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Michigan files supplemental brief replying to solicitor general

By Robin . . . Claiming that the Solicitor General’s amicus brief is unpersuasive, Michigan’s Attorney General, Bill Schuette, has filed a supplemental brief in reply. The Solicitor General filed a brief in early July at the request of the Supreme Court which sought to hear the federal government’s perspective on Snyder v. Doe (a pending petition from Michigan seeking…

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Incarcerated sex offender treated as global terrorist threat

Chris Zoukis is incarcerated in a federal prison for a sexual offense conviction. Chris is a regular correspondent for NARSOL and has appeared in the Digest several times. While this piece is not related to sexual offense issues, it sheds an interesting light on the lives of many of our supporters — the “Insiders.” By Christopher Zoukis The life of…

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To OK legislators: Don’t remove valuable sex offender therapy option

By Sandy . . . A woman in Oklahoma has gotten the attention of state legislators after creating a Facebook page protesting that the uncle who was convicted for abusing her as a child was allowed to live next door to her. After his recent release from prison, Harold English of Bristow, Oklahoma, moved into his mother’s home. The mother of…

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Paul Dubbeling – A Matter of Fact: Recidivism rates and the need for fact-based litigation

Paul Dubbeling

Recent successes in legal challenges to sex offender statutes have been built upon a combination of strong factual records built by the plaintiffs and the demand for evidence supporting the state’s deprivation of fundamental liberties. Atty. Dubbeling shows how we must expand upon these successes and confront the judicial presumption that “sex offenders” are uniquely dangerous in a way that…

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