What Else Will I Find at the Conference?

Do you get frustrated when you read statements about sexual offense issues that you know aren’t true? Want to know more about what are facts and what are not and learn how to counter the misinformation? You’ll want to check out Derek Logue’s presentation, “Sex Offender Myth Busters.” Derek has spent years researching this topic.

Many of us want to do more to help our cause in our states but aren’t sure how or what to do. Some of us just want to know what is being done and how it will affect us and our families. “RSOL State Leaders Speak Out,” led by Janice Bellucci, the state affiliate leader in California, will answer some of these questions, offer some ideas for volunteering and helping, and offer much needed encouragement.

​Remember that the discounted prices on registration and on hotel accommodations disappear the end of July, and that is just two weeks away. Don’t let the time get away from you; register now at http://rsolconference.org/

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