Boogie man is still out there!

By Sandy….

Byron Deweldon is not the poster boy for one-trial learning. He has several sexual assault convictions behind him and was civilly committed for eight years.

But he was released from civil commitment last year. That means that he was found no longer to be at a dangerous risk of re-offending. He could live in the community, monitored, as a registered offender.

And that is exactly what he did for almost a year. He settled down in a home with his mother in Warwick, Rhode Island. He lived quietly and with no further arrests. He was monitored by the authorities in Warwick and was on his way to becoming a slow learner who finally got it.

Then the Rhode Island Legislature, driven largely by one legislator who was angered when a registrant moved a few blocks from him, passed legislation increasing the residency restriction “buffer zone” around schools from 300 to 1,000 feet for the higher-level registrants. This encompassed the home occupied by Mr. Deweldon and his mother.

According to Deweldon, he was notified of this change and his imperative to find another place to live on September 17.  The next day he left home.

He traveled. He went to California, Florida, Maryland, Connecticut, Maine and Pennsylvania. He did not register in any of the states he visited for brief periods although the states required him to do so. Meanwhile, during a routine compliance check at his home in Rhode Island, his mother told the officers that he was traveling.

Deweldon then talked with the Warwick authorities and returned to Warwick where he was immediately arrested and is being held on warrants of failure to register in violation of SORNA.

He will most likely go back to prison—not for committing a sexual re-offense, not for stealing or assaulting or murdering, but for committing a crime that didn’t exist a few years ago, the crime of failure to register.

Instead of continuing to live peacefully in his home with his mother, he will now again most likely be back in the Rhode Island prison system for a non-violent crime and because of a retroactively applied law that gave him no choice but to leave his home and go somewhere else.

This is the beginning. Numerous other registrants across Rhode Island, those that have stayed in their homes up to this point, will in a few days face either arrest or homelessness. The ACLU is fighting this. RSOL is fighting this. This cruel and retroactive piece of legislation was passed with no support from anyone except the Rhode Island legislators and the president of a union representing the correction officers who work in the Rhode Island prison system. Much evidence was presented against it, including expert testimony that these restrictions do only harm and do not provide a public safety benefit, but it passed anyway.

Byron Deweldon knows where he will be residing for the immediate—and most likely beyond—future. Sadly, other registered citizens in Rhode Island do not.



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  1. Michael Kuehl

    Why is the U.S. sui generis in its lunacy and hysteria of sex-acts that are either legal or not punished as felonies in virtually all “first-world” countries, to say nothing of all the other nations of the world? For example, the draconian sentences that are imposed on adults who have sex with young men and women under statutory age, most iniquitously and absurdly women teachers who have love affairs and dalliances with biological men under age 18, first-offenders convicted of nonviolent and victimless and malum prohibitum felonies in which their de jure “victims” enjoy the sex far more than the women who “sexually-assault” them are often if not usually the aggressors and initiators of their phantasmal “victimization.” Depending on the age of the “victim,”, virtually all such “crimes” are legal acts in all or most or many or some or a few European Countries, and in dozens of other nations, or they’re punished as misdemeanors, however defined, with little or no time in jail and no registration for 20 years to life as uniquely deviant and dangerous criminals.

    First, this regnant hysteria and lunacy is explained by the “unholy alliance” of the anti-sex feminist left and the anti-sex Christian right, both of which have far more power in the U.S. than in other “first-world” nations.

    First and foremost, feminists who are obsessed with “date/acquaintance rape,” especially involving college students, while largely ignoring the pandemic of brutal and vicious rapes and gang-rapes of men in jails and prisons and women and girls in the free world, and CSA victimologists, virtually all of whom are feminists and left-liberals.

    In collusion with politicians, bureaucrats, judges, prosecutors, state and federal, who agree with them in whole or largely or are too craven to oppose their demands and fanaticism, they’ve largely succeeded in criminalizing all sex-acts they deem “nonconsensual,” from “no-means-no” and even “yes-means-yes (i.e,, “affirmative consent”) in some states to adult women allowing biological men under age 18 to penetrate them in factually consensual relationships.

