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NARSOL to law enforcement: Provide reasonable & free shelter to ALL people

NARSOL Communications . . . Frustrated and angry over continued reports in the media and from personal sources of registered citizens being denied reasonable shelter from hurricane-force winds and flooding in areas affected by recent hurricanes, NARSOL has issued a press release calling on state and local officials to act reasonably and humanely in their treatment of ALL people seeking shelter from severe storms. Treating American citizens as criminals and prisoners rather than evacuees is despicable and entirely devoid of any shred of compassion or human kindness.

Please make us aware of any personal accounts or news coverage related to this issue. NARSOL is prepared to take action against any agency of government that either denies citizens reasonable shelter or places registered citizens into custodial environments without probable cause or articulable suspicion that any crime has been committed.

Feel free to contact us with any relevant information. Thank you.

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    Donna Lombardi

    As you may already know, licences are checked at entrances to shelters in Florida. Our Polk county sheriff blatently reminded those on the registry that they are not welcome and cannot be admitted to shelters. However, they will be accepted at the county jails as far as I know. Will be awaiting emails from FAC to find out how that worked out.

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    I pray this hurricane bestows the same courtesy to Grady Judd as he has had to registrants in his county.

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    A mom

    This is so unconstitutional. To all of the SO in Florida, be safe, prayers are with you. This should be brought to the attention of news stations. See if they will report on this injustice.

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      A mom,

      This could make news, but not in our favor. The “fake” and “propaganda” news channels looking for ratings and pandering to the goodie-two-shoes of our society will only show interviews with those who say they’re glad sex offenders aren’t going to be in the shelters to harm their little fat ugly kids.

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        Jerry P.

        “fat ugly kids”

        Smh- this kind of talk gets all the good talk ignored…

        Jerry P.

        • #21053 Reply


          LOL, next time I’ll ask permission to be pissed off.
          Also, yeah, some kids are just plain ugly. Let’s face it. But because they are kids, we must certainly be attracted to them.

          On a side note, does anyone remember the story of the adult couple that got caught having sex on the beach?
          I believe that was Florida. So both the man and his girlfriend are registered sex offenders for having sex in a public place even tho they THOUGHT no one was around to see it.
          It would be interesting to know what they are going through since “sex offender” only mean “child molester” to our lovely society and that jackass of a police sheriff or whatever he claims to be.

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          I believe it was a married couple. They got arrested for drinking Four Locos on the beach. They didn’t get charged with the sex.

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          From the story I read online it was some grandmother and her little granddaughter that had noticed them and the article mentioned they were to be charged with a sex crime. Not sure what the statute is, maybe public indecency or something, but it was an official news website that I read it on.

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      They support people like Ron Book, who created the homeless population of Miami. Florida is comparable to a Nazi nation, the laws in Florida are out of control.

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    Grady Judd ought to be forced out of office immediately at the very least. If in any way any citizen, of any state, registered or not, has had their civil/legal rights violated, then those responsible should be held accountable. There is absolutely no acceptable reason for any law enforcement official to conduct themselves in such a despicable manner. And it is shameful that NO government official in FL (that I am aware of) condemned Judd’s announcement. People that will not protect the rights of ALL citizens are not worthy of any position or office within government.

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    Screw waiting for reports, you’ve got the twitter tweets of state officials denying entry to RSO’s. That should be enough. Go get ’em!

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    My heart goes out to every one on the SO registry. To turn away anyone in need of shelter regardless of a title some law maker placed on them is not American . It’s cruel and inhuman and it makes me ashamed to be part of a race of people that in a time of crisis ca only think of making it a way to fill jail cells . It’s gross and something needs to be done to ban the registry all together .

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    Jay Cee

    When I read about those tweets on news sites, most of the comments were to the effect of “During Katrina, so many rapes happened. We don’t want SOs in our shelters raping people.” How many of the Katrina rapes were done by a RSO? Show me that number and justify your stance or shut up.

