Simple exposure brings lifetime of cruel and unusual treatment for disabled son, family

By Lenore Skenazy….

The woman who looked to be about 60 walked up to the podium and spoke in a quiet voice. She was at a St. Louis synagogue that was hosting an evening of presentations about the sex offender registry. I spoke, too. But this mom’s story has haunted me in the weeks since. I asked for a copy of her speech, which is below. She prefers to remain anonymous. – L.


I am a mother, advocate and caretaker of a 30 year old young man with IDD. That is an intellectual and developmental disability, formally called Mentally Retarded. I am also the co-founder of a national group called Legal Reform for the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled.

My son has been on the [sex offender] registry since 2012. But the story really begins on December 5, 1986. A baby boy was born. Everything seemed fine. A healthy, happy baby. The first few milestones were met. Crawling, walking and making cute baby sounds. At age 2 there were very few words. At age 3, no progress was made in speech and the seizures started. Testing began.

In the Spring of 1991 we sat across the desk of the doctor at Children’s’ Memorial Hospital and received the difficult results of all the testing. We were told our son had deficits, cognitively and developmentally. Most importantly, we would need to prepare for Adam’s future because he would need to be cared for for the rest of his life.

This conversation changed the course of our lives. I gave up a career so I could devote my life to my son’s education and care. The decision was made to not have any more children so we would have the time for both our children and also more resources for their future.

I spent many years learning all about my son’s rights for an education and volunteering and working in all his schools so I could keep watch. All this was to integrate our son in the community and try to establish a happy life for him.

His love was competing in Special Olympics. He played softball, soccer, boccie ball, bowling and golfing.  He swam and competed in power lifting. He has many gold medals that he is so proud of. His social life was spending supervised time with his peers in special recreation activities, such as a movie or a dinner out or a game night. He learned to scuba diving through the Diveheart Organization, who teach diving to the disabled. He was so happy when he did his scuba diving. Due to registry rules and regulations, Adam is no longer able to participate in any of the above.

My son does not date. He will never marry or have children. He will never have a career. His life is with us, his parents. He cannot cook for himself or pay bills or even take a phone call. He has sensory issues. He cannot wear certain fabrics of clothes. He wet the bed until the age of 16 when he finally gained control. He needs help with his daily living.  He had a small part-time job for 5 years hosting and cleaning tables at a restaurant. He was let go because of his conviction.

When our nightmare began in 2012, we had a risk assessment done on Adam. The assessment showed that Adam had very little sexual knowledge and had no sexual perversions. He is a polite, compassionate and naive young man who functions at about the age of ten years old. My son cannot distinguish when someone is lying to him. He is extremely susceptible to persuasion. Teachers, aides and psychologists wrote reports fearing that he would someday be taken advantage of.

That someday came in 2012. A 22-year-old neighbor coerced my son to expose himself to an underage female. We also found out that this neighbor had been sexually molesting my son for a period of time. My child was arrested along with his OWN MOLESTER and charged with the same 19 felonies. We fought this travesty for a year in court.

Our attorneys feared if we went to trial the prosecutor would manipulate my son into saying whatever he wanted him to say. Years of documents were submitted to the court showing evidence of his disabilities. Medical reports, school reports, psychologists reports, risk assessments, letters from neighbors, friends and family.

The prosecutor offered a plea deal. One misdemeanor charge of exploitation of a minor, 2 years probation with an ankle bracelet and ten years on the registry. Our son could not survive in prison. We took the plea. On the day we accepted the plea, our attorneys whispered in his ear what he had to say to the judge, because he did not understand.

My son was fitted with an ankle bracelet that he was so scared of he slept for 2 years with his leg on a pile of blankets because he was afraid that if he moved it would go off and they would come to get him. My son had to leave our home since the victim lived next door. He is incapable of surviving on his own. My husband moved out with my son so he could care for him. We all had to follow the curfews for 2 years and get him where he needed to be. I cut work hours to take him to probation check in. We have to take him to register. We are responsible for all the rules and regulations because my son is incapable of understanding the requirements.

