Feature Blog: A leper colony for one

Monday, 11/28, 4:15 p.m. This will be a different sort of blog post.

There is an ongoing situation that exemplifies the destructiveness of the public sex offender registry. I will be posting additions to this as new developments occur.

It started with a comment on a piece Lenore Skenazy – a wonderful lady! — wrote about an Alzheimer’s patient, also a registrant, being forced from his hospice facility in Florida due to a pre-school being “too close.”

This is the comment:

My husband has to be out of our home by tomorrow, because we found out AFTER WE HAD MOVED in, that there is (supposedly) a daycare 862 feet from our new home. He will be living in a tent in the woods until we can do something else. We are on a fixed income and CANNOT afford to move again. He has severe respiratory issues and has used oxygen at night (and now also in the day time), and also has Marfan Syndrome which also affects the tissues in his lungs, plus all of the connective tissue in his body. He has been hospitalized twice in the last few months, once for pneumonia and once for a Marfan related blood clot. I told the Sheriff’s department they were handing him a death sentence and they KNOW we can’t afford a place for him to stay; we file as indigent with them every year because we can’t afford the registry fees in South Carolina because our income is so low. And BTW, his accusation was almost 30 years ago and he has NEVER bothered anyone, especially a child!

I emailed Lenore and asked her to ask the writer – I will refer to her as Susi – if she would contact me. I also emailed our advocate in South Carolina and asked him if there was anything he could do; he said he would try if he could get her identity.

Susi emailed me giving permission to share her information with our South Carolina advocate; I did. Susi then emailed me this today:

 My husband set up his tent last night, and will be registering as homeless tomorrow or Wednesday. My biggest concern is his health, as we told SLED and the registry person, they are handing him a death sentence for something that wasn’t even our fault. I know that God will protect him somehow through this situation, but it is so hard not to worry when he has been on oxygen at night for more than 5 years and now has two small tanks that last an hour, for during the day. Please pray for extra strength for both of us.

This is a story that needs to be told, and Susi has given permission for me to tell it and will send updates. I will add to this as I get the updates.

Tuesday, 11/29





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22 Thoughts to “Feature Blog: A leper colony for one”

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  1. Fred

    Can we alert the local news stations in their area and ask them to broadcast an interview with these people at his tent? The public needs to know about this.

    1. Nick

      The public does not care, at best it would achieve a sympathetic thought that would be gone after a moment with no action taken. Remember the offenders in Miami living under that freeway bridge, Story got international attention and no reforms were made.

      1. Peter Kord

        Action was taken. The images were out as to how people are treated worse than garbage to keep jobs for law enforcement. The images made served as a catalyst for sex offenders to not stay silent about being excessively and unjustifiably abused.

        The woman needs to get a camera and make video segments about her husband living in a tent because of sex offender ordinances, and post them on YT. The word will get out and people will respond.

      2. Brandi

        Yes people will respond to it but that isn’t enough, look at what they are doing to the Indian tribe standing rock. Total unjust and still doing it going to kill the people, Buffalo that they brought back from Extinction and their land it doesnt matter to them because its not them.The same for registered citizens

      3. Fred

        Brandi did you here that 2000 veterans are going to show up in a couple days and protect the protesters at Standing Rock. People do respond when they see it.

      4. Fred

        And not only that. These same Veterans started a online fund raiser for the Standing Rock Protesters. The last time I checked it was almost $800,000. Now I am sure we are considered beneath those protesters, but maybe more people than we think care.

  2. kelly

    How does this not apply as cruel and unusual punishment ? This is as appalling as when Woodrow Wilson helped enact laws that turned his beliefs about race and eugenics into legislation. In 1907, Woodrow Wilson campaigned in Indiana for the compulsory sterilization of criminals and the mentally retarded; and in 1911, as New Jersey governor, he signed into law a similar bill. We need to wake before this gets worse, and before they kill us off. With out it being directly said Woodrow Wilson’s idea of exterminating an unwanted people is happening. Everyone needs to read American history from 1900 to 1933 history to see that we have not learned at all from our mistakes. We the courts need to stop hiding under the excuse that issue is civil and, it doesn’t violate the 8th the amendment.

