West Virginia mayor hosts RSOL on talk show

By Sandy…..

West Virginia lawmakers, upon discovering that a young man working as a legislative intern was on the sex offender registry, promptly fired him and are now revising the hiring process to prevent a registrant from being hired in the future.

His crime was possession and distribution of child pornography. He was sentenced and satisfied his sentence, including his probationary period, which required sex offender therapy. His period of probation was shortened due to good behavior. He has had a clean record since. He is in compliance with his registry requirements. He broke no laws in applying, accepting, or in performing his job.

He is still a very young man – 23. When he committed this crime, he was a juvenile. He was arrested in 2010. Doing the math determines that he was looking at child porn when he was himself a child. If he had been in one of the images he looked at, he would have been a victim.

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The mayor of Charleston, West Virginia’s capital city, chose the editorial for the topic of his daily talk show on WCHS. He contacted RSOL, and Brenda, our ED, was a guest on the show. This link should give you the ability to hear the program. It is listed as 580 Live – April 21, 2016.