Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?

Trevor Hoppe, University at Albany, State University of New York

Public sex offender registries are at the forefront of what I’ve described in my research as a “war on sex.”

Offenders convicted of sex crimes are now singled out for surveillance and restrictions far more punitive than those who commit other types of crime. More than 800,000 Americans are now registered sex offenders. Tracking them has created a booming surveillance industry.

In my work on sex offender registries, I have found that black men in the U.S. were registered at rates twice that of white men – resembling disparities found in the criminal justice system at large. However, these findings speak to the scope of the problem of American sex offender registries, as approximately 1 percent of black men in the U.S. are now registered sex offenders. My research suggests that inequality is deeply tied to sex offender policies.

Marked for life

Studies have found that rates in sex offender registration have ballooned more than 24 percent between 2005 and 2013. I wondered, is this in line with other trends in American corrections?

Data show it is not.

Although the U.S. still incarcerates far more people than any other country in the world, correctional supervision rates in the U.S. (including people in jail or prison as well as those on parole or probation) peaked in 2007 and have been declining since, albeit at a molasses pace. That means sex offender registries have grown while the prison population has shrunk.

Imagine being punished for something you did three decades ago. You served your time and thought it was in the past. Under American sex offender laws, moving on is nearly impossible: Most state policies are retroactive, meaning they apply to offenders who committed offenses before these laws were put in place. While these laws are the subject of several ongoing court battles, most remain in effect.

A sex offender registry board image.
AP Photo/Steven Senne

Offenders are subject to extensive public notification requirements, which include state-run search engine listings that feature their address, mugshot, criminal history and demographic information. In some cases, offenders are also required to publicly post flyers with their pictures or run newspaper notices advertising their residency. Some states, such as Louisiana, stamp “SEX OFFENDER” in large red script on driver’s licenses.

Having a mugshot disseminated across internet search engines is only the tip of the iceberg; once registered, offenders are subject to a wide array of housing and employment restrictions.

In many places in the U.S., sex offenders are effectively zoned out of cities and towns because there are no residential areas that satisfy all of the numerous regulations. For example, offenders may be prohibited from living within a certain number of feet from a playground.

They are often left with no choice but to live under highways or in improvised communities, such as the one in Pahokee, Florida depicted in the New York Times 2013 short film, “Sex Offender Village.”

Why have registries?

Punishment scholar Jonathan Simon argues that the rise of sex offender registries is the result of lawmakers’ efforts to “govern through crime.” In other words, today’s lawmakers assert their authority by enforcing order and promoting fear of crime. This approach differs from, say, politicians who secure authority by promoting a social welfare agenda and social safety net.

Lawmakers offer a different explanation. They argue that more invasive policies are necessary because sex offenders are highly likely to commit future crimes. In their view, informing the public of their criminal history will offer protection. But as the U.S. federal government’s Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking notes, sex offender registration requirements “have been implemented in the absence of empirical evidence regarding their effectiveness.”

Now that all 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. have developed such registries, the evidence testing the effectiveness of sex offender registries is beginning to mount. It is mixed, at best.

Do registries work?

One study followed sex offenders who were labeled “high-risk” for reoffending and who were released from Wisconsin prisons in the late 1990s. That study compared offenders who were subjected to limited public notification requirements with those who were subjected to extensive requirements. The researchers found no significant difference in the average time between release and a future offense. In other words, extensive public notification did not deter future offenses.

However, another study evaluated the likelihood of reoffending for sexual offenders labeled “high risk” released from Minnesota state correctional facilities. Here researchers found that offenders subject to community notification were somewhat less likely to commit another sexual offense.

Finally, a recent study found that sex offenders released in Florida between 1990 and 2010 had lower rates of recidivism than offenders of other types of crime – 6.5 percent for sex offenses, as compared to 8.3 percent for nonsexual assaults and 29.8 percent for drug offenses. Moreover, that study found that recidivism rates increased after the state legislature implemented sex offender registration requirements in 1997.

While the evidence is mixed that these policies are effective at deterring crime, the evidence of their collateral consequences is more consistent. Several studies of registered sex offenders have revealed how registries reinforce class inequality by creating patterned experiences of unemployment, harassment and homelessness.

From a public safety perspective, scholars note that registries provide the public with a false sense of security: While the existence of sex offender registries reinforces a myth of “stranger danger,” most offenders in reality are acquaintances or family members. Balancing the thin support of the registries’ effectiveness against the more robust evidence of their negative effects, one scholar recently concluded these policies do more harm than good.

The ConversationMy research suggests there is also a racialized dimension to the war on sex offenders that complicates arguments in their favor. The evidence does not strongly suggest registries are effective at deterring crime. Rather, their most lasting impact may be their exacerbation of inequalities based on race, class and gender.

