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In the interest of time, we are asking members to contact their local probation office and Sheriff’s department to find out what provisions are being made for Registered Sex Offenders and Predators in each County/City. Since registrants are excluded from most emergency shelters and a significant proportion of this population are homeless, we strongly advise against waiting until the last…

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ACLU to MI registrants: Please remain compliant

ACLU of Michigan . . . We recommend that all registrants stay SORA-compliant until there is a final judgment. State criminal courts are not bound by federal appellate decisions (except for U.S. Supreme Court decisions), and is not yet clear how Michigan state courts will apply the Does v. Snyder decision. We strongly recommend full compliance to avoid criminal charges or other consequences.…

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Tenth Circuit splits in holding revocation enhancements for SOs unconstitutional

By Robin . . . Splitting two-to-one in a case out of Oklahoma, a panel of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has held that 18. U.S.C. 3583 (k) violates the 5th and 6th Amendments by requiring a revocation judge to impose a longer sentence for the original conviction based on the facts presented for purposes of revocation (and upon which…

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