  3. Lovecraft

    This makes me sick to my stomach when I see stuff like this. No free person in this country should ever be treated like this. If nothing else will it’ll be events like these that finally bring down the registry. God bless Susi and her husband.

    1. John S

      Ask God to protect Susi and her husband, too.

  4. Fred, I think we need to talk about ethnics and police control on all this sex registry stuff. You know if one is caught in an internet sex sting… they are the one’s presenting the opportunity. I live right across from kids and there are kids living in back of me. I pay no attention to them.

    You know its almost like don’t touch. don’t look at kids. and don’t be around kids. I told my probation officer that I will be around kids all my life. If I can’t conduct myself I sure don’t want anyone controlling my conduct. I ‘myself just like a lot of others on here made a mistake…. I was weak, and curious at the same time as no kid wants you to come to a house….. its all a ruse to control you as a person.

    This is all I’m going to say… do you think we were all born perfect. Do you think we don’t talk to people or look at porn of some type.. look at TV and you will see suggestive trash on there that you want to change the channels. This society is out for money as they are greedy They say the protect and serve but in this case it the God of money they serve. People should live were ever they want.

    This is not man’s earth or is it? I might live in a commonwealth state but I’m hoping to get my chance to go back to court. Basically I think everyone on here is in fear of being controlled by those corrupt police. One does there probation that should be it.

  5. David D

    Its all ok till someone snaps, then its oh no! why did this happen? We live in a society that does not care about other people they do not know. We are surrounded by vindictive, narcissistic people who have been raised on vigilante justice. These are the people on the jury these are the people voting for law makers and these are the new law makers, judges, police, and lawyers. Why would anything be the way it is supposed to be anymore people are not.

  6. david

    Cruel. Unusual. PUNISHMENT.

  7. Bruce

    If this is what they want why don’t they just line us all up and put a bullet in the back of our head. It would be quicker and damn more merciful. Are there truly heinous people within our RSO community, you bet. And as the parent of two children, yes even as a RSO I have children and I am involved in their daily life even. I even get to go to their school activities, but I digress, I want to know who the truly bad ones are but this system doesn’t disseminate that info. I am terrified of growing old or getting sick for fear of being in this same position. My lone offense occurred 22 years ago and I did my 5 years deferred adjudication but it’s really been a life sentence and probably a death sentence. My heart breaks for people like this.

    1. Maestro

      The bloodshed of shooting us would never end, just as sexual offenses of ALL levels will never end. There is no “RSO community” just as there is no actual “LGBT community” because people are born every day and they grow up and they are either LGTB or commit a crime.
      The way you worded your comment is the way our enemies of society words their comments: they make it seem like the ONLY sex offenders are the ones on the registry and that NEW sex crimes by people NOT on the registry do NOT EVER happen.

  8. Dave D

    ” He is approved for the area where he has his tent even though it is 993 feet from a school.” This is because he is being punished by living in a tent if he stayed in the house 862 ft away it would not be hard or painful this really allows you to see the real purpose behind these laws if it was not already clear to all.

  9. Erika

    Something comes to mind as the 6 circuit said “Nor should Smith be understood as writing a BLANK CHECK to states to do WHATEVER THEY PLEASE in this arena.”

    Expost facto is something that criminalizes conduct (in this case just simply existing) that was once legal after the fact (conviction) thus that would be punishment, wouldn’t it?

    I am not talking about a registry but referring to the “restrictions” and “requirements!”

    How do you know when a crime is going to occur in relationship to the purpose of preventing it? By comparing people’s fingerprints to other people’s finger prints? My Joe I think we have match? Who has the highest recidivism rate for sex offenses?People who go to prison for a non-sex offense? (see Pogo below) That is a proven fact but do you hear anyone screaming this from the rooftops? Nope!

    Where is that “deterrent” and purported non-punitive intent buried deep in that regulatory remedial statute to promote public safety?

    Creating panoptic (without walls) prisons, actually inhibit public safety and carries heavy static variables for both the observer and observed by creating a animosity driven psychosocial cathexis where the personal (visceral) alters the logical (cerebral) by failing to understand the principles on which a democracy is based; democracy would not exist if the powers that be (gatekeepers) start dictating and reinterpreting your rights independent of a known constitutional threshold!