Trevor Hoppe, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University at Albany, State University of New York

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

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      John Anon

      ..FYI – Alabama drivers license has , in BOLD RED letters: CRIMINAL SEX OFFENDER written on them.

      • #18464 Reply

        Criminal sex offender….like there is any other kind. Even the legislation for drivers licenses has hate forged into the wording. Clearly redundant and designed to be demeaning.

    • #18340 Reply
      Jonny everyman

      My state just passed a law banning withholding housing from those with convictions. Guess who is not included.

    • #18429 Reply
      Darrel Hoffman

      More and more studies are showing that these unconstitutional registries are not deterring crime any more than the harsh sentencing laws against drug dealers did. And that tired argument that “sex offenders re-offend so often” in order to get around the Constitutional prohibition against Ex-Post Facto bills and Bills of Attainder shows that when it comes to sex, the Constitution is subjective to the mood of the public, which it is not supposed to be. The Supreme Court side stepped the issue by declaring that such laws were not “punishment”, a key element in finding laws are ex-post facto or bills of attainder. However, if you look closely at Michigan’s rules of parole/probation for those released on such and compare to the requirements of the registry, they are identical in every way with the exception that one cannot get off the registry like those on parole’probation can. No one would argue that parole/probation are continuations of the sentence, which is punishment for the crime; so, why isn’t the registry the same thing? Is it not life-time probation? The Supreme Court needs to take a second look at this without the blindness of public acceptance, but with the eyes of what the Constitution really intended for those convicted of crimes.

    • #18432 Reply
      Alan R Hyde

      Do they work? I like to know ? Has it stop sex crimes? Why has the system fail to have other crimes listed? Thief, what? O k for some one to rob you ? Please note that a sex crime was miss use of property. And what if a sex criminal get his case “set aside” and dismissed? I mean the judge ruled the the matter for which the verdict was set aside. For the can happen? The system will refuse to even look at it. Having a innocent man on a list. Man sound like a great Christian thing. I would like to as our election leaders ” would they like to life like this?” Man for over 22 years I myself have seen nothing be fear run rapid. I am a RSO with a court order which “set aside” and dismissed the case. I just do not have $25,000.00 for a attorneys to sue the state. The state of Texas has the Registered Sex law. In the charter. 62.002 tell one how one can be taken off. The issue is, The State will not enforce the very same law. What kind of standard of life do we have when we can violate other law abilities just because of simply in fear? Oh, it was done with the Japanese American.. In our great War, World War II our courtyard placed them in camps far away. And enlisted young men to fight a war. Look at that. Now protection of our kids right? Look at the story of karate kid. In that war, they was trying to show they was just as any other American. The record show they had a 300% wound and over 17 earn our highest award. Just so they can return to be called a nip.
      I live in a city were RSO can not be in a city park. They work pay taxes obey the laws and harm no one. I read the mission statement of the city park statement. The service are to be for all. Protection of children, what happen to parents protection and keeping a eye on the children. Wow what a odd idea. And the state can do it for free. Why do the state have what call CPS, child protectionist service. At a time adult presants told the child go out play. Play with your friends well that wrong. That child must be under the parent watchful eye. I have found were it against the constitution as well.

    • #18433 Reply
      V. Lee Griffith

      So much of it does not make sense. A young man in college has porn on his computer and gets sentenced for six years and registration. If I watch a movie showing a murder, does it make me a murderer? Porn is wrong but haven’t we gone overboard with punishment? If you are caught with porn on your computer, you are treated the same as a rapist. These people are sentenced to a life time of punishment for a crime of having watched porn in college. Talk about extreme! Unfortunately, it is usually the naive young men that they go after because they are easy targets. Research shows that most of these young men have flawless records. Yet, congress and the BOP chooses to crucify them. Housing in returning to society is just one issue. They are labeled for life because of looking at porn in college. Many judges do not agree with the proposed penalty but, if they want to “climb the ladder”, they go along with the harsh penalty. We are taking people out of society to punish them for life! These are people that could have had good productive jobs and been an asset to their community. When a young man goes to prison, his family goes to prison too. Life is taken from the parents of that young person. I am personally aware of a young mother and wife trying to find housing for the family when her husband returns home from prison in a few months. This young father had porn on his compute and received eight years in prison. This mother was left with a child in arms. They are told that counseling will be provided for the inmates. There is NONE given. The years spent in prison are not in support of any rehab program. This type of punishment brings a new meaning injustice. When the families visit the facilities, they are treated like criminals themselves and talked down to.

      • #18517 Reply

        “Porn is wrong”….. what!?

        You kept saying “porn”. Did you mean child porn? Because no one is going to prison for watching adult porn.

