Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in sexting case

By John Bacon . . . Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former Congressman who pleaded guilty in May to sexting with a 15-year-old girl, was sentenced Monday to 21 months in prison.

Weiner, 53, also faces spending the rest of his life as a registered sex offender for his lengthy and lurid social media contacts with the North Carolina teen.

Weiner cried in court as he read from a written statement in Manhattan federal court, saying he has hit “rock bottom.” He said he was “a very sick man for a very long time.”

Weiner has asked federal Judge Denise Cote for probation, defense lawyer Arlo Devlin-Brown claiming in court papers that his client was “at the depths of an uncontrolled sickness” during the correspondence.

“The sentencing should also reflect the specifics of Anthony’s sickness, which Anthony has made enormous progress in addressing,” Devlin-Brown wrote.

Devlin-Brown also claims the teen was “looking to generate material for a book” when she successfully “induced” Weiner’s conduct. The teen documented details of the communications and last year sold her story to a British tabloid for $30,000, Devlin-Brown says.

Read full article at USA Today.

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      So, this raises an interesting conversation. I have not reviewed Weiner’s voting history in Congress but I would think it safe to assumede that he voted in favor of sex offender registry laws. So that makes him “the enemy”.

      But now he is going to be one of us, and I would assume his stance on registry laws would change somewhat. So does that make him a member of our “group”? Or are his former views too egregious to forgive?

      As for me, I cannot in good conscience accept or hope for forgiveness for my misdeeds without being willing to forgive others for theirs. Plus, Weiner could be a powerful ally (assuming the registries have not fallen by the time he gets out.)

      Welcome to the party, Mr. Weiner. Refreshments will be served as soon as we are all free again.

      • #22359 Reply

        And oh Lord the champagne will be flat and the sandwiches stale by then

      • #22619 Reply
        Jeremy from Indiana

        I agree, Chris. Mr. Weiner could become one of our most outspoken advocates if the registry isn’t gone by the time he gets out and has to deal with it. He has the unique position of being able to see things from opposite ends of the spectrum. Moreover, famous people convicted of sex offenses are probably our best advocates in general. For one, they probably still have lots of money and can get things done. Jared Fogel got 10 years for child pornography. He will probably serve a little more than 5. If my memory is correct, then that will place him eligible for parole really soon.

        My point is that we should take these high profile cases of famous people and reach out to them and make them advocates.

    • #22190 Reply

      Has anyone read the comments on this article on the USA Today site? Typical pathetic losers who think they know everything.
      First of all, Weiner and so many others go wrong with the “I’m sick, I need therapy”. No, he’s not “sick”, he’s what’s called in the social media circuit “an attention whore”.
      If he’s “sick” then so are 99% of the population who do the same things he did and when the moment arises that they happen to be in contact with a young teen, this thing called an “ego” kicks in, especially in older men.
      He is not sick, it’s the social media craze that is the cancer which is spreading to ALL age groups.

      Someone also commented that he should be kept away from his own kids. What a friggin jackass that person is to say that.

    • #22238 Reply
      Stay outraged

      He won’t have to register… if he did, it would have been mentioned at the time of sentencing and subsequently repeated in all the headlines.

      • #22257 Reply
        NY Level1

        Incorrect they have until the last day of sentence to decide and he will be on the Megans Club List my guess is level 2 for life and can apply after 30 years but what will happen is I am SURE is that he holds Israeli citizenship he will move there

      • #22260 Reply
        Yes, he does have to register

        Don’t know where you get he won’t have to register as the Judge said he did. Read this article:

        Anthony Weiner Gets 21 Months in Prison for Sexting With Teenager

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      I believe we all have a bit of sexual carnality, aren’t we all carnal by nature? Did not the President say some offensive things during his past? If truth be told doing something in public is one thing and doing something on the internet is another. Case in point they wanted me to send pictures so I sent them a picture. No it wasn’t a nude as I knew this was some type of trap. They even wanted me to bring condoms and other things. When human’s judge others especially in a court of law who is trying to get the best of who. Can we all say prosecution? See courts do not want to shame themselves and especially the All mighty government. What was that saying. Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

      Now if the sex offender is some type of scientific study than I don’t even know what’s right or wrong with America. Maybe we all just need to be incarcerated. I wonder what’s next. Hopefully someone can speak up for the truth about these internet sex sting issues. Knowing and not knowing who’s talking to who are two different animals.

    • #22340 Reply

      Anybody knows what happened to the case in California where the entire police department was under inquiry for sleeping with an underage girl? One of the cops even committed suicide. Haven’t heard anything about that incident.

    • #22387 Reply

      Anthony Weiner plead guilty to federal charge USC 18-1470 (Transfer of obscene material to a minor). This charge/crime is NOT on SORNA’s list of “specified federal offenses” which require sex offender registration. Therefore, I suggest he fight being forced to register under SORNA for a crime that is not a SORNA requirement.