    And in respect to such “crimes” in general and also the coverage of “high-profile cases,” most sensationally those of women teachers accused of having intrigues with male students, the mainstream media is less a source of objective news than a tendentious agent of victimology propaganda and inculcation in which all critical-dissenting voices are ignored and suppressed, almost as if under a totalitarian regime, or denounced and demonized.

    Thus the climate of mass-hysteria in which tens of millions of Americans and perhaps a majority, at least among the educated and affluent and trendy and powerful, passionately and mindlessly support a sex-offender registry that gratuitously persecutes untold myriads of innocuous and often innocent people who’ve never committed a violent or other malum in se crime in their lives and never will and are not a “threat to society” or to anyone, including their de jure “victims.” Virtually none of them are even a danger to “reoffend” by committing the same or a similar malum prohibitum felony for which they were sentenced to months in jail or years in prison and must register for 20-years to life as uniquely dangerous and degenerate criminals.

    1. Phil

      One thing to be noted regarding any “re-offense” (and there have been high profile cases about this) is that many times when it comes to teacher/student relations, the re-offense takes place with THE EXACT SAME alleged “victim”. Which clearly shows that the helpless “victim” consented and wants to continue his/her relationship with the teacher/coach, etc, and the teacher/coach is NOT sleeping around with dozens of teenagers that everyone needs to be in fear for their child.
      We not only blanket the laws in this country, we also blanket the “morals” of people according to how the lawmakers and people in general want us to live by.
      No one can read another person’s true thoughts and emotions and no one..NO ONE, not even those who call themselves psychology specialists, can determine what any HUMAN BEING feels and thinks. So, that being said, just because it’s the “social norm” of the modern age to stay within one’s own age group when it comes to romance, the truth that everyone wants to deny is simply this: WE ARE A FORM OF ANIMAL WITH ANIMAL INSTINCTS SUCH AS SURVIVAL AND…brace yourself for this one….SEXUAL INTERACTIONS!!
      The only thing we don’t have that other animals do is a “mating season”. But, BY NATURE (and you can argue with Mother Nature about this if you want) – we NATURALLY attract to YOUTH. There is NO ARGUMENT there. None at all. There is only DENIAL.
      Do you think anyone back in the stone age could use excuses for post-pubescent teenagers that they’re still “kids” that need to BE kids by playing video games and riding their little bicycles? NO! Because there were no video games or bikes at the time.
      As man progressed, it was COMMON PLACE for young women who were passed puberty to MARRY OLDER MEN. WTF happened to that???
      If any of us were to ask our great-grandparents how much of an age gap there was between them when they met and “fell in love”, chances are we’d be calling great-grandad a “sex offender”.
      We have become a society that likes to think and feel for other people. In other words, we want everyone to be a puppet/robot/Stepford that walks, talk, acts and does we do (morally of course). Because no GROWN MAN or WOMAN can possibly fall in love with a teenager who’s old enough to be given the privilege to operate a MOTOR VEHICLE! And how do we know this? We don’t. We assume and in our minds, our assumptions are correct.

      Well, then ask the teacher who ended up MARRYING her alleged “victim” after her release from prison. I guess that PROVES that such relationships are IMPOSSIBLE, right? (
      And it proves she’s a “predator” because she MARRIED her “victim” rather than go seeking out other young boys to have sex with. We should all be sooooooooooooooooo scared. *rolls eyes*

      The sex offender hysteria MUST BE PUT TO REST. Period. Because for every person that gets put on the registry, there’s someone out there with NO criminal record that’s about to do something “wrong”. But let’s deny that and make the registered ones the scape-goats.

  2. Michael Kuehl

    Obviously, the first sentence of my previous comment should read “Why is the U.S. sui generis in its lunacy and hysteria over sex-acts…..”

    And, also, fundamentalists-evangelicals and other Christian traditionalists, vengeful “God-fearing” puritans who no longer have the power to jail or imprison myriads of adults who engage in consensual but “sinful” and/or degenerate acts (homosexuals, lesbians, adulterers, fornicators, etc.) but join the feminist left they abhor in enacting and imposing draconian and Orwellian penalties for adults who have sex with biological men and women under age 18 and other nonviolent and victimless and malum prohibitum crimes against pubescent teenagers.