The registry restrictions drag families into fear, instability and emotional distress. For me, it let to a road of anxiety meds, antidepressants, sleeping pills and therapy. My husband now has high blood pressure and depression. My son has health problems, depression and the last 2 psychologist reports done in 2015 and 2016 show his IQ falling.

This is due to isolation and no stimulation. No more Special Olympics. He was let go from his small part time job cleaning tables. This was the source of his independence. No one will hire him now. He sits at home all day isolated and lonely.

The financial toll on our family has been devastating. We have spent over $150,000 of our retirement money and money we saved for our son’s future care on attorneys, court costs, probation fees, registration fees and relocating my son and husband. (I have remained in our nearby home for the time being.)

We are a good, law-abiding Christian family brought to our knees by a system that makes no attempt to look at people as individuals and recognize their needs, their supports and their vulnerabilities.

We recently learned that when the ten years my son received on the registry are up in 2023, at which time my husband and I will be in our 70s, we will still all be bound by the other rules and regulations for the rest of our lives. Where will my child go when my husband and I are no longer here to care for him? No group home will take him. No nursing home will have him. His sister loves him dearly and will take care of him, BUT…. how will she be able to?

I provided a life for my son so he could receive the support, socialization, and services he needs to survive and flourish for the rest of his life. Instead we all live with in isolation, fear and the stigma that we are “scum of the earth.”

If any of you have or know someone with a special needs child, you all know that when the child is young everyone – the schools, the community — try to do what they can for the child. When that little special needs child grows up their disabilities don’t go away, but society doesn’t care any more. That person who still has a child’s mind gets thrown aside in the name of the criminal justice system.

Lenore again: This mom ended by asking listeners to work to reverse the laws that turn the intellectually disabled into lifetime pariahs. She also urged us to go to and sign the petition for “Abolish the Sex Offender Registry.”  And she invited us to visit the very spare LIRRD site where it says:

Currently, the criminal justice system makes little or no attempt to understand this population or to recognize their unique needs, supports and challenges. Criminal prosecutions of these individuals often lead to disastrous consequences for children and their families without any benefit to the public.

Our goal is to make changes that will save these children from the unnecessary cruelty that the criminal justice system is putting them through. Implementing this goal will require educating legislators, prosecutors and judges about this population and their need to be understood, rather than prosecuted, by the legal system.

Free-Range Kids believes that Adam’s ordeal is not making children any safer. At the same time, people with intellectual disabilities are at grave risk of being branded as “sex offenders” when they are actually innocent in so many senses of the word. These laws must change. – L

Source: Free Range Kids


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      The sex offender registry has destroyed so many lives . It has caused so many to be isolated and hopeless and some even take their own life. No where else is a criminal punished for the rest of his life. A life sentence of hate and being bullied and on public display with there address and place of employment give so they can’t even hide from the witch hunters and their need to destroy them . This is proven to not help keep children safer! In fact children of those on the sex registry are more likely to end their life because of the worlds cruel laws isolating entire families from eve helping each other. It’s cruel and unusual punishment and it carries life sentence . Please stop tbis insanity and abolish it!

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      Ok i just got done calling the state for the registry. They told me to keep continuance until I get an actual letter from them. They do not know when or how long it will take to get it done. They are aware of the ex-post facto clause. That’s all they can tell me.

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        Robin Vander Wall
        Robin Vander Wall

        What in the world are you talking about?

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          I bet he is talking about PA’s Supreme Court ruling and when he’ll be removed from the registry. They are obviosly dragging their feet about that. I would like to hear more about that and about any pressure being put on the state to comply with the ruling.

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      Donnie G

      This story shows a true travesty of justice yet I wonder what other system could be used to control the actions of one who didn’t (and may never) be able to police himself? I hope this young man catches a break, I really do.

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      Jerry P.

      Like so many others… This story breaks my heart… On the registry myself… My heart breaks daily… Chipping away piece by piece… Until one day I will meet my maker, and be forever free


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      Grace Imburgia

      I am appalled at what they are doing. This poor family. I know , to, first hand because we are in the same position. The laws to change.