        Btw, you did raise a good point and perhaps someone should bring it up during the next legislative session:

        “Does watching a movie with a murder in it make me a murderer?” We can even use Law & Order: SVU as an example. Lots of murdering going on in that TV show. Plus, I’d argue that the insinuation of the rapes and child molestations that occur in the show’s plots can give people ideas. (Not that I agree with that but if the powers that be want to make up horseshit reasons for everything sexual being a crime, we can start making up horseshit to sling right back at them).

        Let’s push them into forcing censorship and see how the rest of the country likes it.

    • #18434 Reply

      These laws are passed for the following reasons:

      (1) Because of our past choices and actions we are hated and unforgiven for what we’ve done, whether we raped an adult woman, an adult man, or molested/raped a teenager or young child.

      (2) Once we commit our offense, whatever it is, the rest of “respectable” society is of the opinion we forfeited all of our basic human rights and are no longer human beings of equal value to the rest of society. This is even deeper and more visceral when a child is involved.

      (3) All the talk about child safety is just legislator speak designed to mask the deep visceral personal animus the law is borne of so that it can be sure to pass constitutional muster. These laws would never stand if lawmakers uniformly came out and said, “We wish these sick monsters would be murdered in prison one by one, but since they’re not we have to put up with most of them again. We can dang sure legislate them out of mainstream society. We can ensure they don’t get to go to all the nice fun places like the rest of us. We can make sure they don’t live in our nicer neighborhoods. We can make it impossible for them to find a job. If they can’t get a job or a home, they’ll starve and die of exposure to the elements and we’ll be done with them. We can make our laws so onerous and oppressive that they’ll willingly go elsewhere and be someone else’s problem.” The personal animus toward sex offenders is visceral.

      • #18652 Reply
        Donnie G

        As a single offence (pre 1990) registrant in CA it’s been rough over the last 25+ years. 4 jobs lost, all friends, most relatives estranged, 3 residences and a wife and family I wouldn’t even meet yet for 5 years after my conviction. As an registrant at the lowest risk tier and with over 25 years without so much as a traffic ticket it still gets harder every year.

      • #18651 Reply

        “(2) Once we commit our offense, whatever it is, the rest of “respectable” society is of the opinion we forfeited all of our basic human rights and are no longer human beings of equal value to the rest of society. This is even deeper and more visceral when a child is involved.”

        I for one am sick of people saying anyone who commits a crime has forfeited all their rights. Many rights, especially human rights, are inalienable. They CANNOT be forfeited!

        “(3) All the talk about child safety is just legislator speak designed to mask the deep visceral personal animus the law is borne of so that it can be sure to pass constitutional muster. These laws would never stand if lawmakers uniformly came out and said, “We wish these sick monsters would be murdered in prison one by one, but since they’re not we have to put up with most of them again. …”

        Several legislators in Florida (and some other states) have already publicly done this (besides the Books family). Not a day goes by that I don’t hear one talking about “scorched earth” sex offender polices to keep RSOs out of their community. Numerous legislators have made it crystal clear that they use the registry as punishment and mean nothing civil by it.

    • #18456 Reply
      L.D. Mc Donald

      Pathetic how these Judge’s and Court’s have chosen to discriminate against anyone with a sex offense, absolutely no mercy shown or given. The Attorney’s have ruined our legal system to a point of no return…..self-righteous, arrogant and with not even caring about the people they’ve put away or helped ruin thousand’s of lives across the United States? Evil beyond word’s, especially here in Florida…. I’ve personally seen men trying to defend their good name, fight in trial to no avail….and sentenced to 30-40 year’s in prison for something they did not do… evidence, no witnesses, no defense ( oh maybe a Public Defender who does absolutely nothing to help their client) out spent by the deep pockets of the State Attorney’s Office and the power that they yield??? No hope or chance of getting out from false accusations, etc. Checking out Falsely Accused on line I see that 60% of those “accused” of a sex crime, are innocent, but yet the hardest crime to get out from under…especially without a “paid” Attorney….and even then most of them do nothing to help and force you to jump on a “plea deal” after you’ve been warehoused in a County Jail for many month’s or year’s! These State Legislature’s have “chosen” to get on this bandwagon too, using sex offender’s to elevate their Political ambitions….at the expense of thousand’s that are imprisoned and treated like dirt when they’ve served the time that was imposed upon them…..evil and a sign of a very sick society…..reminds me of a scripture in Matthew ……”whatever you do to the least of these….you do unto me”…….and many of them claim to be Christian’s…

      • #18516 Reply

        Maybe they read Numbers chapter 31 verses 17 and 18

        “kill all the men and women and men CHILDREN. But of the women CHILDREN, keep them for yourselves”

        And we all say Mohammed was the pedophile. Smfh

        Next time a “Christian” says something negative about my offense, I’m spitting in their face. I’ll take the “assault” charge. I’m so done with this sex “offense” horseshit.

