SO passports to be tagged like Jewish IDs under Hitler

By David Post . . . When I was growing up, in a Jewish family in Brooklyn in the 1950s, Hitler and the Holocaust were common subjects of conversation in my household. Though at the time it all seemed like ancient history — along with the Civil War, the Black Death, the fall of Rome, and everything else that had ever happened before I was born — I realized, when I became an adult, that to my parents and their generation it must have seemed as though it had happened the day before yesterday.

I remember asking my dad, when he had been talking about the roundup of the Jews and the infamous “yellow star,” a simple question that deeply puzzled my 7-year-old brain: How did the Germans know who to round up? How did they know who was, and who wasn’t, Jewish? My own family wasn’t observant in the least — we didn’t go to synagogue, or celebrate the Jewish holidays, I didn’t go to Hebrew School, etc.; so if they were rounding up all the Jews in Brooklyn, how would they know about us?

And I vividly remember his reply: They knew it because in Germany, they recorded your religion on your birth certificate, and on all your other important government documents (ID card, passport, etc.). [I’m not sure that that was entirely accurate — but it does capture the substance of the matter]. And, he reassured me, we — here in the United States — don’t allow that sort of thing.

I was reminded of all that by a provision in a statute that recently sailed through the House and Senate: “International Megan’s Law” (IML for short), ostensibly designed to “prevent child exploitation and other sexual crimes through advanced notification of traveling sex offenders.”

The statute (full text here) requires the secretary of state to affix a “unique identifier” on all passports issued to “covered sex offenders” — a “visual designation affixed to a conspicuous location on the passport indicating that the individual is a covered sex offender.” A “covered sex offender” is anyone previously convicted, at any point in his/her life, for a sex offense involving a minor.

It is, as far as I can determine, the first time in U.S. history that any such special designation will appear on the passports of any U.S. citizens, and I think it should send at least a small chill down all of our spines. Not to overdo the analogy, but it does call to mind Martin Niemoller’s famous dictum (“First they came for the communists . . .”). It is part and parcel of a dispiriting and disheartening campaign (on which I have commented a number of times in the past — see e.g. here, here and here) piling punitive disability upon punitive disability — not just public shaming, but also restrictions on residency locations, employment, Internet use, etc. — on this particularly despised class. (Read full column at The Washington Post)

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18 Thoughts to “SO passports to be tagged like Jewish IDs under Hitler”

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  1. Paul

    I remember a number of years ago, Derek Logue (of “Once Fallen”) drew parallels between our situations and those of the Jews in Nazi Germany and he took a lot of criticism for it. In fact, this very comparison Derek mentioned was criticized and mocked on an episode of “The View”

    Now I think we can safely say it is no longer an exaggeration to make this comparison. Just because sex million of us haven’t died yet doesn’t mean the new laws being enacted don’t have historical antecedents that find their origin in barbarism. I think we all need to write our congressmen (and encourage any other individuals not on the SOR to do so, as well) so that if International Megan’s Law does pass, we can all sleep at night knowing we did everything we could to prevent it.

    1. Emil S

      The hypocrisy of the media (and the society) is highlighted in this short clip along with the loud laughters.

  2. John

    If you’d like to read up on the text of this proposal by Rep. Christopher Smith of New Jersey go here

    You can also post your opinion anonymously as well so your representative can see how senseless this bill is.

  3. Paul

    Again, direct way to write your congressmen. Do it!!!!

  4. Fred

    This is well written and I appreciate the comparison to Nazi Rule as I often use that same comparison myself. However I do not understand why there is such and uproar about the International Megan’s Law. Don’t get me wrong. I disagree with it as much as you do, but most of us are already seriously restricted from traveling abroad. Many of us probably don’t even have passports or will ever have a need for one.
    I don’t understand why we are not using these same arguments against registries here in the U.S. that we are already living by. We have had this scarlet letter or yellow star pinned to us for some time now. Some areas are trying to put signs on our property, others are requiring us to have a marking on our license plates. Even with out those two examples we are clearly marked all over the internet and newspapers and news broadcasts just to keep people informed on who we are and where we live. There is even a service where people can sign up to be automatically notified if a sex offender moves into the neighborhood.
    Why are people acting like this is something new? We are already being forced into specific areas, restricted in travel, restricted in opportunities, restricted in speech, but we are getting all upset because we can’t travel overseas without that country getting a heads up. That already existed. We can’t travel to most countries anyway. This is just another mark on us and in a document that only a few people will ever see.