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      I have a lady I see from time to time and yes she is my church chaperone but now she is in a nursing home. Yes people with disabilities have it really rough. I see many in nursing homes when I go see my friend. Sure I admit I had a little brain tumor when I was three but I got thru all this and now my probation officer says I’m smarter than some of the folks in these sex offense ordeals. I even told my probation I have one of the best advocates going. He didn’t even know Jesus Christ is the best advocate. If everybody reads Romans 13 carefully they will find out all of a lot of this is a farce. Sure I’ve have nightmares’ but after 5 yrs. on probation enough is enough. I cannot image what disabled people go thru with all this oppression much less their well being and their emotional state of mind.

      So you see civil law is clashing with Christian law and these two don’t mix. So how do you abuse someone that’s disabled? You know the love of money is the root to all evil and other kids’ putting others up to things like showing themselves to others is a bit out of character and than someone finds out and than police get involved and think they are doing something to protect others. What if that person didn’t want to be protected anyway. We all something have to let things go by the wayside but true justice is what most all sex offenders need. Emotional status’s can heal but when you beat someone down with emotional strain than you have to use the word of the Lord effectively. And believe it or not Christian’s have made mistakes also. Even the police officer that busted me said before I entered the court room, when ask if he was a Christian, finely told me. That’s what you call brother lee love or loving thy neighbor… I don’t think so.

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      I guess my comment was too direct to get posted.
      I think I’m done here.

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        Sandy Rozek
        Sandy Rozek

        You know what you need to do. Clean up the language. Keep the strong anti-religion and anti-American rant down. It is okay to say you think religion is a myth and stupid. It is not okay to say those who are religious are stupid. It’s okay to say America has problems that seriously need to be fixed and that some lawmakers and law enforcement are cruel and corrupt and that you don’t trust any of them. It’s not okay to say that America is the worst country on earth and that every official is scummy trash and that anyone who believes there are any good ones is a stupid idiot. As for the language…I think you know where the line is.

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          First of all, I am NOT “antiAmerican.” I just state the obvious facts which are the ridiculous laws made by people with their heads shoved up their own asses and they’re the people running the country. WE as the taxpayers do not get to vote on laws.

          Second; You have the ability to edit any language I use prior to posting my comments. In the comment which you decided was too grown up for the virgin eyes on here to read, I took the liberty of censoring my own words by using an asterisk in place of certain letters.

          And to Mr Jonny Everyman,

          Do swear words hurt? They are words aren’t they? They are found in the dictionary and therefore I will use them when I am passionate about something.
          Also, I do stay on topic. It’s not my fault if reading comprehension is not anyone’s strong point on here.

          I made a damn good comment in regards to these PIECES OF (let me censor myself) S**T who decided that a mentally retarded man should be labeled a sex offender.

          How about everyone stops crying about language and just allow us to speak our DIRECT THOUGHTS about these issues? I’m not going to pretend I’m not angry with this crap just to please some folks who want to pretend they’ve never used such language in their lives.

          “Anti American” you say…. Ha!
          Anti-religion, damn skippy. And I don’t recall referring to anyone here being “stupid” for their religious beliefs. I just point out how religion itself is stupid, contradictory and extremely dated.

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            Robin Vander Wall
            Robin Vander Wall


            I overruled the rest of the editorial staff and allowed your comment/reply to post. It’s an uncomfortable position for me because I work very closely with these folks on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. Aside from your prolific use of our comment sections over time, I really don’t know you from Adam. So, I hope you’ll appreciate the fact that I’m sticking my neck out in the interest of a free and fair exchange of ideas, opinions, and all things Americana–and I’m doing so at the risk of losing the respect and admiration of my own friends.

            There is a level of civil discourse we expect from the people who post here. Yes, you are correct that we have the option to edit anyone’s comment before it’s approved. We do a fair amount of editing for clarity and presentation. But we rarely edit for substance or content. If something is too objectionable, we simply don’t post it. This is not an uncommon policy for any organization that manages a forum, prints a newspaper, or provides a public space for anyone to expound his or her thoughts and opinions. We really do not feel as though we are asking a great deal from anyone who posts to maintain a modest level of respect and decorum….and especially to keep in mind that the folks on the other side of your screen are working tirelessly for the same (or similar) ends you likely seek. All of them volunteers, I might add.

