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NARSOL launches new website

Does something look different? You are looking at our brand-new and improved website; we hope you like what you see!

This has been a work in progress for some time now, and we are very excited to get it up and running. The tech committee has been working diligently, and thanks go out to Robin, Andy, Allen, Fred, and Brenda for a job well done.

Navigation is similar to our previous site; content is grouped under the major categories listed across the top of the screen under the banner. Clicking on any title on the page will bring up the full article. Clicking on any category will bring up all posts in that category going back to 2013.

Let us know how you like the new site. All comments are read before posting them, and we will take to heart any difficulties experienced or suggestions for improvement and make every effort to keep our site as user-friendly as possible.

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    Looks good, but got some questions

    Two things I can see off the bat here I wonder about:

    1) If you are replying to someone, does the reply go under the comment you are replying to like the old website did? That is one way I follow the thought, e.g. when Robin or Sandy interject after a comment.

    2) Other than the date, is there a way to tell what the most recent comments are and where they go in the thread? That is how I follow the conversation.

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      Another comment to consider

      Thanks for making the font bigger of the articles and comments when they are opened. Much easier to read.

      Can the comment balloon on the main page be linked to directly read the comments? This would allow avoid going to the article again and scrolling down. Just a thought.

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        Comment quick link

        I see the comment number next to the balloon works to get to the comments. Thank you.

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    What happened to the comments under Resources/Travel? It was very useful, now that RTAG seems to be defunct, to find out where people are having trouble (or not).

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      Elaine, they are there. They are on a blog post, not on a menu item. You need to go to the search window in the right sidebar, search for “International Travel,” and then choose the second article that comes up. It will be dated August 24, 2015. There are over 300 comments, and they are in chronological order from bottom to top with the most recent being on top. They will NOT be in response order. In other words, if Joe wrote a comment on Monday and Jim responded to it on Wed., on the old platform Jim’s response will be under Joe’s. On this platform, they will be in chronological order, which will put Jim’s response above Joe’s. But the bottom line is that the information in the comments is all there. However, if, at this point, you respond to one of the comments, your response WILL show up where it should, which is under the comment you responded to.

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    The first thing I noticed is that on the front page, there are like 3-4 hot links to the same articles. You have the hotlinks in the slide show, the hot links to the right of the side show, then hot links below that, and then the hot links in the subject areas. Seems kind of counter intuitive.

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      Oh and I really like the NARSOL newsbeat.

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        Well, I did like newsbeat, until the latest change where it scrolls one story at a time at a somewhat fast rate, and you have to sit there, and hope that you can click on the story you want to read.

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          You can click “Narsol Newsbeat” and everything will be listed

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      Thank you for your input. We know there is some repetition and are working to minimize it. The issue is that something that is a recent post is also good news and also a court decision….

      Glad you like the Newsbeat.

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    Which post is the latest post, I don’t know which ones are in order or not, this site is even more confusing then before. Reminds me of sites from the early 2000s.

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      The most recent posts automatically appear in the top left box that slides. The dates of those posts are visible. The rest of the home page is organized by category and each category contains the most recent post in that category. The four boxes at the top right are the most popular posts.

      Hundreds of hours went into the site redesign by some highly skilled individuals who volunteered their time working diligently over many months to build the new site. It is not a perfect website. When you find the perfect website, please point us in that direction. We apologize that this one is disappointing to you.

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        I like the new website. Not hard to understand what is here to read. Still have to scroll through the comments to see if there are replies to previous comments, but that is not too bad or hard to do. Would like to see a most recent comment (whether it is an initial or a reply to a comment) tab or link on the sidebar that shows nothing but the last set of comments (you pick how many to show) when clicked. Other than that, it is very easy to navigate and read the content. Bravo!

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    Someone, I believe it was either Sandy or Robin, was talking about being able to edit your post for 7 minutes, and I just wanted to say I cannot see anywhere where I can go edit a post even right after clicking the submit button.

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      Thanks, Kendal; we’ll check on that.

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    Just a thought….

    Is there a way you guys can add in a category for recent comments. Like this post is from July, and I am commenting now, so there would be a place where people can see a new comment on an old post.

    Again, just a thought

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