RSOL | SLAP workshop rescheduled; Bellucci to present

Scarlet Legal Action Project (SLAP)

We are optimistic that 2014 will be a big year for the SLAP. Plans for the year include:

  • continuing our support  of constitutional challenges in cases we have identified that a victory would impact the quality of life a significant number of registered persons; and
  • conducting regular telephonic workshops where attorneys and legal professionals answer questions and explain complex legal issues and strategy. 

Our first workshop for 2014, originally scheduled for February 8, is now scheduled to be held on February 15, 2014, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. California RSOL president Janice Bellucci has graciously agreed to lead the first workshop. Ms. Bellucci has successfully litigated various residency/proximity restrictions in the last two years. As a result of her successes, some local governments have voluntarily agreed to repeal or no longer enforce their misguided laws rather than facing Ms. Bellucci in court. We are fortunate that Ms. Bullucci is willing to share her knowledge and samples of her pleadings with other attorneys contemplating undertaking similar challenges.

The workshop is open to any interested person, especially attorneys and legal professionals. We cordially invite everyone to come and learn how to successfully litigate in this arena. The call-in number is 530 881-1400 followed by access code 957605.

Larry Neely, Chair

Scarlet Legal Action Project

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6 Thoughts to “RSOL | SLAP workshop rescheduled; Bellucci to present”

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  1. Susan

    I am so grateful for your commitment and hard work towards this devastating issue! I actually just started out on my quest again to search for anything that can get rid of the “monster in the room! ” We need to take back the rights of children and others who pose absolutely zero threat to society! A lot of these cases involve parents using court system to control their children. I honestly believe these children are actually victims of unfulfilled self worth or maybe the ones whose parents need to work full time. This leaves many teens to their own devices some not having a stable home environment. There are many reasons teens have sex…the issue is…DO WE DESTROY THE FUTURE PLANS OF PERSONS CHARGED IN CONSENSUAL OR ANY NON PREDATORY NON VIOLENT CRIME (JEEZ THERE’D BE A LOT OF PEOPLE IN MY DAY NOT WHERE THEY ARE TODAY…LAST TIME I CHECKED THEY DID NOT MURDER KIDNAP OR RAPE ANYONE…EVEN THE FIRST TIME! IT REALLY IS A MONEY MAKER THOUGH!

    1. Jeannette gomez

      I’m writing Regarding my brother, Ruben. He needs help. I’am unable to help and do not know what else to do. I’m afraid without your help my brother will be lost forever. Here, a miscarriage of justice is being done to my brother by the justice system. The court made a clerical error, because of the error he was sent to coalinga state hospital, a maximum security facility for those who have been convicted of a sexually violent offense. Ruben is the only one in the hospital who has never committed a sexually violent offense, nor has he ever been convicted of any sexually violent offense. While ruben has been in the hospital, the court was made aware of the error, the court corrected the error, since the court corrected the error, logic would dictate Ruben would be released, However, the court holding Ruben has ignored the law and the constitution with impunity, and this is not right. I do not know where to turn to find help for my brother. He remains in limbo with no hope in sight. Please help me bring my brother home. Please visit my brother website showing everything in detail what I have stated is facts, or I would not have inconveninced you in any way please.visit

  2. Daren

    Two days ago I pleaded guilty to Traveling to meet with a child for unlawful sex act. I am now a registered offender. It was a sting operation, there was no victim, the “girl” was supposed to be 15, and I was 21 at the time. I will now spend the rest of my life as an outcast to society. My chances of being successful are nearly zero. Everyone looks at me like I am a predator, like I am plotting to kidnap their children. This is simply untrue. I am young, I made an honest to God mistake, and now I will pay for it the rest of my life. Please, dear God, just call me home because what is the point of living anymore in a world that does not want me? Where are people’s compassion? Where is their mercy? At least I know God has forgiven me even if no one else will.

    1. Beverly Sarra

      I certainly know just where you are coming from. I have a grandson in the same mess. I just amazes me how people cans sell drugs and cause people to take their lives and murder people mess up whole families and not much of any thing happens to them. These sex sting go out creating a false profile and leading our young men to a point they can get sent to prison and labeled for life. If we set up a false profile and done some mess like this we would be sent to prison. I feel all these cops that have done this should be spent to prison. Our stupid Government has took these young men out of the work force and made them an indebitness to our country, and then they yell we are short of money. I pray God will just lift you up and you will have a good life after all of this mess is pasted. God can over come any thing please remember this.

    2. Nick

      You should examine the laws in other states. Most states do not post low level offenders on public websites. Some require only tier/level 3 offenders to be posted. But watch out since some states require all offenders moving in to be registered for life even when they were required to register for only 10 years in their original state. Additionally, level 1 offence could be level 3 in other state. Contacting an attorney or other states sex offender boards directly to find out what tier you would be assigned in new state and how you would be treated there is more than advisable. Moving might not be easy but it’s one option to consider for getting a fresh start in ones life.

  3. Richard

    I’m in sort of the same boat. In 2008 i met a young woman on a adult dating site who posted a fraudulent date profile. I was arrested and sat half a year in a small town Iowa jail. 08 was an election year and the judge was up for retention vote so naturally, my head had to roll for the common good (or to save his ass). I was sentenced to 10 years, did 5, and rolled over to a life special parole that they literally hand out to everybody! This was a non forceable, tier one, low risk offence. I had a clean record with no priors and got a life special out the gate! My problem is i think it’s unconstitutional big time. It reaks of cruel and unusual punishment. I served 4 years, 9 months and 7 days on my main number. A first revocation on life special carries a 2 year flat. The second carries a 5 year flat. Mind you, i was sentenced to a “term not to exceed” 10 years. By time I’m through the second revocation, I’d have served in all, 12 years thus exceeding the maximum penalty provided by law for this offence by 2 years, and it keeps going and going until I’m dead. My corrections counselor said he’d be welcoming me back with open arms. I told him if you do, send me to Fort Madison where i can have a tv and air conditioning because you’re not getting a god da__ thing from me! I’m not cooperating. I’m on a flat. I’ll fight, steal, refuse treatment, basically break every rule and all you can do to me is stuff me in the hole, I’ll get our in a few and do it over again. You gotta show these nazi bi____s the flaws in their laws before they realise they’re bunk and will never do any good!