Where are the stars big and bright?

In Texas, of course! texas

And what is brighter and better than even the stars in a Texas sky?

Why, the featured speakers who will be at the 6th National RSOL conference in Texas in July, of course!

Lenore Skenazy, the keynote speaker, earned the title of “World’s Worst Mom” and used it to launch her career as talk-show host, entertainer, and writer of Free Range Kids. Above all she deplores the “worst first thinking” philosophy, the idea that our children are at risk all the time from danger on every side. She sees the focus on the public sex offender registry as just one more thing that feeds that fear and keeps too many parents from raising emotionally healthy, fearless children.

Also joining us is Chrysanthi Leon, JD, PhD, associate professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice with appointments in Women & Gender Studies & Legal Studies at the University of Delaware. Her research led to her book Sex Fiends, Perverts and Pedophiles: Understanding Sex Crime Policy in America, which in turn led to an interest in the area of sex offender re-entry into the community. She will use her knowledge of what is wrong with our current policies and the lessons learned from them to explore a way to shape a better future.

Many of us know Mr. Wayne Bowers who has been the director of SORT—Sex Offenders Restored Through Treatment–since 1993. A natural transition for him was taking over the reins of SATA (Sex Abuse Treatment Alliance), a non-profit organization focusing on the importance of treatment in stopping or significantly slowing sexual abuse. This focus was intensified when SORT and SATA combined and added the treatment ideal of Restorative Justice to its programs. Wayne will share with us the knowledge and insights gleaned from over twenty years of working with our advocacy.

Watch this space for information about our two remaining featured speakers as well as some of the workshops and presentations available in Dallas, Texas, July 16-19. Texas is big and grand, and so will be the RSOL 6th National Conference. Go here for information about reservations, both for the conference and for hotel accommodations, as well as additional speaker information and an application form for submitting an idea for a workshop or presentation. You can help make our conference even brighter!

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