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Sheriff Grady Judd already faces at least one lawsuit

Florida sheriff who threatened arrests at shelters is sued threatened arrests at shelters is sued.

A man who claims he was denied entry to a shelter unless he underwent a background check is suing Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, who got national attention after saying on Twitter he would jail anyone with an outstanding warrant who tried to seek shelter from Hurricane Irma.

Judd called the lawsuit “frivolous” and said he would not change his policy.

The sheriff said his stance was to prevent registered sex offenders from entering shelters. But the suit filed by immigrant rights group Nexus Services states Florida driver’s licenses already clearly mark someone as a sex offender. They claim the policy was discriminatory and violates Fourth Amendment rights against unlawful search and seizure.

The suit, which attorney Cynthia Conlin said was electronically filed Sunday but hadn’t yet been processed by the 10th Judicial Circuit Court, claims Andres Borreno of Virginia was told by Polk County deputies he would have to submit to a criminal background check before he was able to enter a shelter Saturday. The suit doesn’t say if Borreno had an outstanding warrant.

Judd said Sunday “They filed that lawsuit for free press and it’s obviously frivolous. I have a nationwide profile and they see it as an opportunity for nationwide press.”

Judd said Borreno wasn’t treated differently than others seeking shelter. He was offered shelter at the jail and was offered a ride. Judd said he didn’t know if Borreno went to the shelter.

“We check everyone who comes to a shelter to ensure they aren’t a sexual predator or a child sexual offender,” he said. “We are absolutely not going to let a sexual predator or a child sexual offender sleep next to a child in a storm shelter.”

Judd said Sunday 43 sex offenders in Polk County were being sheltered in an area of the jail that is not behind bars, and they are not in custody.

Republished from the Orlando Sentinel.

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    Publicity and frivolous & free press. I doubt that. I believe one of Judd’s quotes was “We are absolutely not going to let a sexual predator or a child sexual offender sleep next to a child in a storm shelter.” Now that’s pre assuming wouldn’t one think.
    Sure we all can believe in the bible truth or man’s truth that’s your choice but when man gets a bit over-zealous in all this what principles are we as human’s to believe in a situation like this. Cannot man be self sufficient but since these sex offenses seem to weight a lot more than the common burglar or murder or panhandler or street bum or any other behavior a lot of it is a catch-22 so whose principals are above in a situation like this.
    Now protecting and serving is good. I just wonder who’s bearing false witness in all this to abuse. Of course love thy neighbor means ever other criminal or person except the sex offender.

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