        • #18567 Reply
          Sandy Rozek
          Sandy Rozek

          Maestro, a great many of the men and women in this organization and in this advocacy who are volunteering incalculable hours of their lives fighting for the rights and dignity of you and all others on the registry are Christian.

          Is that acceptable?

          • #18590 Reply

            People have the right to believe in whatever they want to believe in. If they want to pray to Chuck E Cheese, I care less. What bothers me is that Christians condemn us for our sexual actions yet it’s WRITTEN IN THEIR BIBLE THAT IT WAS ACCEPTED BY THEIR GOD.
            That’s the point I’m trying to make.
            Let’s not even begin to discuss King Solomon and his “concubines”. But yet Christians want to throw around the “sexual immorality” nonsense to everyone else.
            Old Testament/ New Testament, simply put; MAKE UP YOUR MINDS. If everyone’s going to say “that was the Old Testament” then just take that part of the novel out and make the Bible nothing but the New Testament. Then read what “Jesus” said in that New Testament about the old laws.

            Have you any idea how old the Bible scholars have put Mary at when she was impregnated by the “almighty”? She was between 13-15 yrs of age. And the man she was married to (Jospeh) was much, much older.

            What has happened? Do believers REALLY believe in the “word of god” or is playing Christian and using god as a weapon to condemn us just another one of those “feel good” issues that keep others thinking they’re better than anyone else?

          • #18625 Reply
            Sandy Rozek
            Sandy Rozek

            I ask you to do in regard to those who call themselves Christian what we ask all others to do in their attitudes toward those on the registry. Don’t think of and speak of them as though they were all the same. Some are hypocrites; some are not. Some are unsure about the relationship of the Old Testament to the New. Some are not. The faith of some is weak; of others it is strong, but in no one is it perfect or anywhere near perfect. Some have studied and have a fair to good understanding of the laws of God that are moral laws and apply to all and for all time and the cultural laws that were specific to God’s people in a specific place and in and for a specific time. Many do not.
            And I apologize to you and to all readers if I have given the impression, as I have to Saddles, that I am “battling” with you. That is not my intent. It is to discourage the generalization that paints everyone who falls in a certain category as though they were the same.

          • #18636 Reply


            The lawmakers, the courts and the rest of the people who condemn us use “God” against us. And that’s why I lash out at ALL religions. I’m sick of the hypocrisy.

            Sex is a NATURAL and NORMAL human function, trait, whatever you want to call it be it a noun, verb, etc. Even homosexual is NATURAL and found in damn near every species on the planet. Amazing what scientific studies vs biblical rhetoric can bring to light.

            I’ve read many comments on here where people are praising god and Jesus for jobs, housing, money, etc. They would have gotten the same results if they got on their knees every day and prayed to Ronald McDonald.
            And I’m not saying that to offend any of them.
            Personally MY life has gotten easier since abandoning religion. It’s like once we’re all off probation we can finally go to that mall and shop or go see a movie or go eat at a fast food restaurant and we don’t have to look over our shoulders worrying that our probation officer (“god”) might see us and violate us.
            “God” isn’t really helping anyone here regardless of whatever job prospects opened up for anyone here. God hasn’t taken you off the registry. God hasn’t made your probation officers any more open minded. God isn’t going to stop a potential loss of work or housing if someone makes a complaint about your sex offense and registry. Therefore, “god” should probably be kept out of these very serious issues. Let’s focus on real human beings that we can see and touch and talk to, not some invisible man in the sky who we’re simply putting faith in. How many years have some of us been on probation while holding this “faith”?

          • #18718 Reply
            Jonny everyman

            Maybe you shouldn’t paint Christians with a single brush? There are plenty of non Christians who hate sex offenders don’t be so naive

          • #18731 Reply

            And yet again you miss the POINTS I’m making.
            You sound very much like the liberal SJW’s and Antifa who don’t want to hear anything anyone else has to say and whatever few words a person gets to say over all their yelling and screaming just gets them called “racist, nazi scum”.

        • #18569 Reply
          Frustrating it is

          Get out of the Old Testament Maestro and get into the New Testament. While those who are against RCs live like Old Testament times, their comeuppance will be coming soon enough and may even come before they know it. Read Romans 12:17-19 and leave the vengeance to the Lord.

          • #18588 Reply

            If you’re going to claim that the Bible is “the word of god” then make up your mind which part of “his word” you’re going to follow. According to religion, you don’t get to choose.
            How about we all grow up and stop believing in fairytales? How about that?
            But since people want to believe in magic beings in the sky and claim that “his word is everlasting”, don’t try to be a biblical apologist by turning it around and saying “Well, that was the Old Testament”.
            Sorry to burst your bubble but your Jesus character claimed he did not come to abolish the old laws but to enforce them. Touché.

