fears, inflammatory rhetoric and hatred/vengeance long enough?

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    Tammy J

    As misinformed was Sharon Osborne and the other women hosts from the daytime talk show ‘The Talk’ that referenced Anthony Weiner and others like him as being “incurable.” Another of the celebrity hosts from this program, Melissa Gilbert, started the discussion by claiming Weiner should have been given the maximum ten year sentence for violating “a child.” It seems with the track record Weiner was portrayed as having that it was only a matter of time before a conviction was inevitable. Interesting to me is that these extremely, outwardly boisterous anti-Trump feminist supporters see no similarities in their pro-punishment rhetoric.

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    John Logan

    Where were all of your voices complaining about laws based on lies and myths rather than facts and evidence when Congress lashed out at Professor Bruce Rind and his co-authors when his Meta study proved that children are NOT harmed by inter generation sexual relationships!
    Also the girl Anthony Weiner sent pictures to was 16 at the time–an age that most, if not all, of Western Europe sets as their Age of Consent. A 16 year old girl is NOT a “CHILD”–most Latin American females are having kids at that age and it’s the norm!
    Stop blaming yourself as though your Sexual Orientation was immoral when it is merely illegal by statute—that’s why they call Age of Consent laws Statutory Rape -because 99% of the time it is NOT Rape at all merely illegal sex by unconstitutional government fiat -not intrinsically immoral actions!

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      We’ve all been teenagers yet many adults seem to forget that part of their lives.
      I’ve always wondered how lawmakers can decide that at 16 we can consent to sex with older people but somehow a naked photo of our 16 yr old body is “child pornography”. And SEEING a naked IMAGE of a body is somehow damaging. And IMAGE….damaging. But in order to have sex we have to SEE someone’s naked body.

      And then we have that legislative “magical age” of 18, where somehow you’re not longer a “victim” for receiving naked images.


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    Sue Wearethepeople

    I don’t watch this show. I guess this is why! Not the same mind set, I would say.

  • #22452 Reply


    I believe Weiner should have been given the maximum sentence- instead he got favoritism, a slap on the wrist compared to what an average joe would have received had he done the same thing. As for the view…they are mindless puppets. I never watch them I wish others wouldn’t waste their time. They are clueless.

    • #22459 Reply

      Jonny everyman

      Curious why you believe he got a slap on the wrist. Around 2 years in federal prison seems a little harsh to me for a non contact sexual offense.

      I am no fan of Weiner but no I don’t believe anyone belongs on a public registry for their first sex offense.

      • #22593 Reply


        My husband got 8 years, lifelong parole and lifelong sex offender registration for a non-contact offense.

        • #22715 Reply

          Jonny everyman

          Child porn is the one non contact offense you will go to prison a long time for.

        • #23365 Reply


          Which makes one wonder why that is the most punished. I am not defending it in any way shape or form, but come on, most of what he looked at was decades old, I mean to the point where most of the subjects were older than he was when he looked at them. His mistake was uploading a pic to an FBI agent… can you say whoops….

      • #22598 Reply


        Agreed, Johnny. NARSOL believes that NO ONE should be on a public registry for any offense for the simple reason that public registries are ineffective public policy: They fail to improve public safety, fail to further rehabilitation — in fact, they inhibit it — and fail to offer prevention.

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    She needs to be educated and then asked to retract her statement and apologize on an upcoming show. That would also carry weight and help educate the general population. This is the way the views of the general public will begin to change. Who else is willing to write a letter to The View?

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    I would like to see The View people contacted and given the REAL statistics. Is anyone doing this?

    • #22670 Reply


      We tried; they won’t respond to us.

      • #22729 Reply

        Reply tweet

        Unless NARSOL is blocked, send them a tweet(s) from NARSOL Twitter account with data, etc. Just an idea…

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    NY Level1

    I have Whoopi Goldberg’s private email. Maybe I should ask her how she feels about the racist claim that ‘all blacks steal and belong in jail?’

    • #22501 Reply


      It seems that the same information that this site published about the International Megans Law should apply for a person verses the government. “When the United States government damages a person’s reputation by implying without any specific proof about that singular person that they are dangerous simply because they are members of a group that the legislative branch of government has chosen to disfranchised. Then it is time for the courts to step in and make the government prove on each and every occasion that each individual of that group, Under all circumstances is in fact, dangerous!. Without that proof of future dangerousness, which can not be proven, then you can say that a person’s reputation and standing in the international community have been damaged. and that the government is in fact, responsible and should be held accountable for that damage.”

  • #22574 Reply

    Stay outraged

    Both “The View” and “The Talk” have the same platform that caters primarily to stay-at-home soccer moms. So naturally they’re gonna keep them scared and dumb for ratings and financial viability. Dr. Phil and a few others as well. They know that controversy + sex raises eyebrows and ratings. They have all had John Walsh as a guest so naturally we are gonna get thrown under the bus and made a spectacle out of.

