Conferences on the calendar

The first one is less than a month away. It is the 4th state annual conference held by RSOL’s Texas affiliate organization, Texas Voices for Reason and Justice.

“United for Reform” will be held on February 21 and 22 at 3014 Skillman Street, Dallas, Texas, and all are invited.

Speakers and presenters include Melissa Hamilton, Joshua Gravens, Nicole Pitman, and RSOL’s own Jon Cordeiro.

Visit the Texas Voices website for a registration form and for speaker and other additional information.

National RSOL’s 6th annual conference will take place at the same location in Dallas beginning the evening of July 16 and going through July 19.

Our keynote speaker will be Lenore Skenazy, renowned publisher of the website Free-Range Kids.

Our focus this year will be on building stronger advocates for the cause. We’ll be announcing other speakers and, as always, looking for experts and experienced advocates to lead workshops on such topics as lobbying, constitutional arguments, fund-raising, organization-building, volunteer management, and other concrete skills and information needed by advocates.

Visit this page regularly for new information as it is added.




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