        • #18717 Reply
          Jonny everyman

          You claim people judge you but you are awfully overzealous in judging Christians. Get a grip man

          • #18730 Reply

            You, sir, seem to have a reading comprehension problem. Fix it. And then read again and UNDER-STAND.
            It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what I’m saying in my comments. It really doesn’t.

    • #18496 Reply

      Hitler himself would be extreemly proud of our POLITICIANS

      • #18529 Reply

        SATAN himself would be extremely proud of our POLITICIANS

    • #18538 Reply
      Sue Wearethepeople

      My grandson was caught up in this mess. Guilty before being proved innocent. The justice system made him out to be something he was not. It was the Commonwealth that turned the story around in their favor. It was bad enough my grandson’s young age still in High School. And that the girl gave a false age, which she said she did, that did not matter. What was the worst thing was that the State Police Officer who filed the report had false information on that report. This false information in turn got noted on the SOAB, the Sex Offender Assessment Board. The SOAB, never talked with the girl, who both her and her mother never wanted to press charges. Who would have told them there was never any threat. This is a complete disgrace of what our legal system has become! My grandson who had just turned 18 was kicked out of school, told he could not work, was put on house arrest for a year. He was given poor information from the District Magistrate, which was he was not to be around someone under the age of 16. This was one of his offenses when an old girlfriend stopped in she was 16. This was said in front of the Senior criminal justice class, none of us where there because he was now 18. So it should have been 16 and under. Good Bye $10,000.00 bail bond! His court appointed attorney had given him bad information. So he got himself an Attorney to fight for him, who instead knew that he would not be able to win, so had him sign a papers that said he did it. This was after the DA told him he would make sure he got 80 years in Prison. The sentencing was 33 months to 17 years and the house arrest did not count. I agree that there needs to be change, and we need to start now! My grandson is not a Sex Offender, and never was, but he is doing time as one, and will be label for life as one. Is this girlfriends revenge, or a system that wants to make a point to teenagers about having sex. I know my grandson was made an example of, they even had the press at his SOAB hearing that was not to be allowed. They also had the Vo-tech class at what was to be his sentencing. His third lawyer who was paid big bucks said he could win this.This expensive lawyer said that he could take this to court and win. Needless to say he was not even able to get the notebook from the State Police Officer who had the false information in it! This is our Justice System a failure in my eyes.

    • #18568 Reply

      Inequality? The writer of this article has something for all of us to understand. Is this whole sex hoopla a war against sex or sex crimes. It saddens me to hear some of these stories and comments on here about someone’s child and that child being caught up in all this sex madness. To be labeled for life as a sex offender sounds like being labeled a sinner but than again we can all take a positive side or a negative side to all this. Sure registries are reinforcing inequality. Believe it or not when one takes the basic principals out of America of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness out of the Constitution and mix it with other beliefs than theirs’ trouble involved. Now Sandy, Brenda, Robin and all the others on NARSOL are in here fighting for all of us we on here have different offenses but its all sexual related weather one was caught up in a internet sting operation or one was actually seeing someone in person.
      Now people can play the harlot but they talked about that in the bible. Believe it or not our liberty is eroding every day and man wants to be right, so where is inequality. I think we all should have learned that from Sunday School and more so for government. It seems like their are no “We the people” today. Its like you voted us into office and we can lay these law’s down to you how we see fit. Who’s equality now. As I have said before “Two wrongs don’t make a right and when man presses these issue’s to get some type of justification who are the going above. I am by no means a choir boy but a life long punishment isn’t just for anyone.

      • #18595 Reply

        Sex offender laws are Jim Crow Laws if you are black your not welcome , Hitlers Germany did the same to its Jewish citizens , they marked them and then killed them .Sex offenders are the same in America because the American people have no back bone to stop it !! Sex Offender laws are unconstitutional laws made by traitors to the United States. What will be Next? Marking children and adults with metal retardation . Americans are Sheeple . The Sex Offenders laws are one thing Unconstitutional the Buzz word “law markers” need to be the ones in prison for life . There are sex offenders that hold state license to work that can own firearms and can vote. That are not felons. Deferred Adjudication , This means you are not a felon . The “Law Makers ” make these laws so they can’t live! The American people need to wake up and take back there country before everyone is put on the list .

        • #18633 Reply

          I don’t have much time as I’m supposed to be getting ready for work at this moment, but since you mentioned that scary word “felon” and the ownership of firearms, I wanted to jump in and say that a few years ago I re-read the Constitution of the United States and the owning of firearms was only not allowed to those who commit an act of “treason” against the country. So I was curious what “treason” meant to those who wrote the Constitution and just a moment ago I searched and got this;

          “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.
          The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.”