            Much of what you write has its audience. But not everyone is going to agree with you. I expect that you understand that. Persuasion is a difficult rhetorical skill to master. Some say there is nobody really trying to master it anymore since the tone and tenor of social discourse has, of late, been more akin to lobbing anvils at the other guy until he’s drowned out or simply too dead to say anything further. In the end, nobody is persuaded of anything rightly or wrongly. There’s just a lot of noise and pollution in the air. “Might makes right” sort of thing.

            This should not be construed as any kind of warning or notice that your privileges are likely to be revoked. We want you to feel comfortable posting here and speaking your mind. But it would be a huge assist to us if you would nudge your level of self-censorship up just a wee bit more in an effort to smooth the way. Give that a try?


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            This article should be making even the imaginary Devil’s blood boil. And I responded to this article with EXACTLY how I felt about it. How is it possible that anyone in here would have gotten offended at my response to an article?
            If I referred to the lawmakers as “sumbags” well…how does that offend anyone here? We’re all in the same boat due to these scum bags who would, at the drop of a hat, try to protect and defend one of their own loved ones who gets caught up with a sex offense charge. ESPECIALLY if that loved one is mentally challenged.

            What’s the point of having research and studies and therapy to be helpful to mentally challenged people if we’re also going to hold them fully responsible for their child-like actions? How does this make a damn bit of sense to ANYONE with a brain in their cranium?

            Your attorneys should seriously drop everything they’re doing and go after the judge and prosecutor AND the cops for what they’ve done to this poor guy. Because if THEIR child was the one who was mentally challenged and touched someone inappropriately or exposed himself by coercion, those judges, prosecutors and police would be 100% on the side of their mentally challenged love one and do all they could to stop a prosecution. But when it’s someone else’s kid – screw ’em! That conviction is another bonus. And Christmas is coming.

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            Sandy Rozek
            Sandy Rozek

            We find that thinking of others in terms of absolutes, especially when those absolutes are pejorative, is non-productive.

            This is part of the attitude we abhor, e.g., “Sex offenders are dangerous; they have all hurt someone.” You yourself know how untrue this is and have often railed against it.

            We and our advocates have, in quite a few different states, made progress and found some success in legislation by working with legislators. Were we to adapt the attitude that all — or even most — legislators are scum, that would be harmful to our willingness to embrace a collaborative position with the very people who can help us. Who would want to align themselves with someone who was thought of as scum?

            And….”our” attorneys? Maestro, we don’t have attorneys on staff. We are an all-volunteer organization. All of our work is done by our all-volunteer board of directors and a few other dedicated, hard-working volunteers. We have been fortunate to have in several instances gained the interest of civil rights attorneys who were already involved or interested in being involved in cases that held promise for benefiting a significant number of people on the registry. That is one of our major goals. We hope you are in agreement with it.

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            Just because I of anyone else here in this discussion says that these justices system goodie-two-shoes are scum doesn’t mean I expect you and your professionals to go saying that to them. I have said before on here that I do not claim to be nor attempt to be “professional” in the things I say. I say it in layman’s terms and I hope that you at least catch on to what I’m saying and perhaps can re-word it more professionally in your future endeavors against these ridiculous laws and convictions.
            There ARE ways to be professional and make someone feel ridiculous for what they’ve done. Such as how ridiculous AND ASHAMED this judge and prosecutor should feel for what they did to a man with a mental illness.
            What’s next? Putting a person with Down syndrome on the registry because he forgot to pull up his zipper after using the restroom in a public place?
            These lawmakers, judges and prosecutors ARE scum. But you can find a more professional way of saying that to them and making sure they “feel the burn”.

          • #20102 Reply
            Sandy Rozek
            Sandy Rozek

            You miss my point. Of course I would never call them scum. I do not think of them as scum. If I saw them as scum in my mind, I would have difficulty seeking collaboration with them. I would feel hypocritical if I thought they were scum but encouraged our state affiliate leaders to continue working with them in drafting, supporting, or opposing legislation. It would be ethically dishonest.