    God forbid they would humanize us… If one of those women came out and said: “Sex offenders are not as dangerous as previously thought,” they would probably lose viewers and get hate mail along with possible death threats.

    All these daytime talk shows are emotionally biased and their ignorance is dangerous.

    • #22698 Reply

      Jonny everyman

      You hit the nail on the head they are looking for an easy Target at the end of the day. We are a softball

  • #22652 Reply


    When it comes to sex offender recidivism, I’ve found that when you quote the low rates found by credible, peer-reviewed studies to people, the people shrug and say “Oh, well, most of these perverts don’t get caught anyway. They have many other victims that we don’t know about! ”
    These ignorant people who believe the “no cure for pedophiles– they’ll always be on the prowl for more victims” propaganda will happily ignore any study about recidivism rates because they’re SURE that the offender has committed such crimes many times before, but only got caught in this last incident, and that the offender WILL surely do it again, even if he’s never caught and thus never has a probation revocation hearing, never faces any new charges in the future, etc.

    What does it say about the MORALITY of these haters, these irrational fearmongers, when they’re willing to destroy the lives of their fellow Americans and keep them in prison for years longer than would serve any legitimate punitive or public safety purpose? How can you be “moral” when you advocate taking people’s lives and liberty without evidence that it is necessary and appropriate to the circumstances of that person, and that particular crime?

  • #22686 Reply


    It is impossible but offenses will come. I don’t think any scientist could explain that one or figure that one out. I don’t even think man can figure that one out at times when it was said a thousand of years ago. Sure we’ve had our mean evil people in life such as Hitler and others and tyrant dictators even judges, presidents and this think you all call ” the view” or Ann Landers gossip column.

    Think about it. How would you feel if the judge sentenced you to life in prison? or how would you feel if someone took advantage of you via the internet sex scandal. Sure I feel some type of punishment is good but a life time is a bit of a different mind set. How does one change if one doesn’t get cured. A dictator wants to have his or her own mindset and be like the Hitler type. Sure we can all learn a lesson by this Hitler guy or any dictator that tries to take advantage of others. This view gossip TV show is a bunch of hog wash and I’ve never even seen the program or its been a long time and really all they are looking for is ratings but that’s Hollywood.

  • #22774 Reply


    Like the previous comment I made I would like to say one more thing. Oh and by the way I will be sending you a small check first of the week, I believe you all are doing a great job fighting for these rights for the sex offender and you all follow suit to, even 20 dollars or so adds up.
    I image ceramic tiles and photo’s in my spare time. I also do a line of mini tiles of a gospel nature or flair,. One of the saying is ” If God didn’t forgive sinners, heaven would be empty”. Sometimes I have to refresh my memory too. Their is a right way and wrong way to do everything. Duping someone is not the way and I don’t care how big a brass you are. I think its still called love thy neighbor but in this world today I have my doubts at times. Go get I’m NARSOL!
    At least Lincoln freed the slaves.

  • #22792 Reply

    seeking justice

    We try to put the SEX OFFENDER hysteria mode of the monsters are coming when reality we are a depraved society in a sexual epidemic and we are all offenders one way or another. The Clinton Administration signed into law the AWA to conceal Bill Clinton’s guilty conscience of his sexual actions that should only apply to monsters like the ones who murder and are actually sick and deviant and our justice system is set up to do that without continued punishment for crimes you may commit or have served your debt to society. Hitler punished the gay, the criminal, the disabled, and the others outside the perfect race but was having an incestuous relationship and ordering sex with underage girls to create a perfect race. Oh, I forgot it is only applies to the others!!

  • #22841 Reply


    OMG! It’s done! Snyder vs Doe’s has been denied review by the U.S. Supreme Court. No more Michigan verifications for me! Thanks to all of you!

    • #22870 Reply


      Continue following the law as you had been until you receive a letter that says you don’t have to anymore. The lower court still has to issue a new judgement on par with the 6th’s ruling and the state still has to rewrite the law or eliminate it. But as it is now, the law is still in the books and can be enforced. So wait until you get confirmation that it has been changed.

      • #22923 Reply



        Thanks for the info; I was kind of wondering how this will all play out. I will go ahead and verify as usual.


    • #22867 Reply


      You lucky SOB 🙂 Really that is great news. Next in line Colorado

    • #22864 Reply

      Jerry P.


  • #22894 Reply

    R. Arens

    I can’t believe jack a__ shows like this get any air play at all. I’ve seen them and felt my IQ drop with every wasted second I squandered on their idiocy. We all need to ditch the cable box and stick with PBS. At least there you can’t go wrong.