          Since having sex with even a minor (age statutory issue) or views of child porn or inappropriate touching of anyone of any age and urinating behind a dumpster , etc, etc, etc are in no way, shape or form “acts of treason”, every one of us should be able to own a firearm. Especially with the dangers of being labeled “sex offenders”.
          The constitution says NOTHING about felony convictions. And felony also doesn’t mean “dangerous”. You can try to fudge your income tax return and catch a felony charge. How does that make you dangerous? This country is NOT the greatest in the world. There is no “greatest country” in the world. Every single one of them has their flaws. But the one with the most flaws (our USA) is the one that does the most boasting and bragging about how great we are.

    • #18608 Reply

      Ah Maestro I see you and Sandy are still battling the wits of each other. You said in one of your comments which part of the Old Testament should we believe. How about the one where the people were in bondage. We all could start using that as an example. Even the New Testament gives us the “B” attitudes. Believe it or not a few years ago Brenda sent me an e-mail and wanted me to tone down a bit in using christian ethnic in these sex offenses, and you know she was right in a lot of ways. Well we can all beat up on ourselves or we all can take a stand and make things right.
      Sure I didn’t want to take my plea deal as USA mentioned in his comment on here. Are we all still divided on who’s right and who’s wrong. Maestro, my probation officer is a good man even thou he still talks to me about stoning but would that be the best method today? Theirs a guy on here that talks about the Jim Crow Law and I can understand why that law was a bit off the wall. Shoot I remember when I use to get paddelings in school. I guess today that would be a form of abuse and so would beating up on oneself. If one could get any money out of it I’m sure they would.
      You know I didn’t know much about the Old Testament like I did the New so I had to refresh.
      One person on here talks a bit about plea-deals, yes I was given one which at the time I was a bit confused as my lawyer didn’t know what to do and I was weak in understanding myself since pressures were placed upon us in all these sex offense area’s. Lee Griffith says do these sex registries make since, To man’s pride they do. To get re-elected they do, but what about the little people. Who wants to be dominated by a government that oppresses some and overlooks the other or should we “let them eat cake” I don’t think we should go back to the middle ages or falsely intimidate others.

      • #18634 Reply

        I’m not really in any battle with Sandy or anyone else. What I will do is challenge people’s beliefs. The same way people who are religious want to question, challenge and condemn me to a fiery enternity for no longer believing in fairytales. And all it took for me to come to the realization that they’re fairytales was ACTUALLU READING THE BIBLE.

        Ok, do, “victims” families and judges and the people of the public like to condemn us for our sexual deeds (whatever they may be, mine was an actual rendezvous with a female who was a year under legal age). And I just make sure to point out that when they start throwing their wrath of “god” at me, their “god” was allowing “Moses” and the Israelites to go around confiscating lands and killing everyone (for no reason) and taking the young female children as sexual slaves.
        Interesting since the same book talks about Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed for sexual immorality blah blah blah.

        Let this imaginary “god” tell someone’s 13 yr old daughter that she’s going to be impregnated with the “2nd coming of the Christ child” and see if they’re all for it. Because TECHNICALLY if they would be all for it, any one of us could say “Hey, when she’s done giving birth, can I date her? She’s a hottie!” (Disclaimer; I’m saying this facetiously because my point is to throw their beliefs in their faces for this reason – If you can’t honestly follow it, don’t bother believing in it).
        Also, because no matter the old or new testament, apparently the “word of god” is everlasting and never changing …..right? Right.

    • #18650 Reply

      The registry and all that goes with it is a case of the pendulum swinging too far. Probably initially started out with good intentions- it’s absurd now.
      For sex offenders they will be marked for life. Nobody wants them as their neighbor, employment is difficult if not impossible. Then we have the registry- it’s nothing more than a money hungry greed machine. The whole system is corrupt from the police, prosecutors, judges, jails.
      My son was forced to sign a plea deal- he wanted to fight, but rarely does anyone win, so innocent or not you have no choice but to admit guilt sign a plea deal or face a much worse punishment. This has been a hellish experience for our family.
      It reminds me of a true story set in Massachusetts Feb 1692 the Salem witch trials. Admit guilt you live but at what price ?- you’d be shunned by everyone outcast of society. Not guilty -they kill you because you are a witch.
      Seems to me that we are somewhat repeating history.

      • #18716 Reply
        Jonny everyman

        The plea deal is no deal at all. Fight registration tooth and nail

    • #18660 Reply

      These are the real Sex Offenders please share and research “The Franklin Cover Up ” to everyone you know .