    Do not “Sex Crimes” flow from the general public!

    Probably the most famous Pogo Comic Strip quotation sums it up like this: “We have met the enemy and he is us!”

  10. Caleb

    I kinda wish they would just shoot us and be done with it. =| All I am is a paper wieght to my family. I do not have friends I know this is all gonna get so much worse. Peoples hate for perverts is immense. “what can men do against such reckless hate?” -King of Rohan (LOTR)

    1. Fred

      Caleb we share your pain. I know things look bleak, but I assure you there have been some very encouraging rulings in recent months. Remember you have friends here. Together we are going to bring this down.

  11. Maestro

    “My husband has to be out of our home by tomorrow, because we found out AFTER WE HAD MOVED in, that there is (supposedly) a daycare 862 feet from our new home. He will be living in a tent in the woods until we can do something else. We are on a fixed income and CANNOT afford to move again. He has severe respiratory issues and has used oxygen at night (and now also in the day time), and also has Marfan Syndrome which also affects the tissues in his lungs, plus all of the connective tissue in his body. He has been hospitalized twice in the last few months, once for pneumonia and once for a Marfan related blood clot….”

    Yes, but he’s a SEX OFFENDER!! All it takes is the shine of the full moon and he’ll transform back into that hairy, child preying beast, on the hunt for blood and sex!
    Asthmatic by day….sex-crazed demon by night!


    (Due to the graphic nature of this motion picture, no one of any age will be permitted to see it alone.)

    I’m am in no way poking fun at the RSO or his family and the letter which I quoted above. I AM IN FACT – MOCKING the crap out of the IDIOTS who treat a human being in this manner with their IDIOTIC “laws” and “ordinances”.
    You know…. perhaps it would actually HELP for a DAMN GOOD ATTORNEY to walk into a court room and say it just like I did. That way, the D.A., the judge, the court employees and EVERYONE ELSE SITTING IN THE COURT ROOM will HEAR and REALIZE how ridiculous this crap has gotten. To the extent that they’ll even deem a HANDICAPPED person as “dangerous”.
    You could be on your DEATH BED breathing your LAST BREATH ….as long as you’re not taking that last breath anywhere within 1500 ft of a school. Holy sh*t!! What a country! Yeah!

  12. Kyle

    Where are all the powerful attorneys that recognize this is cruel and unusual punishment, against the US constitution, a violation of human rights, an immoral persecution, destroying families and lives, and a massive class-action lawsuit against state and federal governments that would make them super wealthy and famous while dramatically changing the world for the better?

    Please… Someone with the legal capabilities… Help us abolish this awful registry and get restitution from our hateful government! Please?

  13. John C

    I am sympathetic to his plight, but to be fair, the rules are stated. It took me two months to buy a home because I had to check the DCS website to locate any possible daycares (and the real problem is, in TN there are many private daycares run out of homes, and they count too) just to find a property I could buy that satisfied the 1000 foot rule. I missed a steal of a home by 45 feet. You have to remember, these laws are made up with emotion, not logic. I can picture a group of people sitting around raising their hands going “I have an idea” and then saying something really stupid and the rest getting giddy and going “good one”. Facts are not something they care to look at or even consider. 94% of sex offenders know their victim. If you have transportation, the 1000 foot rule is worthless. The other day we had a guy trying to pick up a kid in his car, A lot of good that rule did. It is really for the homeless and indigent. The only sensible part of the law here is the “grandfather” clause, where if a daycare opens next to you, they cant throw you out because you were there first. I live in TN.

    1. John C

      Addendum: I also had to get permission first to even move where I am now. Was this not the case with the guy in the tent? I have a letter in my files now stating that I was given permission to move where I am now. The procedure I used was to first go to the DCS website and plot the daycares from a potential address I had. Then I went to Google maps and did a “guesstimate”. If the property was well over 1000 feet I knew I had a chance, and would call the sheriff’s office and get them to verify. If it was under 900 I didn’t even bother. No real estate agent will go through this, so you have to do it on your own. The fact that most SO’s are denied use of the computer makes it even more of a nightmare. They don’t care though. They would be happy if they could send us to an island and isolate us from society.