    • #21067 Reply


      Better question would be, how many Katrina rapes actually happened, or is this just a smoke screen to justify being an a$$wipe?

      • #21193 Reply


        BTW. I did look it up, and the reports are that the rapes were false. So people are using false facts to substantiate their ill conceived ideas. Not that it has changed at all.

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    Grace Imburgia

    This is so sad. They are not prisioner once they are out. I pray that that they are safe. Thank you for speaking out and all the work you all are doing.

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    Matt Duhamel

    I can’t believe this is happening in our country today. The ‘list’ has caused widespread prejudice and hate.
    Thank you NARSOL for standing up against this injustice.

    When I originally heard about Polk County, I wrote an article myself. Feel free to share:

    Sex Offenders Not Worthy of Being Saved from Hurricane Irma

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    Randy Highland

    All it will take is for a RSO (or more) to be injured or killed for a MAJOR class action lawsuit to be filed. When it hits the pocketbook of each state or county that pulls this discrimination causing injury, you will see a change in attitude. Especially when it appears that federal courts are now realising how much discrimination is occurring based on counter-constitutional SO laws.
    Just verbally complaining without action won’t accomplish ANYTHING. The people who put thses laws into effect campaigned aggressively to put them into law, so logic would dictate that aggressive campaigning to get rid of them. Cost them serious money and you will see serious change.

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    This should serve as further evidence that sex offender registration is punitive and is unconstitutional especially if applied after one has completed his/her sentence. These stories should be used as further support in the various court cases that are going on throughout this country.

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    Sheriff Judd’s actions may be the best thing to happen to RSO’s. This is proof that the registry does in fact put people in harms way.

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      Yes! It also proves “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the SO registry list, IS IN FACT, double jeopardy for those who have already served their incarceration time. Registrants are ridiculed, mocked, denied housing, jobs, and even food, They are threatened with violence by the public…the public, whom of which are doing persecution (double jeopardy) for the Supreme Court Justices who stated that sex offender registration is not double jeopardy. Florida is so inhumane.

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      While I agree with your statement, its sad that it has to come at the cost of lives. I’m certain this will lead to some deaths (volunteering to go to jail is not a fair option) The question is how can we find out? I am sure the media will try to obscure deaths due to the hurricane and focus more on “tragedies”. In fact, this may be one of the only times in Florida when they site a registrant in a news article they wont refer to him/her as a sex offender.

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    Jerry P.

    The more I read about this sheriff the more it makes me afraid! Some folks want this guy to run for president in 2020! Yikes!

    God help us all…

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      This is the overall mentality of Florida, there needs to be better education as to what the S.O.L. really are.

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    Congratulations NARSOL for the press release as this should make those aware that they are no better than the the other person. At least they gave warning. give you an example. Did any one of you get a warning on the internet when they were setting you up? Be honest. Talk about equal rights. Lets sum it up. This hurricane came up and everybody went into panic mode over whether the sex offender should have equal rights to stay in a shelter with others or separate them with a class of their own whether they had to go to court the next day or not they didn’t care or if they had outstanding warrants they didn’t care but they cared enough about the safety of others.

    Excuse me am I missing something here. Sure there is right and wrong in everything but to in circumstances like this it would seem like the upper class would get better treatment than the lower class. That mean’s the murders, the carjackers, those that have off colored pasts or are or have been in trouble with the law in the past, they are welcome to a shelter but they hold the sex offender more worrisome to put it mildly that they can’t mingle because authorities predict that they might cause some type of injury to kids by this evacuation.