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        As to the young man with developmental disabilities who took a plea bargain — was he ever asked to be evaluated for legal competency? If he was NOT legally competent, then he should have not been able to enter into a plea or stand trial.

      • #19963 Reply
        Jonny everyman

        No one is trying to censure you. The only request is that you follow the forum rules it’s not that difficult

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      Darrel Hoffman

      This is the results of a witch hunt started in the ’80’s with the McMartin School incident and people like Oprah Winfrey who have cried for years about “child molesters” and the “evil sex offenders” who need to be dropped off in the Atlantic Ocean and run off the face of the Earth. Rather than actually looking at the situation and making common sense decisions, politicians from BOTH parties have run helter skelter to pass as many of these archaic and ridiculous laws in spite of the Constitution just so they can say they’re tough on “sex offenders” and get re-elected. The all started with that little girl in New Jersey, Megan, who now has a law named after her because of a sex offender who didn’t learn his lesson the first time, who turned around and lured her into his home where he assaulted and killed her. Her grieved and bitter parents pushed this law not caring about the ramifications it would have on others. Did this law bring back their daughter? No!!! Does it prevent others from molesting children? NO!!! What it does do is violate our Constitution on several issues, but the Supreme Court won’t hear it, bypassing the issue by saying it’s not a “punishment”. Since when is life-time probation NOT a punishment? And now we read how a mentally disabled young man is molested himself and taught by an evil person to expose himself when he has no cognitive understanding of what he was doing. This should have NEVER went to trial let alone plea bargain. My nephew went through the same thing here in Michigan and this State threatened to civilly commit him as a threat to society, although he hardly leaves the house. Shame on this country to prosecute such persons in the name of a witch hunt!!!!!

    • #19902 Reply

      How can we have respect for a system that allows this? Why, at some point in this farce, didn’t someone with some common sense intervene? Is the DA proud of this conviction?

      I’m so sorry for this young man and his family. Sooner or later, justice will prevail.

    • #19901 Reply

      What can anyone say to assuage your pain and fears for your son. They are in fact real. That this so-called “shining beacon on a hill” has become an abomination to common sense, compassion and respect for its own Constitution breaks my heart for her, her son and all others similarly situated.

      This family truly are the victims in this case. An evil manipulator of this challenged young man, an ambitious, overzealous prosecutor and a twisted system of so-called justice applying the full power of government to ruin the lives of a family already immensely challenged speaks to just how far down the rabbit hole a so-called freedom loving people have allowed themselves to be led.

      All I can offer are my prayers. This family is truly in them after reading this post.

      • #19929 Reply
        Gwen Doshen

        And by the way my son’s conviction was a bogus charge trumped up by a over zealous prosecutor with the victim being a 51 year old woman who connected with my son at 33 on a dating site. Pure trash and a convicted seller of marijuana. Employed by a strip club in Tampa.

    • #19911 Reply

      I have been coming here reading these and all posts for a long while now.
      I too am a RSO, do you really think that they(government) really care about what we think, or go through? Hell no!
      It is more profitable to keep us on the registry, than to get rid of it!
      This country (that I served as a US Marine) is no longer the same democrocy that it was. It is now a buracrocy, for the government by the government.
      So what really make one person, or group of persons believe that it (government) cares at all about us?
      Until major change, and I mean MAJOR, like another civil war, come about, we will be as we are…
      Maybe…. if all the RSO’s got together all 800,000 or so… went to Washington DC …. marched up to the whitehouse and stuck up our middle finger and said…”we ain’t gonna take it any more, to hell with your rules! Maybe… maybe
      But it it’ll never happen!

      “Maybe in the year 2424, if man is still alive”. Quote from an old song

      • #19920 Reply

        Millions of people have been marching since Trump’s inauguration and it hasn’t changed anything.

