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Former sex offender makes positive difference in others’ lives

By Sandy…. In the wake of the release of long-time incarcerated convicted sexual offender and former priest Paul Shanley, journalists are rushing to find a different angle to present the situation. Elaine Thompson found an excellent one.  The focus is on another convicted offender, former attorney Joel Pentlarge who, since he has been released, has done everything he could to…

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Sincerely, X – Podcast Recommendation

By Andy…. I recently listened to a podcast called “Ex-Con.” It is part of a new series titled Sincerely, X. This episode hits very close to home for a great many of us. The subject of the episode was convicted of securities fraud and sent to federal prison for 7 years. In the episode, the ex-con discusses how he feels…

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Melissa Hamilton – Confronting the “Junk Science” Concerning Offender Risks

Melissa Hamilton

The Supreme Court and lower courts have typically upheld sex offender laws and sentencing policies in the face of constitutional and other legal challenges based on the belief that the recidivism risk of sex offenders is “frighteningly high.” These courts also tend to accept assertions by elected officials based on scientific studies that are often not appropriately supportive. In other…

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