*NEW UPDATES*–In the rain, in the cold, tent in woods still stands

NEW UPDATES in comments…

We have lots of news and updates about “Jerry” and “Susi” and their struggle with the South Carolina residency restrictions laws.

First, total transparency: Jerry and Susi are Steve and Lila, and we will be using their real names going forward. They have agreed to go public in order to bring attention to this situation which is robbing Steve of the medical necessities that his Marfan Syndrome requires.

It was to Lenore Skenazy that Lila first wrote about the situation, and Lenore details that letter and her reaction in this piece at reason.com.

Secondly, Steve had a doctor’s appointment this morning: needless to say, his doctor was less than thrilled at his current living arrangement and is preparing a document that we hope will be considered by the Chester County Sheriff’s Department’s registration office.

We have asked the media in Chester County and the four counties surrounding Chester to investigate the situation. We have also appealed to the office of the Chester County Adult Protective Services and to the Marfan Association to investigate and to intervene if at all possible. Thus far, there has been no response, as far as we can tell, to our appeals.

We have turned to social media to spread this story, using the hashtag #tentinwoods.

We continue to stay in daily contact with Lila and to watch the situation as closely as possible. We continue to be optimistic that someone will look at this situation and say, “No. This can’t happen,” and we hope that the someone can take action and get Steve back into his home with access to the medical equipment he so desperately needs.