Jones and panel – Let’s Get Fearless!

FEARLESS groups are support groups aimed at providing a safe place for registrants and their loved ones to get together, build community, and learn ways to step out and take charge of their lives and overcome the stigma they face. At RSOL’s 2016 Atlanta conference, Brenda and a panel of those who have been involved in such groups encourage others to build their own FEARLESS groups and offer support to help them begin.

RSOL Conf 2016 Let’s Get Fearless! Jones/Panel

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5 Thoughts to “Jones and panel – Let’s Get Fearless!”

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  1. Was watching a bit of the video the other night and I think Brenda has a right idea about these fearless panel groups. While I can disagree on a few things moving in a secular prospective is good in some respects.
    Whether you have a Christian prospective on it or not one has to admit that these teenage gals are prostituting themselves when they present themselves as teenage gals. In another view putting one’s physical hands on another is a no, no.
    Heck I have even told my probation officer I don’t fear him. The only person I fear is God. I don’t even fear my sister even thought I’m sure most of you all know how sisters can be.
    Now giving warning is a lot better than a lot of you all including myself going thru all this mess.
    The Police are no better than us but seem to entice things and control one in an internet settings. I would even gather to think that internet sex type situations are huge than the regular sex with boy and girl underage in that type of scenario.
    But by and by we will all glean more of the real truth about this or do they really want to leave the sex offender in the dark about all these goings on.

  2. Erika

    The “fearless group” is a great idea (having 20 years interpersonal and social experience with this issue), however it has been my experience that what ends up happening is we end up ‘Singing to the Choir’ and left ‘feeling withdrawn’ e.g. you have probationers who only want to discuss probationer issues etc… And what ends up happening is you get lost in the confusion of getting no where fast because nobody is on topic and wants to fight their own personal issue… NRSOL is not a counseling center it is an advocacy-activist group from my clearest understanding? Although it may encompass other related facets of different types of advocacy.

    We can voice and share our personal issues gripes etc.. But what good is it, if you cannot do anything about it?

    It has to change something? “Activist” means “ACTION” “Advocacy” means “PERSISTENT DEDICATION”

    What matters is where the policing powers come from i.e. the “Judicial Branch of Government” I really think that the main focus of these groups should be to ensure work on projects is maintained and liable (acute prioritization/stays active) on the judicial and legislative ends i.e. producing research papers (legislative handouts) and producing customized Motions* to file Amicus Curiae* Briefs & Intervenor* Briefs on cases in the the courts; this should be the FOCUS and PRIMARY GOAL of NSROL and affiliates, all else is a SECONDARY GOAL.

    Without this type of infrastructure (back-bone) it would be absolutely fruitless to even exist? The research is on our side it just needs to be put in terms the lay-person can understand? Politics should not rule over human & constitutional (civil rights) violations…


    FRCP Rule 24. Intervention

    5 CFR § 1201.34 Intervenors and amicus curiae.

    1. Fred

      That is why we are glad to have people like you, who get it, and can keep the meetings focused and on task. The Fearless Project is about building a sense of community and safety among registrants and their families, not so much about activism or counselling. However, in order for us to be stronger as an active advocacy organization, it helps to bring more people together in a secure environment, where we recognize ourselves as an actually community that takes care of each other despite our many differences, backgrounds, and grievances.

    2. Erika

      corrections: NARSOL

      sorry about that!

  3. Erika, I like your meaning of advocacy and an advocate is dedicated. You know we all have the greatest advocate if we all only look around a minute and stop and smell the roses.
    While their are pros and cons to everything RSOL is in there for a fight it seems. Even for myself I’m in this thing for truth and justice as I’m sure you all are.

    Let me give you a quote I have in my files and it is from a Famous Four Father President …..

    America, for every year since 1776
    has done nothing but grow
    in might, in power and in strength and in wealth.
    We are, as many of us are fond of saying ,the “greatest
    nation on the face of the earth. We got our
    start with the Puritans who came
    over at the leading of God,
    and set up a brave new nation. The first
    text book ever used in our schools
    and universities was the Holy Bible.

    James Madison said this

    We have staked the whole future of American
    civilization. Not upon the power of government,
    far from it. We have staked the future
    of all our political institutions upon the capacity
    of mankind of self-government: upon the
    capacity of each and all
    of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves,
    to sustain ourselves according to the

    Ten Commandments of God.

    Now you tell me were our country has gone astray……… Now how can one govern themselves when they are set up in these sting operations? Were only human and the law is not superman.