    1. Paul

      Damn straight. Certain states (I believe Florida) requires this information to be put on a driver’s license. And it’s old news that certain areas require property owners to post sign. This isn’t anything new. It’s just another slap on the face. It’s one more step in a long, slow, and painful erosion of our rights. And it’s another step closer to internment. I think that’s why it scares people. The symbolism of being “marked” on a document conjures up horrible images of mass murder and genocide. Even if “every old is new again”, the next thing to happen is always the hardest.

      1. Barbara

        In florida, Sex Offenders have “943.0435 F.S.” in the bottom right on their licenses, will Predators have “sexual predator” in red at the bottom right

    2. sandy

      Very good points being made here.

  5. Jim

    Lol,its laughable. You have an entire federal judiciary utilizing a form of law that has never existed in the united States to undermine the US Constitution including the SCROTUS that has permitted legal slavery. And now people are concerned about passports you can’t really use anyways. The SORAs make younrun around telling people your dangerous and cannot stop offending, but at the same time allowing murderers, assaulters, terrorists and everyone else be free after punishment. Give me a break, the constitution is dead and there is a clear conspiracy among the entire federal government to overthrow it so the rich can fully control everything and everyone. Any person who claims that SORAs are legal are traitors to everything this country used to stand for just saying lol

  6. Jim

    The ñew united States of Germany, a clandestine operation to enslave, denuter, and fully control this nation. As usual u begin with those who have no societal protection, even when it’s better to kill someone than to touch or look at them. Its disgusting to know this nations constitution really is just a worthless piece of paper now fully controlled by the alcoholic, drug abusing, power mad, and corrupt judiciary. You can’t win a case when the entire federal judiciary is staked against you. Remember they believe they decide egphat is asnd is not constitutional and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Raise some money and by a judge.

  7. Jim

    You gotta do it the old fashioned way, buy a judge, it works for everyone else

  8. Where is the love in any of this? The sex offender is the elite in the scum of society. Once you are on the list Government has the right to tag you as you present danger to those. Just like gun carrying people the government wants to let those know that you have a gun permit. Tagging is a method of a government that is of a specious breed.
    People don’t seem to get this straight. We are all tagged or labeled in the bible as Sinners and that includes everybody in the world.
    Seems we all should have a background check as a courtesy from one county to another as someone has to get the glory, but those with Power seem to forget seem to over look an individuals privacy to live.
    Driver’s license’s are tags’. They will probably be tagging plates with a star to let others know that that person in front or back of you on the road is a sex offender.
    Is all this no different than a Power hold for those that are in Mighty Positions?
    All of this is just vanity. The sex offender are treated like mice and are expendable and it seems like they have nothing to contribute to the world or any country.

  9. Agust

    Paul the state of Florida or requires that the State Statute violated is printed at the bottom of a Sex Offender’s drivers license. I wish this was were it ended. The state of Florida ignores the 3 tier registration as recommended in the AWA. Instead they opt for two tier, a sexual predator and a sex offender. Both are required to register, with Sexual Predators having to register 4 times a year vs SO twice. In addition one must register EVERY vehicle in the house, regardless of who owns the vehicle PLUS rental cars when you need one, which in my opinion renders this law unenforceable. Like state’s firework law! I think there are many other municipalities “requirements” that fringe in the line of what is constitutional. To mention a few, residence restrictions, “loitering” in public parks, and visiting schools. Now I know a lot of people could jump on this last issue since all sex offenders are monsters waiting to eat your kids alive. What about the rights of the other humans who are also living in the house? They are deprived of have a normal life, where the parents are involved in their school activities, even they’re graduation ceremonies, even some vacations, and visiting parks. Who is watching over them?

    On the subject of traveling abroad, there are very few countries that I have visited that will have any objections at a SO visiting them. Now there are a few that I know of, like Canada, Australia, Japan and others, which it is better to stay clear of them. It is just better to avoid them. Also you can check the state departments web site and they will tell you which countries are not friendly to ANY ex-felon! The problem I have always found is returning to the USA which I think it’s absolutely asinine!!! You will always be tagged as a POI and sent to secondary inspection. Which is fine by me, I get to avoid the lines! Always look at the positive side!