      Government Child Abuse (BANNED Discovery Channel Documentary) | The Franklin Cover-up

    • #18686 Reply

      One last thing I would like to say on this topic of discussion is I sometimes let my thoughts over load my brain. I have no disrespect for my friend maestro or sandy. I can’t even force my sister to take me to church even though she is my chaperone. The other lady which is in a nursing home is my other chaperone. Yes, they wanted me to sign papers saying I knew I was talking to a teenage girl before they would give me these chaperones’. I didn’t because one of the chaperone’s stood up for me. I think you all know where I’m coming from on that one. Maestro, you give color to this forum and I like that. Sure you have your beliefs.
      As a matter of fact I somewhat had those same belief’s when I was a bee bopping around in my late 60’s and 70″s. Lost a few friends in Vietnam and other things. Back than their was no sex registry so to speak of or things like they are today. Has our culture changed of has our understanding changed. Has moral gotten so bad that people now have to go on the internet and pull bogus stunts on man to entice them weather weak or strong.
      Now on a serious I am just thankful that some on here have a forum like this to talk about these sex offenses and to reason it out. Now we can all reason this out in a right way or either give up on our inalienable rights as someone mentioned on here. We all have our rights’ remember. Love you guys!

    • #18705 Reply

      As much as I’m glad I found this site a few years ago when doing some research of sex offense laws, I am finding that we’re all here preaching to the choir.
      The things we are saying in these comments sections need to be said in a more public forum.
      We are RSO’s preaching to other RSO’s (and maybe a few of their relatives who frequently pop on here) about what we already know; The laws/rules of probation and the public at large are hypocritical, contradicting and discriminatory.

      We also know that not every so called “sexual offense” is a rape or child molestation.
      But the masses don’t know that nor do they care.
      As a bisexual man who had an illegal relationship with a female and has also had long term boyfriends, I cannot stand the LGBT anymore. They’ve all gone nuts with shoving their “acceptance and equality” down everyone’s throats YET…being part of the LGBT “community” I can tell you that the UNacceptance of other LGBT’s comes from WITHIN their community.
      That being said, I can’t stand the far left liberal LGBT, SJW and now this mentally challenged Antifa nonsense who like to block traffic, call everyone “nazis” and “patriarchs” and DEMAND that everyone live as they live and while they are doing this, they cover their faces with masks/scarves so as to be able to commit ILLEGAL ACTS OF VIOLENCE against the right wing conservatives. Hurling bottles of urine, M-80’s and smashing Trump supporters upside the head with bicycle locks but these people are somehow NOT a threat to “public safety”. Interesting.

      What we need to be doing is the same shit they are doing. Let’s take advantage of the ideology, shall we?
      Even if we don’t agree with HOW they try to send their message across, let’s (pretend) to be on their side and take advantage of their argument about “acceptance and equality” and see if they will accept us. If they’re going to cover their faces to be able to get away with criminal acts of violence then they should be able to accept that we once committed a crime ourselves , right? RIGHT!

      So, instead of us all being here saying the same shit over and over again to each other, let’s take to the streets in MASSES (stop being pussies, we cannot all be arrested) and let’s ask this “God fearing country” where their forgiveness is in all their Christian beliefs.

      And if they still taunt us, then we use the same bullshit the leftists use, we yell at them calling them “racists” and “bigots” (because that’s what Antifa does. Say you don’t agree with Islam and somehow you’re racist because a religion turned into a race over night somehow).

      We’ve got our neighboring country of Canada which has PASSED LAWS that can get you arrested if you do not use the CORRECT PRONOUNS when speaking to a TRANSGENDER person. WTF!!??
      If that can happen, ANYTHING CAN.
      Let the public refer to us as “pedophiles”, it’s their FEEL GOOD insult. That’s why I keep bringing up verses from their previous bible that they swear by so much. Moses and his people were more pedophilic than I’ll ever be. Remind these hate mongers that their beloved Jesus came from a teenage girl.
      Then, we just continue on yelling and screaming that we did what we did and now it’s time to move on and they must accept us regardless.

      Something more than complaining on a messaging forum amongst each other has to happen. And putting on the “politically correct” attitude by basically submitting ourselves to the mercy of the legislature and the courts is not exactly working.
      If the LGBT can get laws passed in Canada that can get us arrested for not referring to someone as whatever gender they identify as (because we should all be mind readers) then GODDAMN IT, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING IN OUR FAVOR!


      • #18729 Reply

        Apparently the iPhone’s autocorrect like to type out the word “previous” when I’m actually typing out the word “precious”. Their PRECIOUS bible. Ugh! I hate typos!

