NBC story by Tony Dokoupil: “My Son, the Sex Offender: One Mother’s Mission to Fight the Law”

In the run up to Halloween one year, Sharie Keil saw something that really made her jump: Missouri governor Jay Nixon, then the attorney general.

He was on television to announce that registered sex offenders were hereby banned from participating in her favorite holiday. On threat of a year in jail, they had to stay inside and display a sign saying they had no candy. The goal was “to protect our children,” as Nixon put it, but Keil heard only a peal of political hysteria.

Read the full story, complete with video.

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      I just finished reading the slate articles and found them to be informative, and precisely correct with the laws, and political views. Patty Wetterling “Made easy to vilify sex offenders” remark hit home with me. My son was arrested for “not registering with in the time frame” of the law. It cost me $10,000 cash bail, $5,000 for an attorney, and the Judge ordered him to where an ankle bracelet/gps? And he was told by the judge to remain at my address in Pembroke. When he left court to register, on a Tuesday, the Pembroke police told hi4 m to call on Wensday. He did and they told him to go to the police station on Saturday. in between that time he was going to court and they wanted him to come in right then, but he had a court date. So he was not registered for four days, by the same police who arrested for not registering. These police have been to my apartment 4 times with ridiculous excuses to vilify my family. I wrote the attorney general twice, and spoke with his attorney. I find this particular police station (small town) frightening. The police officer that originallu arrested him has an undercurrent of anger. It has been almost 30 years living this life, and I have become quite adapt at sizing people up. They were over heard talking about “taking care of him” by a person who heard them talking. I am not at liberty to say. As I said I wrote the attorney general, and told the police department we would be moving as soon as the bracelet comes off. Which is really their fault for llying because they didn’t want him in town. The one officer said he saw him sitting out front for two weeks. We have proof he wasn’t here, but his brother was. He was a day maybe two late. He had just gotten back from MI. When they arrested him they left my 8 year old grandson unattended. Yep the laws need to be reformed. My son is not a danger to society. At one time 30 years ago, I was shocked, but knew everyone and him were safe having him off the street at THAT time. He spent 8 years at Bridgewater State Hospital. on a civil commitment there and they don’t just sit around, they did a lot of confrontation therapy. He is not dangerous to anyone. However the officer who arrested him had a look in his eye, one that I know well,, and normally ignore it. HATE.. I don’t hide our .circumstances and neither does my son. He knows he did his time, a lot of time, and he has been forgiven, by god, but not man. So if anything happens to him, I will know who it was. That is the best defense, not showing fear, and being honest with people about the registered citizen. Maggy

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