        • #20088 Reply


          What people have been marching since Trump’s inauguration? The only people I’ve seen “marching” were actually protesting, covering their faces, screaming at people calling everyone “Nazis” and, with their faces covered, they harassed, vandalized and committed other crimes which they cannot be brought to justice for because we allow them to cover their faces.

          • #20173 Reply

            You sure like painting large groups of people with the same brush. You would make a good pro-SORNA advocate.

          • #20341 Reply
            Jonny everyman

            I’m amazed you don’t see the irony of you being judged when you are so quick to judge others.

      • #19927 Reply
        Gwen Doshen

        My son died Sunday August 27th 2017. Living in Florida everyone knows is the worst state for sexual crimes. The police that came to get his body said they could not find his next of kin so I can only surmise that they were so stupid they did not know if his name was put in Google his next of kin would show immediately under his offender status? No they just treated him like a piece of garbage and the police officer was so incompetent he listed cause of death as natural causes which is not only illegal but incorrect. Then they took him to the charity morgue. Nobody has yet to call is and I was told by FDLE that his status would stay on the internet for a year even though he is DEAD. What a horrible place FL is and I can only wish that the officials experience an even worse experience than we have in the death of our son. We have lost a child and they don’t give a damn. I hope they rot in hell.

        • #19942 Reply
          Sandy Rozek
          Sandy Rozek

          Gwen, I tried to email you, and it didn’t go through. If you would, please contact me at

        • #19973 Reply
          Jerry P.

          My heart goes out to you and yours…
          Love and prayers your way…

      • #19921 Reply
        Carol S

        I feel sick at reading this. I know of a young man on the Autism spectrum in RI who also had had a photo on his phone sent by a peer and is now a RSO. But I imagine almost all people on the registry experience significant trauma. They certainly do in PA. Moreover, weekly “treatment” done in PA by mostly unlicensed and non-clinical people approved only for SVPs is forced upon all registrants for life or until they get off supervision. This causes further trauma and harm. My son was hospitalized twice ff. AWA for depression and suicidal thoughts and behavior. It’s long past time we think about suing the states for “intentional infliction of emotional harm” for irresponsibly forcing thousands of people to endure further trauma. People really have no idea what goes on.

      • #19962 Reply
        Jonny everyman

        I disagree there are a lot of people who sympathized with Luke Heimlech and wrote disparaging letters to the newspaper that threw him under the bus. Putting a human face to folks on the registry is a great way to fight the stereotype of the old dirty man in a white man.

      • #20087 Reply

        I’ve mentioned that several times on here about all of us marching on Washington or wherever we’d need to March and guess what…… they’re all scared!
        Someone even made the suggestion that they’d have handcuffs ready to arrest all 800,000 of us. That person needs a reality check BIG TIME.

        No one is ever going to do anything like that because even those who TRY to stick up for us keep pandering to the “we understand the victim’s life changing experiences” motto. As if every single person who was a teenager (and legal age differing from state to state) was soooooo harmed by a consensual sexual experience. Just because it’s illegal to do something with someone who isn’t yet 16 or 17 or 18 by that particular state’s laws, doesn’t mean the younger person MUST be referred to as a “victim”.
        How come when teenagers get ahold of drugs and alcohol they aren’t referred to as “victims”? Drugs and alcohol are NOT NATURAL acts. Sex and our sexuality and our desire to experience sex IS A NATURAL ACT.
        I can agree that if it’s against the law then it’s against the law. But if it’s no different than Elvis Presley and Priscilla, then it should NOT have to turn into a “omg the poor victim” fiasco.

        I was 15 when I sowed my wild oats with a 22 yr old woman whom I kept pushing for sex. Pushed and pushed until she caved. I was 2 weeks away from being the legal age in my state so technically she committed a sexual offense and I’m technically a “victim”. Ha!
        No one gets to tell ME how I feel about something as natural as sex at a POST PUBESCENT age. I am no more a victim than Donald Trump is a liberal.

        But no one dares to discuss these types of situations. Nope. It goes against the “what about the victim” narrative. Not to mention all those “victims” who eventually MARRIED their alleged perpetrators.