  • #22925 Reply


    We have to remember the ladies of The View, The Talk and other such daytime shows are not journalists they are entertainers so they don’t really do fact checking they just read whatever is placed in front of them or the first uninformed thing that comes out of their mouths. What should happen is every time a t.v. personality or show airs such a uniformed statement registrant advocate organizations such as NARSOL, WAR, Once Fallen should flood their Facebook and Twitter pages with the truth and call the individual or group that made the grossly incorrect out.

  • #23156 Reply


    Oh Maestro I see your still at it again, well if you really want a good “view” of things we are all offenders. We all can even offend with what we say. Now you and Jonny be good on here. Everybody’s got their views but when it comes to sexual encounters or someone duping others it seems in todays society man goes to court. That’s a black and white fact.
    As one person said on here those on the “view” are entertainers and have to get their good ratings. For a lot of it us its about Justice and not blind Justice.
    Maestro I did my things when I was in my younger years, if I had to do it over again I would change a things well maybe not so much of drinking. This sex offender issue one has to think of others as I’m sure they don’t want there kids or loved ones to grow up with the label of sex offender wrapped around them for the rest of their life, well we don’t either. They even viewed Nixon as Nitler at one time which I just found out several days ago.
    So a lot of us have had our hay days but this registry is something that is very oppressing to all. Sure I try to keep my good spirits up but somehow I can’t at times. It all gets better as time goes by. Now who could of stopped that dude in Vegas for opening fire on that crowd of concert goers? Who would even image that that would of happened?
    Believe it or not I would say it would be a wake up call for the USA, just my opinion or “view” I think the old saying use to be ” opinions are like belly buttons” everybody’s got one. Any war is always tragic even this sex offender war all of us are in.

  • #22461 Reply

    Jonny everyman

    Thanks for giving us all a bad name as unrepentant offenders. I wouldn’t expect any less from you.

  • #22616 Reply

    Jeremy from Indiana

    Maestro, this comment I’m replying to now and many others you’ve posted in this thread are worrisome to say the least. As the father of a 13 year old girl, I would not want you anywhere near my daughter after that “no regrets” BS you just posted. Thoughts like yours are extremely dangerous in our population.

    At one point, you claimed that you were abused as a child and you had no negative effects. I am going to vehemently disagree with you on that. You were severely affected, but you fail to see it. You have extreme anger and control issues that the rest of see in these comments. You also have an unhealthy attraction to children that you refuse to acknowledge as unhealthy. You fail to see the difference between physical maturity and emotional maturity. I can’t go into all of the things I see here that are screaming RED FLAG, but let’s just say the sun got blocked out with yours.

    I am asking, begging, and pleading with you to GET HELP! You don’t have to get SO specific help, but help regardless. Your thinking is exactly what the laws we are trying to fight were designed for. Your statements here could easily be used against our fight. If I even thought for a second that you were representative of the registrants on the list, I would stop fighting against it today. My extreme worry though is that you may be representative of the 5%.

    You can reply to this with some sort of insult as you seem to be fond of doing when people call you out, but ad hominem attacks over a computer screen don’t affect me much, so insult away. I attended treatment for my anger and control issues and have learned to control myself and not let my emotions guide my judgment.

  • #22491 Reply


    Johnny Everynoman’s man,

    I’m glad I made you happy 😃

  • #22641 Reply


    Maestro attempted to respond. The response was rejected because of its length. And Maestro, please do not submit another massive epistle intended as a comment. That goes for everyone else, as well. We are weary of this abuse of our platform. Keep your comments on point and useful. If anyone here feels the need to argue with someone, just go to Wal-Mart and stand in the customer service line. They will be happy to argue with you there.

    NARSOL is advocating for a reform of registration laws. We are NOT trying to address why people end up on registries. We don’t have the bandwidth for that. We are less concerned about how or why an individual got convicted. And ours is not an appropriate forum for such discussions.

    We may soon adopt a strict policy regarding disputations in these comments sections. These intensely personal and sidebar discussions distract from what our members and donors are concerned about.

    This is not intended as a reply addressed directly to Jeremy.

  • #22681 Reply



    I replied to you but I guess it was too lengthy to be posted. Although I see many lengthy comments here.
    But you keep on keeping on with what you ASS-UME about me. No one knows me better than I do.
    Too bad you won’t be seeing my original reply. Oh well.

  • #22682 Reply



    The only thing that made my reply “lengthy” is that I quoted his comment and replies to each part of it piece by piece.
    I will refrain from future lengthy posts but please also address Mr Jeremy From Indiana and make sure he is aware that he is not in any position to evaluate someone else’s situation. He doesn’t get to tell someone else how THEY feel and what “help” THEY need.
    I really wish you would have let my response to him be seen. Sometimes I feel I spent time typing for nothing.

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