      • #22483 Reply


        While that may be true, his own name (notoriety with it), the act and the stigma related to it probably could dog him for the rest of his life as punishment itself, especially given what he passed while in Congress and spoke about publically related to the topic. He will hopefully continue to seek his treatment even after release long beyond what is mandated.

    • #22444 Reply
      Phys Ed

      This case is tragic indeed, not so much for any egregious crime Weiner committed, but for what the law mandates what’s to be done with him. His has always been a fantasy-based non-contact offense. Whatever the culpability, from urinating in an alleyway because of an enforced homelessness to the most viscious rapist-killer of pre-pubescent children – all are thrown onto a pile for a societal Auto-de-fe burning at the stake. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • #22482 Reply

      Agree with Maestro, on this point. He broke down because he feels embarrassed and remorseful. He loves himself and got a kick out of doing what he did. The social media, dating sights, pornography in general, all lead to distorted thought resulting in actions that otherwise would not occur. To suggest that he should stay away from his children or any children is in fact ludicrous. In all my wildest dreams I would never envision a world so screwed up as to what is happening to registered people and their families. It is right up there with the most unimaginable disgraceful times in modern history, a complete farce!

      • #22493 Reply

        Thank you for agreeing with me on my point about social media attention whores. Because that’s exactly what it all boils down to.
        I used to have a FB page for 4 yrs before somehow (face recognition perhaps) FB deleted it.
        I have a new FB page but this time I have only 5 people whom I actually know in person as my friends on there and I only use it to keep up with the Bluray & DVD market (since that’s the retail entrepreneurship I’ve had for years).

        I also have an IG (instagram) which I’ve had since IG started. I’ve deleted many of the so called “followers” after seeing post upon post of nothing but these people sexualizing themselves as if there is nothing more to them as human beings other than how they look or how “thick” their asses are (Kim Kardashian wannabes).

        I’m a sexual human being and I don’t get offended by the naked human body, but on social media, it is very clear that these people (mostly women, surprisingly) only value themselves on their sex appeal.
        I find the idea of “sexual liberation” from the liberal left to be contradictory to the same group on the left who claim “feminism” and assume that all men are rapists and only want sex from women. The hypocrisy is REAL!
        And so, after the election when I posted a simple post stating that we should at least give Trump a chance to see how he will help the country, I got hateful comments and people unfollowing me. I laughed and put up another post calling them out and telling the rest of the hypocrites on the liberal left to please do me the favor of removing themselves from following me as they know f*ck squat about politics when all they do all day long is post photos of their asses and their tummies (standing in front of a mirror pulling their shirt up to expose their belly as “sexy”) and degrading themselves while saying everyone else (who isn’t liberal) degrades them.

        And for the record, I’m an independent. I don’t identify with either political party because both sides have good ideas and both sides can be retarded.
        The joy I get from stories like Weiner is that it slaps the population of voters in their faces when a politician who lobbied for tougher sex offense laws turns around and commits a sexual offense. To me that’s a glorious day of laughter and celebration because these are the leaders the sheeple love to follow and agree with whenever they speak bad about ANY person who screwed up and got tangled in the criminal justice system.
        Now look who’s tangled in it. GOOD! Keep them coming.
        Pretty soon there will have to be a study on how many politicians and law enforcement agents are on the registry so that people will once and for all come to the realization that a criminal can turn out to be ANYBODY.

    • #22653 Reply
      Sue Wearethepeople

      So does the 15 year old girl, get to keep the money? Did Weiner even know her age? I can bet you, she knew who he was, and his age.

    • #23088 Reply

      Hey when any family member goes to jail its upsetting. I have to agree with Maestro on this one. Course to be honest I never did like face book and was getting tired of all this stuff. Sure its nice to have a good conversation with a friend but someone on a sex site at random or whatever the situation was is a bit much. Than to find out that it was law enforcement is a bit overbearing. Even talking of range of one’s peer age is a bit much and can get a bit fuzzy and out of focus.
      Manipulation is a key player in this game of chance. Best thing to do is say just stay off of social media. As for me I try to keep positive and say good things come out of bad. I’m sorry for this Anthony Weiner person as that just goes to show you that some people even in congress can screw up. A lot that went on behind the scenes we may never know but even congress is not carnal proof when it comes to illegal activities.. I hate to use the word ” sin squad” but it seems that something isn’t right in Denmark .
      Nothing wrong with hooking up with one’s peer group providing its legal age, but leaving the sex- sexting along as you never know who you are talking to, but when government does this it sort of changes things. So who’s right and who’s wrong and you know government isn’t gonna be involved with someone in their own government doing this sexting thing as that would tarnish their reputation.

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