        • #20340 Reply
          Jonny everyman

          I have never seen anyone so reluctant to own up to their crime. You are truly incredible.

    • #19976 Reply

      I know this woman’s pain. My grandson, whom I’ve had legal custody of since he was two, was and is in the same situation. The charge may be a little different (accosting), but the situation is the same. With him, it was a girl within a group of people from high school, but she was 14 and he was 19. A condom fell out of his pocket while he was with a group of high school kids and she asked what it was. He told her and then tried to jokingly say “Do you want to use it with me?”. People with cognitive/ low IQ’s will gravitate towards younger people as their maturity is better matched. Everyone of those kids could out wit him. He was always in special ed – none of them ever were. There is more to the scenario, but the bottom line is, he said something considered inappropriate to a minor and was charged with accosting.

      His disability did not matter to the court or his own attorney, for that matter. He was ordered, as part of his probation, to attend group offender counseling. He had no idea what was being talked about or what was really expected of him and was kicked out of the group. Of course, they attempted to get him violating his probation. At least the judge finally showed some mercy and did not violate him. I give credit to his probation officer for the letter he sent to the judge for that.

      He is to be on the registry for 25 years and I don’t know how he will make it. He cannot drive or even handle his own affairs. Prior to the charge, we had hoped to place him in an apartment ran by the county community mental health, which would oversee him and provide transportation, but that cannot happen because he’s “on the list”. He could no longer attend his group activities with others like him because there was a day care center next to the building where they met.

      Now for the kicker, I thought maybe I would have the chance to oversee most of his time on the registry and make sure he’s timely on reporting along with all of the other rules, but I have been diagnosed with cancer and don’t know if I will make it the next five years. Per the doctors, my chances of survival are, at best, 17.2% for the next five years and even bleaker beyond that.

      These laws have to change!

    • #20032 Reply
      Registry Rage

      This woman was spot on about adults with Autism! Children diagnosed early on the spectrum are coddled and glorified, but there is NO emphasis on compassion or empathy for adults with Autism that were diagnosed later. I personally feel the authorities view adults with Autism as a mental abnormality and pose a “unique threat.”

      Autism Speaks is USELESS – just like the ACLU – when it comes to speaking up for people with disabilities on the registry!

    • #20436 Reply

      I need the link for this article and it should be sent to every Autism support group in the US.

      I believe we should stick to having respect for people of different beliefs. And that includes Trump and my right to vote and support who I like in public office. I happen to be a Trump supporter and I feel he is a real hope for these laws to be changed. But we need to get the facts to him. He is not overly religious and he is not after money. He has plenty. I am tired of everyone blaming him for everything. Maybe you should actually listen to some of the things he says. I hear more compassion and usually his bluntness proves to be correct. (dishonesty of FBI director no matter whose side your are on as he blows with the wind)

      The common ground is to get back to the constitution. My right to have a Trump sticker along with a sticker for sex offender laws being changed on my car and not fear having support for either one will bring me harm or put fear in my heart. everyone has the right to be treated fairly and be able to use the evidence such as when a 14 year old lies on the internet saying she is 18 and confirm to police that the boy never new her real age and then that fact isn’t even allowed in court so the victim who was the accused must be a sex offender for life. The law should not prevent you from having all facts equally presented. and it should not cost a fortune. So what this means we have to get good lawyers involved. And I cannot understand why this is not more important to the Civil Liberties Union who would rather support people destroying property and taking away my rights to peacefully support who I think will do the best job in a system that is totally tainted and corrupt.

      Lets get past the name calling and the blame and work for fair solutions and treatment, You would be very surprised at who I can tell this story to and who has another story to tell that is worse. Even a famous fox news caster had this type of story play out his kids high school. But every one is afraid to speak out.

    • #22496 Reply

      A couple of months ago, Nashville conducted a significant drug bust. One of the individuals arrested had a prior record. According to the report on the news, he had spent two(2) years in the department of correction on drug and weapons charges. However, since his release in 2009, his whereabouts had not been monitored. Drugs and weapons? Do these not seem to be charges that would warrant monitoring? Where are our priorities?

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