Decision in Washington, D.C.

The court ruled that the website displaying those who maintain and otherwise promote the public sex offender registry may remain. Read about it here; both Vicki Henry of W.A.R. and long-time activist Derek Logue gave excellent statements to the press.

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  1. Calvin J S

    To whom it may concern I’m not really sure how this should affect everybody with the type of crime I have but all I see is Internet child porn, but I see nothing about the other style sex offenses that are out there. but it doesn’t matter if a person does the crime or not, it’s the factor of you could be maimed by somebody pointing a finger at you once that happens nothing you can do about it your life is gone.

    Like my case my ex-wife does fossil abuse against me,because she was convicted of spousal abuse against me she told a friend and that friend decided to tell her daughter to say that I molested her. In the paperwork I have shows that this victim stated that I raped a13-year-old girl, a 14-year-old girl, and a 15-year-old girl. She also states that her mother told her that her great-grandmother was molestedher, grandmother her mommy was molested and now the daughter was molested. So I had to find a lawyer, which I had to pay over five grand to Repicesent me in court. The point of me trying to go to trial like I wanted to go to trial, and if that would be the case, then he asked for more money which I did not have, his comments were I am not a bank if you do not have the money, you will half to plead to a Nolo guilty charge. I have done all of my time, probation over with from 2009 until today. I have not worked. No company or business will hire me due to the fact of being on the Maine sex offender registry as we call it sonar.

    On September 9 2003. I basically had to plead the no-lo plea, the judge gave me 10 years not life. There was an amendment done on October 2 2003 that put me to life. The A.D. changed it to life with out me knowing. The paperwork was the same as it was on September 9 2003. But they just used white out over the check box for 10 years. Then checked life time. In the court transcripts from that judge stated, he will be on the registry for 10 years not life. I have those transcripts I have the original court documents that states 10 years, I also have the amended paperwork that states life. I tried to reopen my case while I was on probation, probation fought me, the probation officers threatened me, by telling me that if I did not stop they would place me back in prison with more time. Now everything is over. I can not find work as I stated in this letter.

    The Adam Walsh law in Maine, is stopping people with sex crimes from work. 99% of big business or small business will not hire people with this crime. Jobs like construction jobs and so on. 99% of work would be in peoples homes or big business. Any business with insurance will not take the risk, even under a bond of insurance.

    They feel it is too high of a risk. I have filled out over 100 apps for jobs, and I get told this, as many others people may have. No business likes the idea of being on a list linked of workers who are on a website list linked to these crimes.

    I tryed to start a small wood shop business, by making wood bird houses, and other things to a local hardware store. The owner agreed to help me to sell them. A few weeks later I called him to see how they are being sold. He told me that a few of his employees felt uncomfortable with my things in their store, and knowing I was on the Maine sex offender registry. This is why he pulled them off. I had to go in and get the bird houses. By law I do not need to tell anyone I am a offender on the registry.

    If I had employment with the hardware, then he had to know! But business to business I do not have to inform anyone. So I try’ed to sell to other business in the Bath, Brunswick area, and was told that they could not take the risk. They also told me that they where informed by the employer, employees of the hardware store put the info out.

    It destroyed the start of my business. I tryed to go to fairs. But the laws stop me for going to them. No one with a sex crime can not go to parks, farmer markets, and so on. So what do I do. I could be like other men who just can not take it, give up and comment more crimes and go back to prison? But that is not me at all. Live off others? No it hurts to do that. So something needs to be done. I think when the Adam Walsh law was formed and passed in the U.S. Congress and house no one though about what the list would do. Everyone has a right to work, Even if they pay the time on crimes they may do or not.

    I know with my name, city, address, date of birth, then ask for more info of paper work gives my ssn. In 2010, 2011, 2012. 2013 I have not worked at all. Someone got my info from the MSORA. Applyed for Federal incometax. for the last 3 years. The IRS also told me that 2 other checks where a little more but they could not tell me how much.

    I spoke to someone on the MSORA and I was told that for my info the only one that can remove my ssn and other info is a judge. even put it back to 10 years.