    To repeat, both the hysterical anti-sex feminist left and the hysterical anti-sex Christian right have far more influence in the U.S. than in other “first-world” nations, including even the other “anglosphere” countries. Continental European feminists and leftists are more benign and tolerant, at least on sexual matters, e.g., the age of consent, and fundamentalist/evangelical/traditionalist Christianity is not nearly as powerful in Europe and Canada and Australia -and, in some nations, negligible as a force in culture and politics.

  3. Diana

    Support RSOL.

    Support the American Civil Liberties Union, Rhode Island, Providence. Roll back the registry. There, and everywhere.

    Free America.

    The national drive to release more of the current prison population will be raising more issues for those who need mentoring and other community support. Registered citizens deserve to be among those benefitting from more realistic justice practices. They will need social as well as legal assistance.

  4. Born Again

    More needs to be done in this regard. In NC, anyone convicted of even low level sex crime felony are given automatic 5 years post release supervision (which is live 5 years of probation) and decades of being registered as a sex offender, after they have served their sentence. This is a gross violation of people’s rights and excessive penalty. National RSOL, ACLU, and other human rights organizations needs to repeal these draconic laws that only put more pressure on the unfortunate people than what they’ve already gone through, despite most people wanting to do good.

  5. Jerry

    I get it, Michael! Pennsylvania is one of only 13 states that makes no distinction between non-graphic semi-nude and fully nude depictions of persons under age 18 from REAL child pornography. One size fits all. It doesn’t matter if you had only non-graphic semi or fully nude pictures or videos of such people under age 18. You are treated the same way as if you had graphic depictions of body parts, molestation, real or faked sexual situations. In both cases it is a third degree felony and sex offender registration requirement for 15 years on a public list. How can anyone who is reasonable say this is fair or right? I couldn’t agree with you more about what you write about the Christian Right forcing their wrongful idea about a God who wants harsh punishment for any sin, and the Feminist Left that wants guys punished harshly forever for non-violent, non-forced sex acts. This needs to stop. The only way to do it is to ban together with RSOL and the ACLU (like I have) and try to get our justice in courts that do not have conservative majorities that find things that do not exist in the Constitution. GREAT POINTS, Michael! BRAVO!

    1. Nh Registrant

      Possession of child pornography is LIFE on the registry in New Hampshire. Is it warranted? No.

      Is the Registry itself warranted? Absolutely NOT. The VERY LEAST they could do is make it a private registry with ONLY Law Enforcement having access to the information and only reporting changes if you MOVE OUT of the state! In New Hampshire, Registered Citizens are not only on the State Police website, but on Homefacts and City-Data. That’s 3 registries for the price of one! Homefacts and City-Data have nice google maps on the same page with directions to your house and a nice birds eye view of it, too.

      We’re living targets. Several of us have been maimed and murdered in the area. Do the Police care? No. Does the public care? No. Thanks to WMUR and several MA television news outlets reporting sex crimes – no matter how trivial – on a daily basis. The average person thinks sex crimes are at an epidemic level!

      1. Nh Registrant

        I messed up on that last sentence. It should read:

        Thanks to WMUR and several MA television news outlets reporting sex stories – no matter if they are not factual – on a daily basis, the average person, in our area, thinks sex crimes are at an epidemic level! I don’t see any changes happening up here in New England until this practice is reined in and eventually stopped.

      2. Michael Kuehl

        NH registrant, good point about the media, national and local, and its creation of a bogus “epidemic” of sex crimes, nationwide and even in New Hampshire. In 2013 and 2014, according to FBI statistics, real criminals, overwhelming recidivists with histories of violence and criminality that usually began at age 13 or 14, committed well over one million violent felonies (aggravated assaults, violent-forcible rapes, robberies, murders) and over 8 million nonviolent mala in se crimes (burglary, car theft, arson, vandalism, etc.) That’s over 3,000 violent crimes each day. Yet one rarely hears or reads about an “epidemic” of violent and other mala in se criminality. Virtually all such felonies are simply local news, fleetingly covered if at all and, apart from truly heinous crimes, soon forgotten.

        Yet women teachers -some of them innocent and/or the victims of predators and criminals who sexually assault them- having sex with young men under age 18 is decried as an “epidemic” with virtually all such intrigues receiving national coverage, sometimes for months or even years, 20-years with Mary Letourneau.