    • #18746 Reply

      Maestro please lets stay on topic. I’m no better than anyone else on here. Sure I came back to this forum to brush up on what’s going on. I will be the first one to tell you that all these sex things are wrong. We are all adults and we have a right to live where ever we want in the USA. Right now about 20 miles away from me in Charlottesville, VA they are protesting about taking down some confederate status. I don’t want to get mixed up in that. I didn’t even want to get mixed up in this sex offender ordeal but it happened. Sure their is a lot involved in my story as I’m sure it is yours but tone down a bit, getting mad or angry doesn’t solve anything.
      Yes I feel bad for all that are going thru all this. Sure my probation officer helps me out when I need to talk about my issues but coming on here and sounding off is like some of the people I grew up with and are still my friends but I don’t associate with them as we go in different circles.
      Housing is one of the basic things people need and yes we all need a support system and people like NARSOL that wants to go to bat for us all in some of these ordeals, Cool your jets and spiff up your attitude a bit and things will change for the better.

      • #18784 Reply

        P.S. hey Saddles,

        Your probation officers gives ZERO shits about you and your problems. The only reason any probation officer (pretends to) listen to our problems is because they want to see if you’re going to show signs of a potential re-offense.
        So while you’re over there kissing your P.O.’s ass for all to see , tell us, is he gonna let you go to the local lobster fest? How about Six Flags with some friends? Or maybe that company Christmas party where people get to bring their families (i.e. CHILDREN)?

        Be very careful of speaking higjly about probation when directing your comments to me. I’m not fond of them and I WILL respond accordingly.
        Remember, I’m the guy on here that did a newspaper article when they put a GPS on me for working at a restaurant that had a bar where my former partner did drag performances. I moved from one city to another after they violated me and guess what… I ended up working at a RESTAURANT-BAR in the new city going to a new probation office in a new jurisdiction. Funny that, eh?
        I also filed a complaint with a local human/civil rights organization against them. But of course on the day of the hearing, the human rights people told me to just adhere to their (probation’s) bullshit and be done with it in a few years.
        Human/civil rights eh? They can kiss my ass, too.

        Probation caused me to be homeless for 6/7 months after the violation because while I was locked up awaiting my court date I lost my job which made me lose my apartment.

        So listen up once more, ok? Here is comes….


        Let that sink in a bit. And have a good night.

        • #19750 Reply
          James D. Smith

          Wow! That was great and loved every bit of it. You hit it right on it. They love your money,and does not care if you live in a box.I was on probation for a sexual offense ( Public Indecency,misdemeanor ) and it was pure bullshit, but it was all about group and fines.Thanks for speaking out., David

      • #18783 Reply

        Hey Saddles,

        First of all, WTF are you even talking about?
        Are you also incapable of comprehending what you read? Telling me to tone it down is not going to make me tone down a damn thing so don’t waste the time to type it.
        Did you even take any…..ANY notice of what I was saying in my last post? Apparently not. And it shows.

        We are all here complaining about what we’re being put through but we’re complaining to EACH OTHER rather than making a stand to those who NEED TO HEAR OUR VOICES.
        Wtf was so hard for you to understand about that? You tell me to tone it down? Ha! Nope. Because “tone it down” is exactly what your piss ass probation office would tell you and all of us when we show we’re getting fed up with their bullshit.
        Tone it down is what the system and the public at large will tell is because our emotions mean SHIT to them.
        We must have all certainly ruined the life of little Shirley Temple type children so we’re all scum of the earth.

        YOU tone it down. And next time, before you reply to a comment, make sure you actually bothered to READ it and UNDERSTAND the message in it. Your repsonse is no better than the people who comment on the news articles without fully reading what the article says.

        • #18800 Reply

          I am going to ask you to tone it down. A lot of us worked hard on this website, and it’s very disheartening watching you fill this respectful forum with vulgar language and insults, just because you want to see how far you can go before someone holds you accountable.
          If you can’t respond as a mature adult would, there are plenty of other forums that are more approporiate for angry hate laced ranting. I would like to keep this one respectful and safe for the good people who are not welcome on other forums.
          I would really appreciate it if you could consider how you might change your rhetoric to avoid alienating others who do not want to come here to read your obscenity. I understand you desire to bring everyone together to do something, but trust me, that is not the way to unite people.

        • #19376 Reply
          Jonny everyman

          I’ve always tried to put a finger on why it’s hard to take you seriously. You never take responsibility for your actions even to this day. It will be a long lonely time on the registry for you my friend. I hope you can find peace.

    • #18810 Reply

      Fred your right I think we are all a bit selfish and concieted in our selfish ways. Sure everybody needs repromainded at times myself included. and we all should be working together to help others and to help balance Justice. Even people caught up in this whole wave of sex offenses don’t seem to have a chance in life with these obstacles hindering in their way. Sure we all learn lesson’s in many different ways but correcting error’s is a much better way to understand true liberty and Justice for all.
      Maeotro I have no disrespect for you as I have no disrespect for anyone else on here and yes words can at times kill but respect goes a long ways. We all should be thankful for a forum such as this and press on to help find a solution for all this, if not now but for all those others that may become involved in all this by the establishment of cruel injustice of all these sex offender issues Whether blind justice or injustice, true justice is the better way.

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