    Call it prejudices whatever you want, punitive, or unchristian like. Actually most of these detectives are Christian. As far as the hurricane goes it doesn’t put a person in any class. Law enforcement need to show a bit more respect for others. Their some type of unbalance in all this. Sure they give some sex offenders a type of liberty by a plea deal, but than they can set one up thru an internet means. That teenage boy that had sex with some gal or that guy that had sex with a teenage gal that may have been a bit underage and someone called one out on it seems a bit unreasonable to me. Here is a article that I picked up about three years ago that I hope sheds some light to all sex offender ordeals, and this was written by a Christian counselor in my neck of the woods. Enjoy…, I sent that to Ms. Henry about a year or so ago.

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    I find it interesting that you are required to show your id to get into a shelter, but not to vote.

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      When the Gov does something and it does not make sense there is always a hidden agenda and it is never to benefit the citizens.

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      W, too live in the Tampa area and were able to go to be with my daughter in the Atlanta area ( with full permission, of course from the P.O.!!!) I DID read in the Tampa Times that Pasco county, jut north of Tampa, was providing a place for registered citizens. Hope this turned out to be true.

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      Jeremy from Indiana

      That’s a very interesting question, Eric

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      In order to vote, a Floridian must show an ID.

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    Oh my brother and his wife live down in Tampa and he and a few neighbor’s are gone ride it out in there home shelters. Its sort of sad when a SO is living at home and they have to evacuate and the one on the SO says well I can’t go to the shelter with you because I am a SO. Now that would cut deep weather he was he had served his time or what ever the facts may be. Now I’m not wanting to get anyone down but its time we all stand up to this. You guys had a big run in Colorado now keep up the good work. As for me sure I get paranoid just like all of you all at times.

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    I assume many of those same people are Sunday Church going folks who says they love Jesus!

    • #21081 Reply



      And that needs to be thrown in their faces, too.

    • #21090 Reply


      I’m pretty certain there are a fair number of them going to synagogues and mosques, as well. Not to mention all those who are going to the malls, to theaters, to football games, to wherever else who absolutely, positively don’t give a damn.

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      Hatred of registered citizens spans the whole scope of society. However, those who present themselves as Christians have no excuse to justify ungracious behavior toward RSO’s. Such attitudes do not in any way represent Jesus Christ, and any “so called” Christian that harbors these attitudes of hatred (and that is really what it is) are not genuine believers in Christ. So much that identifies as the Church today in the US is really just a self-righteous arm of American politics. It is entirely possible to identify as a Christian and be utterly devoid of the Spirit of Truth. It is sad, for the name of Christ is blasphemed by those who so vehemently claim to be His, but I am not personally deterred by such things, and my hope in Him remains firm.

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    Well my brother and his wife and friends rode the hurricane out and was safe in Tampa. I know those people in Florida have a bit of confusion going on and a lot of damage was done to house and property but life goes on. I read that one of the groups against these sex stings and how this Judd fellow acted has filed a lawsuit against this Judd dude. Sure in this situation it was wrong. Sure probation is probation but the main thing in all these sex things is they are predicting one’s future therefore they are giving all sex offenders a scarlet letter.
    Talk about one tin soldier. That song has a lot to say but we all have to fight our battles as best we can. When government rules in the name of their justice a catastrophe can happen to make one take notice and a catastrophe doesn’t pre judge anyone. So liberty is still now lost.

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    I hope there is news soon about something being done about what Polk county does to folks on the registry. Many counties in Florida are overly harch with ordinances also. There are dire circumstances in this state and I know from talking to people that they are just putting up with it! A combined effort should be made here to stop this madness once and for all. Hoping that soon these issues can be seriously discussed on a NARSOL conference call.

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    Jeremy from Indiana

    Since when are law enforcement permitted to choose who they protect and serve? What law in Polk County or anywhere else in Florida treating registrants differently says that registrants can’t be at a shelter? Doesn’t their state legislature have to write a bill to that effect?

    The only reason I’m mentioning this is because if there is nothing on paper anywhere, what exactly are we going to fight when we have the chance to fight this? Law enforcement officers enforce the law (hence the title), but they do not WRITE the laws. If there is no written law, then a registrant could walk right by the cop even if he said no.

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