        If only we suffered from a similar “epidemic” of aggravated assaults, violent rapes, armed robberies, muggings, car-jackings, home invasions, and murders. If the number of criminals who commit violent and other mala in se crimes were comparable to the number of women teachers who transport biological men under age 18 to sexual paradise, the U.S. would be the safest country on earth and people could walk and ride the streets and live and sleep in their homes and so forth with almost no fear of violent crime.

  6. Jay

    What particularly needs to be paid attention to is the breeding bed and political processing tha typically goes under radar more than often and nonchalantly becomes operation of law without the general public knowledge. There are plenty of Legislative latch-on’s who hang in capitol chambers infinitely for more than coffee and doughnuts. For example self interest groups and law enforcement associations the same who feel they have an inherent say so who are literally interpreting the law rather than keeping the peace. The ethical intrusion and conflicts are so massive that one would think it is of expected and accepted normalcy that has a direct causation and effect on law. For a legislator to use his or her position to effect a matter of law, would seem to be levied as an abusive act of power. For someone to influence feel-good rhetoric due to a personal predisposition at home would be like a judge using his professional provisions in personal matter , say for instance his child’s baseball game influencing an alternative outcome after a given game. As a lawmaker, one should always recuse oneself of anything involving an arising personal matter that occurred after accepting oath and office. Understood if you entered in a certain credence or ethos, but to cause an effect to directly harm one citizen appears as a malingering misuse of power.

    1. Michael Kuehl

      Please explain how your comments, whatever they mean exactly, are relevant to “child sexual abuse” hysteria, CSA victimology, draconian prison sentences, sex-offender registration, and anything said in the article and 6 previous comments. Please be specific. I implore you to give us concrete examples of how anything you say relates to the lunacy and hysteria described by others.

      1. Jay

        Let’s go back to the infancy of the legislation that brings all to this forum. The very thing tha causes the injustices you listed are created behind the backs of the common citizen. Progressively the laws in larger states had to be adjusted due to the litany of lawsuit that have prevailed. For instance the extent of punishment handed out for a conviction involving a minor over 13 compared to one that’s12. Now a minor has more of a propensity on being fully developed on the cusp of 14 and lends to the likelihood of being sexually active. Subsequently we have a more evolving distinction of restrictions emplaced on someone on parole or probation, compared to someone off the books. The fight may be fruitless in other arenas, but the southern belt states seem to clench on to bible thumpology to a tee. The argument remains on the disparity given to registrants post conviction. It makes no absolute sense to disenfranchise offenders based on the nature of conviction. Say for instance you have a combat veteran released from prison who can’t utilize VA facilities for the purpose of deafeating homlessness and further can’t even stay in other subsidize dwellments, due to how congress has laws tied into funding on who can reside at such units. The outcry of the rape culture contained in prison barely blips the radar of your unconcerned and unmoved constituents in congress. You have inmates with a large disparity in regard to the length of probation, post release. And some states authorized the report of homosexuality between inmates to an estranged or displaced spouse. Hysteria is hurled in the face of the public with actors feeling vindicated and pacified to his or her heartfelt content. Repurposed victimization has no place in the justice system, spook politics should never sludge it’s slime on any bill or proposal ever to be put forward for consideration. Our nation of noble men have been lost for ages where notoriety and narcissistic have hijacked the intent of those who stood for good. I can think of no duty or scope of employment where a civil servant was ever proclaimed a self servant. So I go back to the men and woman who seemed to represent a brand and repertoire , whether than what this land was built on. Turn your head and close your eyes and then you have no character or compass. Cup your ears and shut your mouth then you are men who hear what you choose and speak up for nothing good.

  7. A SO

    I was a tier 1 now tier 3, two years from freedom from t he list. And it all comes down to the fact our Human rights are being trampled by these laws. And this country has to wake the heck up and go after the legislators that are breaking the law. Thay know that thay are breaking the law. It’s is against the law to violate our human rights. And pass laws that are ileagle in the first place. Thay sit there and think it unconstitutional but thay vote for them anyway. Most of them are lawyers correct.

  8. Michael Kuehl

    Phil, excellent point on “re-offending.”

    Google Michael Kuehl, Mary Letourneau, and read my articles, especially Mary Letourneau: A decade of Lies, Hatred, Nonsense, Hysteria, and Lunacy.