To save one child …again

By Shelly Stow . . .

It has happened again. An airplane has crashed, killing everyone on board, including quite a few children. This has happened too many times in the past and must not be allowed to continue. Clearly

it is time to ban all air flights and destroy all airplanes. Appropriate legislation will need to be proposed and passed, but if it saves one child, it will be worth it.

Furthermore, with this latest incident and the innocent lives that have been lost on everyone’s mind, we should include automobiles as well. Statistics show that more children’s lives are lost in car accidents than plane accidents, so a complete outlawing of automobiles should have occurred long ago. Think of the children that would still be alive today had that been done.

And guns—that most sacred of subjects; I can hear the yelling about constitutional rights, and logically I agree. I am a strong supporter of our Constitution and the rights and protection it offers, but this has moved beyond that. We simply must be willing to sacrifice some of our rights in order to protect our children. (Read the full post at With Justice for All)

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One Thought to “To save one child …again”

  1. I really don’t understand the post all that well. People die every day but than again are the police protecting those that have the misfortune of being in a plane or car and getting killed, I think those are called accidents or human error. Don’t get my comment wrong. Saving kids is good but where does this all lead into the internet scheme. There must be a lead in somewhere so basically police go into adult chat rooms, lure and con those looking for teenager that want to have sex. Do teenagers go into adult chat rooms to pick up men that are 10 or 20 years older than them?
    Here’s another idea.. Police are suppose to be protecting teenagers yet they will go into adult chat rooms instead of teenage chat rooms. I can only think of one reason why an adult would go into a teenage chat room and I’m sure its not to save a child

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