    The SO post conviction situation IS a struggle. It is hard to find work, it is hard to find a place to live, or even get a car, and if you have children “fuggedabouit “. That is why it is necessary to continue to support Organizations like RSOL and never allow yourselv complacent.

  10. Ed Allison

    It just seems strange to me that these political representatives can deny people based on this label and take away their Constitutional Bill of Rights, but yet immediately restore the right to VOTE !!!
    If the Attorneys’ General would spend more time focusing on public corruption, then maybe some of these laws would fall by the wayside.

  11. G.R.L.

    This is TOTAL OVERKILL. I’m a RSO and I’m tired of the that attacks we continue to get from the politicians and society. I’m tired of this. We might as well be all locked up at home or in jail so they can all be f*cken happy!

  12. Tusau

    The bitching is justified … To an extent… What about using that negative energy to think about what we can do about this tyranny concerning the constitutionality of it, getting ACLU involved, or a class action suit against it, and writing our representative… We can’t give up!

    1. Jim

      Well, it seems as if lawsuits don’t have much impact, since judges don’t want to look as if they support so’s by denying them every right in the US Constitution. Everyone in the entire judicial system knows these laws are illegal, especially when they are not imposed through a punishment. In other words you have been legally enslaved and your so called freedom is only permitted as long as you comply. Then they have the audacity to make you pay for it and permit anyone to destroy your image and your families.
      Don’t be fooled your dealing with some truly evil people whose true motives are to overthrow the US Constitution. Going so far as to force the entire judicial system to go along whether they want to or not. Think about it, they could have made it a part of our punishment to be served through post release supervision, but instead they wanted the power to make a mockery of the entire nation.
      It’s truly disgusting to think they can get away with it, forcing a person to be compelled to speak and being forced to associate with police so you look like a snitch. Yeah they have the power, and what can anyone do about it when the SCROTUM, oops SCROTUS goes right along with it.
      Moreover, they have the power to determine your free will or ability to act as a human using mental health designations they are not qualified to make. Yeah the good old Nazi doctrine is in full play since they use judges to make these determinations. It goes on and on, and to think that you can be a murderer or terrorist but no one bothers to see if you might kill again or have the right to stop you from living wherever you want. But if you piss in public your evil, lol.
      I don’t know what more needs to be said, its like they’re preparing the way for a military takeover of the US using the public safety as their excuse. Yup, they think they are smart byput traitors are traitors and that’s what they are, a bunch of Benedict Arnold’s.
      It’s true some people are dangerous and need to be monitored, but that’s what mental health screening and post release supervision were for. instead they just wanted to demonstrate their power. Now is their a covert and overt operation to enslave the population of the united States, well of course their is, and there is plenty of evidence to demonstrate it.
      Some people might be fooled, but clearly there has been a collective effort to harm minorities, deny the rights of Americans, steal they’re property, reduce their ability to move freely, restrict their ability to spend and obtain money through endless IRS laws and money restrictions, the evidence goes on and on. Now what can anyone do about it, that’s a good question when the very people that are elected to defend and support the US Constitution are the very people who don’t. I don’t know, you tell me, lol.

  13. When I was a Soviet citizen, and after 1991, a citizen of Belarus, there was a line in my passport which identified me as a Jew.
    This looked like: 5. Nationality: Jew.
    Even all Russian Jews were not religious, because the Soviet state destroyed all Jewish religious institutions, closed their schools, and destroyed all books on their language. The only thing they kept was the designation of “Jew” on their passports, just like Nazi Germany J.
    Nazi Germany was not the only country known to add such a moniker to the passports of its citizens. There were USSR and Belarus. As you understand identifying somebody as a Jew was very harmful for that person, discrimination at any situation like getting job, education and so on. Even getting beaten by angry idiots hating you just for being a Jew.

    I remember my grandfather’s story from WW2. He had document identifying him as a Jew, and he took the passport of dead person without such and identification. This way he was not killed by German Nazis. All people with “Jew” on their documents were killed by the Nazis.