Pokemon needs to check sex offender registry

By Sandy…..

The current Pokemon Go craze is sweeping the nation and raising concerns this could put children and youth in “proximity” to registered sex offenders.

This is shaping up to be the new “Halloween boogie-man” scare. Now that enough people have said often enough and loudly enough that there is no statistical increased sexual risk to children in connection with Halloween and trick-or-treat activities, along comes Pokemon Go to keep the fear-pot boiling.

And of course the sensationalism-creators and fear-mongers can point to an actual incident: a registered citizen was “caught” playing Pokemon with a 16 year old teenager — outside of a downtown courthouse, a location that probably boasts as many law enforcement officers per square foot as any other in town.

Television anchors, a-la-weather map style, are displaying maps of local areas with Pokemon stops marked in one color and the homes of registered citizens marked in another and pointing out, with horrified faces but barely concealed glee, the places where one is within proximity to the other. Well, that does it! Put a kid on the same block with someone on the registry, and Katie, bar the door. I wonder what the statistical risk of harm is to a minor while playing Pokemon Go within shouting distance of where a registrant lives?